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It's been a while since we talked names.  Why do you guys think of the name "Arlo"? I'm also looking for a middle name that works with it...

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Arlo Alexander? I can't remember how many syllables your last name has but I think a longer middle name balances out the shorter first name.

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Arlo is a cool name.  I know a kid here named Arlo; he's 10 and a wild one.  It's so hard to suggest names to people when you don't hardly know anything about them!  I agree a longer middle, but something not too straight sounding, as Arlo reminds me of Arlo Guthrie, so more counterculture.  

Arlo Cassidy

Arlo Francis

Arlo Junin

Arlo Tucker

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We have finally decided on girl names. 1st names are Milania (Mila) and Adeline (Adel). I am just not sure what to do with the middle names. We are Russian, so traditionally, the kid's get the father's 1st name as a middle name adding a feminine or masculine ending. For example, my dad's name was Vladimir, so my middle name is "Vladimirovna".....yes really LOL. It was a pain in the butt in school when kids found out (kids can be so cruel). Thing is, husband is VERY traditional and wants to continue things like they were "back home". So his name is Aleksey....I was thinking I can do Aleksis or Aleksa for middle names? I think it may be a fair enough compromise. Or I wont give them middle names at all....anything is better than "Alekseyevna" in my opinion, which is the traditional way we would need to do it back home. What do you ladies think? There has GOT to be someone more creative than me on here :) HELP.

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Interesting...so with twins they would have the same middle name?  Is this just the first daughter or all daughters born in a family?

How about using Aleksis or Aleksa for one, and Yevna for the other?

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I think Milania Aleksis and Adeline Aleksa would be beautiful names, still recognizing their father but also being individuals.
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I think we've decided on a girl's first name:  Arame (AIR-a-may). It means "sea oak", which to us brings images of rooted fluidity and grounded flexibility. I really like that. 


Not sure about boys names. I really like Roan still. But DP isn't sold on it.

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I really like the name Arlo. My only suggestions at the moment are:


Arlo Samson

Arlo Elliot



Erics Mama - Those are both lovely names. And I think your middle name compromise is perfectly reasonable. Your husband has to realize that they are the ones who will live with those names, not him, and obviously you know what that's like and didn't like it. . :)

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We are still nameless over here.  Arlo was on my short list, along with Milo, but DH isn't thrilled with either of them.  I like Luka as well, but he thinks it's too Italian?  Never mind that he has a not insignificant percentage of Italian heritage.  We're just going to end up calling this kid number 3...

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I didn't know Luka is Italian, maybe because it's very popular at the moment here. 

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http://nameberry.com/babyname/Luca  It's with a c in Italian.  Interesting that it is popular in Germany, it isn't really around here, I don't think, though I am hearing it more.

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Interesting...so with twins they would have the same middle name?  Is this just the first daughter or all daughters born in a family?

How about using Aleksis or Aleksa for one, and Yevna for the other?

Usually it would mean the same middle name for all girls and same middle name for all boys in the same family. Would it be lame to just have Aleksa for both middle names?

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I think it's kind of a cute idea that twins would share the same middle name.

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What about giving one of your twins your first name as a middle name, and the other your DH's first name feminized? There are so many great names out there, I always think its worth the effort of looking further, and having a backup plan in case you don't end up finding anything. smile.gif

After a loth of back and forth, we have settled on Gabriel Xavier joy.gif
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Eric's Mama, if having both girls with the same middle name would help your husband feel honored through respecting tradition "sort of", then I would have the same name for both. I think Aleksa is beautiful. Your girls first names are different enough that there wouldn't be any confusing them.

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Yay! I can talk names with you ladies since I doubt DP is ready to discuss them yet. He's still getting used to the shock (even though this was a planned pregnancy) of becoming a dad.


I have two sons:

Silas Rafael

Cortez Archer


I have had a list of names for years! I have no idea what DP will think of them (he is not by other children's father... so we haven't had any real name discussions yet)


Boys (these are the hardest for me!) I'm not absolutely crazy about any of these at this point, but it's what I've got so far.:











Mirabai (this is the only name I've heard DP suggest.)

Saoirse (I love this one. Pronounced SEER-sha.)








I love names, but it is so so difficult for me to narrow it all down to something I really like... and who knows, DP might veto my entire list!

We have a Cortez, too!  Joseph Cortez, but he goes by his middle name.  So fitting for the little explorer!  I love Silas, too, and am actually expecting another boy.  Will have to pass that one by my husband! 

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Originally Posted by Erics Mama View Post

Usually it would mean the same middle name for all girls and same middle name for all boys in the same family. Would it be lame to just have Aleksa for both middle names?

That's an interesting tradition...here I am thinking I can't use Anne as a middle name because DD's middle name is Brianne, lol! I think Aleksis or Aleksa are both great compromises over the more traditional female version. Although at this point I wouldn't blame you for going with no middle name. We're still at a draw on middle names ourselves.

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MamaPaq! That's so cool that you have a Cortez as well! Mine has always gone by Ezzy or Ez until this year when he started Kindergarten and decided he was too big for a "little boy" nickname. So he is now going by Cortez, a transition that has been hard for me to get used to! For a boy this time we are leaning toward Roan, Townes, or Augustin (nn Gus). My favorite is Roan, but this is DP's first child, and my third, so I'm taking a backseat to naming this time around... especially if it turns out to be another boy.


We have pretty much decided on Arame (AIR-a-may) for a girl. We haven't even begun to discuss middle names yet at all, and I'd like to find some more boy names to add to the first name list. DP really likes one syllable names.

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suprgrl - I really like Roan. One of my favorites was Ronan, but DH said no. :( He's picky and hardly likes anything, so I am forced to pretty much go with the one name he likes. Tristan. Which is okay because I like it too, but if I had my way I would pick a different one. 

Augustin is nice too. 


And Arame is a lovely girl name. :) 


Boys are harder to name! It's easy to come up with a girl name that's pretty and unique but not too out there. I think with a boy when trying to be creative a lot of the time you just end up sounding weird. Maybe it's just me though. Since DH gets his way with this one I will have more power of the next one. So that's nice. :D 

I think I already have a girl name picked out for next time if it turns out to be a girl. Lila Marlies. I'd consider Marlies for a first name, but have to decide if I like nn Marly. And if next one is another boy I am going with Eliot. I love it, and it's "normal" enough that I can push DH into even though it's not his favorite. 

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I love Gus, but I think I'd go for Gustave over Augustin if I wanted to call him Gus.  I like Roan/Rowan too but it's pretty popular here.


I think boys are harder to name because so many boy names have been nabbed by girls!  


We're naming our boy Robin, which was more commonly a boy name before baby boomers when there were a lot of female Robins...so I'm taking it back.  I am having a hard time settling on a middle name.  I know it will come.  We're kicking around Taylor, Tucker, Tiller, Thibodeaux, Sterling, Anders, Kennedy...T names seem to be coming up a lot, I seem to be attracted to them.