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I love Marilla Anne! Love LM Montogomery!
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DD was two days in the hospital without out a first name because we couldn't agree (I knew that her middle name would be Lily) until a friend visited with a Names-book and demanded we pick something. We opened the first page to the letter "A" and within seconds decided: Alina Lily.


I was thinking of "Mia" as a first name if it's a girl until I read somewhere last week that Mia was one of the top 5 names for baby girls last year in Germany greensad.gif

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I don't think it's too early to think of names, because I know it will take me forever to decide!


I love the name/character Marilla! That's wonderful. :)


My husband likes the name Lila for a girl. I can't decide if I like it or not, but it's growing on me. I have a little notebook that I am constantly jotting down names into. I don't think I want to share any with friends and family. Haha, I would rather rely on all of you to tell me if a name is going to make my child hate me.


So I would like thoughts on Kadence (or maybe Cadence) for a boy. I think it's cute yet masculine, and both of us are musically inclined. But technically I think it's a girls name. I might consider it for a girl, but I really don't want her being called Kady (like Katie, or Kate). Any thoughts on the dilemma?


And do you think that Elowen is too weird or "new age" to use? I think it's adorable!

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I know several girls named Cadence.  It's musical and nice, but I don't think of it as a boy's name.  I know boys named Caden.  Maybe it will be like Lyric though, as now I know both girls and boys named Lyric.


Elowen...reminds me of Eowyn, Celoine, Eloise, except maybe hard to remember because it's something like those yet unfamiliar?  The "El..." names are so popular- Elodie, Ellery, Eleanor, Ella, Elle....darnit because they are so cute.

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Girl- Kira Carolyn

Boy- William David


Little less of a nerd influence this time with a bit more family ties.

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I definitely think Cadence is a girl's name. :/ I found this list of music-inspired baby boy names:

Adagio, Allegro, Alto, Bene, Brio, Clef, Forte, Freddo, Glissando, Harp, Jack, Legato, Lyric, Note, Omaggio, Opus, Quintus, Reed, Solo, Sonore, Tempo, Tocsin, Vespers, Zydeco

I'm not totally sure I like any of them, though.
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I definitely think Cadence is a girl's name. :/ I found this list of music-inspired baby boy names:

Adagio, Allegro, Alto, Bene, Brio, Clef, Forte, Freddo, Glissando, Harp, Jack, Legato, Lyric, Note, Omaggio, Opus, Quintus, Reed, Solo, Sonore, Tempo, Tocsin, Vespers, Zydeco

I'm not totally sure I like any of them, though.
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My sister in law named her last baby Benen, which I think is great name.  He can be Ben if he wants later.  It's sort of amazing that with all the kids I know and have heard of and all the baby name books I've read over the years, that there are still names out there to be had that are fun and different without being weird.  

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Yay! I can talk names with you ladies since I doubt DP is ready to discuss them yet. He's still getting used to the shock (even though this was a planned pregnancy) of becoming a dad.


I have two sons:

Silas Rafael

Cortez Archer


I have had a list of names for years! I have no idea what DP will think of them (he is not by other children's father... so we haven't had any real name discussions yet)


Boys (these are the hardest for me!) I'm not absolutely crazy about any of these at this point, but it's what I've got so far.:











Mirabai (this is the only name I've heard DP suggest.)

Saoirse (I love this one. Pronounced SEER-sha.)








I love names, but it is so so difficult for me to narrow it all down to something I really like... and who knows, DP might veto my entire list!

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@suprgrl - I really like Cael. :) And Silas is fabulous as well. I think Saoirse is super pretty, but I would have had no idea how to pronounce it.


Thank you for your thoughts ladies. I got my husband to talk to me about names yesterday. I figured he could at least narrow it down for me so I don't get set on any names he'll hate. And I promised him we don't have to talk about it for another 8-10 weeks. Based on what he said I ended up with these:





Athalia (I wanted Athalie, but he said to change the end. That totally changes how you pronounce it, but it's a pretty name as well, and I hadn't thought of it before.)

Elowen (This might just end up being a middle name, and I might change it to Eowyn to avoid confusion. Not sure if I am ok with a Lord of the Ring name though .. .)


Jace (his favorite)

Koen (I love this one, and may be able to push him to as well.)







And just for fun and in case any of you need some ideas, these are names he (sadly) vetoed:





Celesta (I have an ancestor with this name. Would worry about it just being turned into Celeste though.)









Kadence (He didn't say no, but didn't seem to like it. And I am on the fence about it anyways so it's gone.)

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I am kind of getting excited to make a list now! I will probably hold out until my ultrasound though.

I have 3 boys and they have completely different names. My 3rd does not have a middle name even though the older boys do. I think if this baby is a boy we'll skip the middle name again, but for a girl...I can see giving her 2 middle names just because naming a girl would be so fun!

I like the middle name Dove for a girl, I think of peace and gentleness, but most people probably think soap? Before I knew I was pregnant I had a dream about a boy, Nathaniel and a girl Zoey Daffodil.
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Zoey Daffodil is cute : )


What do you think of the name Persephone?  I love to say it but not sure about association with "the rape of Persephone" or that it has the word phony in it.  I think of Spring but I'm not sure what other people think of.


I also like Sofenie (SO-fenie) and Penelope (because it has so many nicknames- Nell, Nellie, Opie, Poppy).  

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I <3 Penelope!

Persephone is wonderful! I tend to pronounce it Per-seph-fun-ee, no phoney!
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I am going to get a baby name book from the library!

What does it mean if I only want to look at girl names? lol smile.gif
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Have you read any of the writings of Mirabai the Hindu mystic? They are beautiful. There's a song cycle by John Harbison called "the Mirabai songs".
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I have not read much about Mirabai, but my DP has. I guess I should look into it, I have a feeling he'll be pulling hard for that one.

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Top 1000 baby names if anyone is interested: http://nameberry.com/search/popular_names


Glad to see my top choices are way down the list or not on it.  Gideon is 390 and Linnea isn't on there.


My first is Joshua and I didn't want such a popular name but he is named after a close friend of DH's who passed away so I relented.

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Right owl, I pronounce it somewhere closer to fun than phone too.


Is Penelope popular?  I don't know any where I live.  Parents here like more uncommon names.  For example- Ember, Zyra, Lunabella, Sequoia, Sundara for girls, Junin, Akasha, Axa, Benen, Koa, Banyan, Zaed, Wynter, Zephyr for boys.  My preschool is always full of great names!

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I feel like "Penny" may be trendy, because of The Big Bang Theory (tv show).

I love Penelope, it can mean "dream weaver" smile.gif
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DS1's name is in the top 10, but it's so him! I have met other kids with the name and felt they didn't pull it off as well as my kid, lol! He is named for DH's grandfather.

I think DS2's name might be trendy, though I have never met any kids with the name.

DS3's name seems to be popular on the baby_name community on livejournal, I even have an LJ friend who named her son the same name a year after my guy was born. Weird! His name we get the most compiments on.

I am still not sure if I want to share my kids name in here though since it's on an open forum!