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@mataji4 - Thanks for the info. :) That makes me like the name even more. I still like Kieran a lot, but Kyren is just as good if I can get my head used to it instead of the other. Good thing I still have six months to think about it.


     Now I have a question for everyone. Are you sharing your name ideas with family and friends? Or just keeping it between the two of you? I kind of want to keep mine to myself and just announce whatever we choose when the baby is born. Partially because since we have decided to find out the sex that will still leave one surprise to announce. And also because I don't want anyone ruining the name/s for me, and swaying me, or sticking one to the baby when I don't want to have a name set in stone at all. But I know I will get a lot of crap for it! I might tell my sister just so I have one more opinion the consider.


I am also thinking of just narrowing it down to two or three and picking when I see the babe for the first time at the hospital.

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All of our close friends and family know we are using the boy name we didn't use last time, Gideon.  We won't publicize it but if we're having a boy it is out already.  In the past when we've known the sex of the baby we've kept the name a secret but I'm not sure that will work this time.

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Love name threads!
 if he's a boy, and I suspect he is, he'll be Tycho Grant, a close second would be Archer and a close second middle name is James, but that's a family name on my side and both children already have family names from my side, although I maintain that since they get my husband's last name, it's only fair.  wink1.gif
if he's a girl, Maizie Jean or a G name since we seem to be doing that.  Maizie is a family name on my husband's side and Jean is my middle name.  I really really really really want a Marilla, but DH is mean and doesn't like it.  But how sweet, I'd call her Rilla, and I think I want to be extra geeky and name her Marilla Anne.  Oh yes I do.  

I don't much like reusing names from previous lists, but Marilla has been on it forever... Archer was too, but I vetoed it, but I think I'm okay now.  There was a few minutes there where we considered called my DD Betty as the diminutive of Beatrix, and then we'd have an Archie, and that would be bad.  But now she's Trixie and I don't have an Archie (yet) so it's okay.

Bonus points to who knows the geeky reference to Marilla Anne or Tycho.  (I'm a literary geek and my husband is a science geek, can you tell?)

Oooh!! I love Marilla Anne. That makes me want to start reading the series all over again. It's been a few years. :-)

We usually have a short list of names before the birth and then wait until after the babe is born to see what they look like to pick a name. Our middle child was named months earlier by his older siblings though, so we will see if that happens this time.
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We don't share names. With DS1, we didn't know what we were having and we shared our two names we picke out and people were soooo good at tarnishing the names. I remember in very early labour saying that Alice was no longer our girl name and I would rather name the baby Tinkerbell than Alice! LOL! We had a boy and DH knew his name- not something that was on the list but completely his name!

With DS2 & 3, I had a friend or two I consulted with but we didn't pick a name til birth-day!

This time my SIL knows our chosen girl names are greek godesses names but that's all the detail I am passing out smile.gif

Still no boy names on the table.
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We tell people who we know will be supportive, but not people who will give us grief. DH and I are excitable sort of people, so we like to talk about the things going on in our lives with our friends. But some people aren't worth the headache. I will probably not say anything about the names we've picked to anyone on my side of the family. Heck, I probably will not say ANYTHING about my pregnancy directly to my mother, unless she brings it up. She presumably knows, since I've now talked about it on Facebook, but I'm not going to go looking for trouble with her.
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I mentioned to my mom that we like Robin for a boy, and she said, "Well, you might have to keep thinking on that.  Robin is too feminine." 


I just have a hard time believing I could have a girl so I'm not investing a lot of time as of yet in thinking of girl names...I've done that the last three times and had boys.  I think I'm just waiting until after our ultrasound, end of July, not too far away, to get serious about names.  Not like me, but I am SO BUSY right now.

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Nothing wrong with a feminine boy name! DS3 has a unisex name (with a masculine nickname). I would give a fourth boy a unisex name as well.

I like Robin a lot!
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Thanks owl : )


Karan and Devon are both names she considers feminine too, so she said, "You don't want another boy with a girl's name, do you?"  I'm totally not talking to her about names anymore. 

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Ugh, that would totally irritate me. Before I shut her down, my mom seemed to think she had some kind of right to have a say in my kids' names. She even implied that she listened to her mom about names, so I had to listen to her. greensad.gif

For the record, I like Robin and Devon. (I don't even see how Devon is feminine at all.) Also, my BIL has one of those boy names that became a girl name (Kelly), and it's not even a thing. He even named one of his daughters Kelly, and it's still not a thing.
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Yay! We have a boy name now & both DH and I love it! This is seriously a baby naming miracle. Usually naming is so stressful and we rarely agree on names.

The meaning of the boy name has SNOW in it, perfect for a winter babe!
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Thanks Michelle.


I'm having a hard time with a girl name because I keep coming back to these "El" names, like Elsa and Ellie and Noelle...I just like them.  But they are so popular that they're almost boring!  I think I have to use Elizabeth in there for a girl somewhere, or some form of it, for my grandmother or she'll have a fit- it's the middle name of every girl born in our family except for my Fiona.  


I like Noelle Soleil, which was our girl pick last time.  Maybe I should just go with that.  (My mom said, "We're not French, you know."  But she likes Noelle.)  Then I could still call her Ellie just as a mommy nickname.  


Here are some names from our general name list, in case they might help anybody out:


Anora, Aurelia, Blossom, Daphne, Ellery, Ember, Flora, Freya, Indira, Jaya, Juniper, Marcela, Persephone, Phoebe, Piper, Poppy, Raven, Saba, Seqouia, Sibella, Sophenie, Tuuli, Zena


Annan, Asa, Cedar, Esher, Gaelen, Gus, Guthrie, Jedidiah, Jesse, Jessiah, Jovi, Junin, Kahler, Keltan, Kellen, Koa, Phoenix, Raanan, Rylan, Solin, Stetson, Theron, Tiller, Zane 

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Also wondering about giving this baby more middle names than the others, since it's the last and there are some I haven't used up yet!  My cousin Brian died last week, and my dad is deceased, his name was Red.  I threw out Robin Red Brian Hawk Johnson to my husband, and he looked at me like I was nuts!  

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Two middle names, sure. Three? Think of all the forms in life that will be hard to fill out for lack of space.

Two students at my school have complex names - John Alexander Kenneth Essex and they call him Jake, then his brother is Robert Charles Devereux Essex and they call him Duke.
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owlhowl, that is great news for you!


mataji4, I really like the name Noelle!


A couple names I can throw out there to add to the list-- Luciana, Joelle


Boys names are so hard for me!

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All of my children have four names.  First, two middle, and the last.  Seemed totally natural when I had my first child... but then I just had to do it again for my second.  Then the third -- of course.... and here I am on child #4, and there is no option other than to come up with a first AND TWO middle names too! lol



DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13

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One of my kids has two middle names. There's a family name that DH's first wife wouldn't let him use. We went back and forth about whether to use it, because it's supposed to be for the *first* son, and eventually decided not to. So we had the name all picked out, including a middle name from my family, and right when we were filling out the birth certificate, DH changed his mind. So DS has two middle names.

One of my brothers also has two middle names, which my mom didn't plan. She took him to be baptized, and the priest told her there was no St. Robert, so she had to add in another middle name for a saint's name! (The funny part? There is a St. Robert.)
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The kids wanted to talk about names right when they found out last night.  I told them we were thinking Robin for a boy and Noelle for a girl, and they ALL liked those choices.  Almost seems too easy.  We have a lot of time to play with middle name ideas, so I told them they can make suggestions and help us with that.  

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Name suggestion from my 4 year old "Cinnamon" & from my 6 year old "Flower" or "Dandelion". I think Dandelion will be this little ones fetal name! DS3's fetal name was Jiji, like the cat in Kiki's delivery service.

DS2 thinks this a boy (& I think he's lrobably right, 4 year old tend to know these things!) & DS3 says girl, because he doesn't want ankther brother orngtongue.gif
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So, my mom had a party this weekend to celebrate my brother graduating from college. I was talking to my Aunt Rosalie, and I realized that since Roisin pretty much means "Rose," then Roisin Marie = Rose Marie. Which is perfect for my family, as I also have an Aunt Rosemarie and an Aunt Rosemary. My mom didn't think it was as funny as Aunt Rosalie did; my mom just wants a name she can spell this time. :P