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Mataji, I have cousins named Alexander and Andrew. My aunt hates the nicknames Alex and Andy, so she insisted no one ever call them that. So no one does. I think they're in high school, if not college now.
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We don't usually decide until the baby is born, but it will almost certainly be Biblical/Hebrew, because that is the names of my other two and I like to use naming as an opportunity to offer Praise & Thanksgiving.
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Thanks- I've recovered from worrying about it.  We both still love it so it's still our top choice.  I'm back on the middle name hunt.  I checked out four name books from the library yesterday and will go through each one, writing down what I like.  I got a couple of traditional name books and a couple of weird ones.  I'm to K in the first book and so far no surprise wonderful names.  But at least if I get to the end of all of them and don't find anything new on my list, then at least I won't feel like I've missed something.

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I'm so impressed with how creative you all are! And also very glad to know that I'm not the only one struggling with this... DH and I just can't agree. We're having a girl and it's likely that we'll be using Allyson as a middle name, which is named after someone.


My top choices are: Zoey, Nico, Teagan, Arizona or Clover. 


His #1 right now is Thea. Others he likes are: Janie, Chloe, Avery and Emory.


I'm totally open to opinions that you all might have. This is tough and it feels like such a big deal! A name can mean and shape so much. I'm glad we still have some time and hopefully we'll come together somehow.

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IMO, Nico, Avery and Emory are all boy names.  Arizona is just too much for me.  My favorites from each of your lists are Zoey and Jane (Janie).  I also like Thea.  Zoey/Chloe, Chloe/Clover are sort of similar, so maybe you two could find common ground somewhere in those names.      


After getting through the baby name books, we've narrowed our list to:


Robin Sterling Johnson 

Robin Quincy Johnson (Quincy is a name given to the fifth son)

Robin Taylor Johnson (Taylor is a family name)

Robin Noel Johnson (if he happens to be born on or a day or two around Christmas- I also liked Robin Nicholas for this purpose, but my dh did not)

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Thanks, mataji4. DH thought Nico was a boys name, too. But the only Nico's I know of are girls. Same with Emory. Though, my friend, Emory, was the one who told me that it was rare for a girl.


Chloe seems to be the name we keep coming back to. My hesitation is that it is so popular. I don't actually know any Chloe's, but it has been ranked in the top 10 (or close to it) for the past several years.


On your list, Robin Quincy is my fav. 

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The only Nico I ever knew was a boy - we dated when I was in high school. But it was short for Nicolas. I'm guessing for girls it's short for, or at least derived from, Nicole. Maybe you could name her Nicole and just call her Nico, as a compromise?

I like Chloe, though. I don't know anyone with that name, and I think it's pretty.

Mataji, I like Robin Quincy, and Robin Noel. :-)
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I only know of one kid named Chloe, and one adult.  I wonder, where are all those Chloes?  

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I am friends with a 5 year old Chloe, but she's the only one I've ever met by that name. Even names in the top 10 are much rarer than they seem. I think it's also very regional.

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Avery is *much* more popular for girls than boys.  I believe it is in the top 20.  We are strongly considering it for our boy (because it has been a favorite of mine, for both genders, for years) but I am a little worried how it will be received on a boy, since it has swung so far in the girl direction in recent years.  We pride ourselves on being pretty gender neutral, and not buying into the boy/girl divide, but it's hard not to worry about teasing.  I am wondering if it is going to be like Leslie, Lindsey or Ashley by the time he is grown (all former boy names).  But then I think, there are plenty of grown men with those names who pull it off, like Leslie Nielsen or Lindsey Graham, so maybe I need to stop worrying.

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I've heard of a few little girl Averys, and I didn't even know it was a boy's name. Isn't it the girl in Charlotte's Web? If so, its been used for both genders for a while...
Love Robin Noel, Jenny. I think they balance nicely.
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The only Avery I know is a 12 year old boy; he's awesome.

The girl in Charlotte's Web is Fern.

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Avery as a girl name appeared on the charts around the 1980s, and has since far surpassed boy Avery.  But both have been gaining steadily in popularity since the 80s and are at an all time high.  As a boy name, Avery has been around forever, apparently.  This tool is a little addictive.  

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Court, I was dealing with the same go around with Robin.  Robin started off as a boy's name in Europe, came to the U.S. in the 30's but it was more popular then for boys.  Quickly it rose to be very popular for girls in the 60's, but now it's not popular for either.  So a similar issue.  It's been in the top 100 in Europe for boys in countries like France and the Netherlands.  So I think there's plenty of support for it to still be acceptable as a boys name here.  


I think of Avery as a unisex name at this time, but I associate it more with boys than girls.

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millerin -  Thea was on my list. I think it lovely. I also like Janie and Avery. I think Nico sounds like a boy name. Avery can go either way. I have only known a boy Avery, but like it better for a girl. 


Mataji - Robin Quincy is may favorite, followed by Sterling. :)

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Majaji- I also love, love Bodhi, but can't convince my husband on that one.  I suspect we are going to be deciding in the hospital, as with our last two...

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Bodhi's a great name; my son really likes his name and it suits him well.  Maybe he'll go for the Scandy version Bodie meaning shelter?  or Boden? 

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So DP seems to have his heart set on either Mirabai (MEIR-a-by) or Arame (AIR-a-may) for a girl. I would guess that she'd end up being called either Mira (MEIR-a) or Mae for short. I really can't make a decision between these two names! Please give me your thoughts/opinions!


It it's a boy it seems like we're pretty set with Roan Francis, which I love! Roan carries on what could be a family theme: my dad's name is Ron, mine is Ronna, so Roan follows that pattern. Francis is a family name on DP's side.


Anyway, please help me decide on a girl name!

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I like Mira, and both Mira and Mirabai are easily pronounced.  Arame will get pronounced wrongly, to rhyme with tame.  Even though you've explained how to say it, when I look at it, I see it as "Ah-rame" which I don't like.  Doesn't seem like a name to me maybe?  

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I like both. My older daughter is Miriam and her nickname became Mimi because that is how she pronounced her name as a toddler. I never would've guessed that before she was born.