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My boys are Karan Cassidy, Bodhi Patrick, Bjorn Annan and Devon Wilder.  Our daughter is Fiona Caerdwyn.  We have an extremely common last name.


After talking to husband (he scratched Penelope)- Noelle for a girl (middle name unknown), Robin Noel for a boy.  I love Christmas and we're French speakers : )  

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BerryMac, I love Calliope!  Torin is also nice, similar to Thorin.  Also Theron.


Aquarius6, Soleil Corinne is beautiful- our fourth son was going to have been Soleil if a girl.  Such a pretty name.

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DH really likes Zephyr. Is it too trendy/popular now? He liked it for DS3 as well but I didn't like it much then.

My favourite boy name is Cary orngtongue.gif A bit of a contrast in tastes, lol!
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DH really likes Zephyr. Is it too trendy/popular now? He liked it for DS3 as well but I didn't like it much then.

My favourite boy name is Cary orngtongue.gif A bit of a contrast in tastes, lol!

I hope it's not trendy! I want it myself and I don't like trendy names. However, we do have a Zion but I knew I'd have a daughter named Zion since I was 18 years old (so a decade before she was born).
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There are three Zephyrs in my kids' school of 100 kids.  Two are my friends' boys, who are each named Zephyr Kai...it was a crazy coincidence!  I think it's a really great name.

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If you go to the social security website you can search how popular a name is/has been. Just go here:




And then click the "popularity of a name" tab near the bottom.


Penelope has been getting more popular every year, and in 2012 it was ranked number 125.

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We are not even started on naming yet.  It's *so* hard for us, for some reason.  I just wanted to chip in with this article about "popular" names:  http://www.babynamewizard.com/archives/2013/4/what-is-a-popular-baby-name-hint-there-are-fewer-than-you-think  I thought it gave good perspective about the actual likelihood that your kid will know lots of kids with the same name (not very).  It's super regional too, My daughter is Eleanor, and my son is Graham and they pretty much fit right in, on the traditional naming East Coast.  I imagine if we lived in Utah, we would be pretty unlikely to meet another Eleanor (but in our circle we know 3!).  

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We're talking names.. finally settled on Freya for a girl! It's the name of a girl my husband hooked up with prior to us meeting, but I like it so much I told him I don't care. I'm so happy, I really really love that name.

As for a boys name, we're still undecided. :/
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I love Freya!  A Goddess name : )

Our daughter is Fiona- Freya and Phoebe were on our short list.  

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I love Freya, too!
Great choice!
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My list is quite short so far...

Mary Jane
Dove (middle name)


I love lots of girl names, Penelope, Violet, Hazel, Annabel...
Boys names I kind of like Espen.
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I like a lot of these names! Freya's a great choice, and I'd consider Marilla Anne myself, if it didn't sound too much like DD's name, Meridian.
My husband isn't too into name conversations, but I think we've decided on Beatrix for a girl...it's nice settling on a name we both like!
But we struggle with boys' names...I kind of like Emrys, but at the same time can't really imagine using it. We have plenty of time to figure it out, I guess orngtongue.gif
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I like Emrys! I'd definitely consider that one, but DH is dead-set against anything from a TV show.
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I am so excited about coming up with a name for this baby. I have 2 children so far (Gavin and Charlotte)...lots of potential girl names lined up already: Hazel, Gemma, Lyra, Wren...no boy names in mind...which probably means we'll be having a boy, lol. One thing I know for certain. We will try to keep the name secret from close relatives until the birth because it was no fun having our cherished names poo-pooed last time around. Of course, I am no good at keeping secrets orngbiggrin.gif
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We are thinking Milania or Beatrice for girl and Dimitri for boy.... 

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For the first time in our baby naming history, DH and I like the same girl names! We have 2 never-been-on-a-list-before girl names picked out, and I don't even feel the need to expand it!

Of course like someone mentioned, this likely means we are having a boy!

I tried making a boy name list...so far it should be entitled "Names I don't hate". Naming boys is so hard...I am not really looking forward to doing it a fourth time, lol! I have seriously considered for my own sanity letting DH choose whatever he wants.
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Aw, man. I can see it happening. DH is SO set on Aengus, even though he has "agreed" to name a boy Lochlan. He talks about it all the time. He's got our Irish friend on his side, and our youngest son. He says things like, "I don't want you to change your mind yet, because it's fun trying to convince you. But we're having a son named Aengus." This is very much how our middle daughter ended up being named Sinead, even after we'd already agreed on Aoibh (Eve)!

I'm just hoping against hope we have a girl. wink1.gif I already want a girl anyway, and we're already completely agreed on naming her Roisin!
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Good luck Michelle! I have a habit of giving in to my husband too, so it's lucky for me that he is pretty much letting me pick. He does of course rule out any he hates, and makes suggestions based on names I have already discussed with him.


For instance, for a boy I like the name Keiren. It's a male form of Keira I believe. But he thinks it sounds to feminine and suggested we change it to Kyren - pronounced ky-ren, with long "Y" sound. I like it that way, but technically I think it would still be pronounced the same. With a long "E" sound. Any thoughts? How would you pronounce it? I am thinking people would pronounce it KY like we want, but I feel like we are just changing names and making them incorrect.

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Tiffa, I know a Kieran (pronounced KEER-an), he's 6.  It's a boy's name in Ireland.  It's not a male form of a feminine name.  It's a saint name, it means "dark" or "black" which I associate with the old dark celts.  

Kyren is a neat name.  I think if you pronounced it KY-ren (Ky rhyming with Sky), then other people would too.