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So cool, Michelle...the inner workings of the subconscious.

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I think a lot more people are familiar with Roisin (and Gaelic names in general) than they were a few years ago. At school (in Ohio, mind you, not in Boston where we both are from!) my friend Siobhan was always called Soybean and I was always called Raisin. They were soooo funny! But my parents and family has always called me Rosy. Which is fine, except that there are alot of dogs with the same name! 


I think we have agreed, for now on some very standard names: Julia for a girl (my favorite literary character is Julia from Brideshead Revisted) and Michael or James for a boy. So much for Ivor and Lewis, haha! 

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I just googled how to pronounce Roisin because I had no idea. Lol. That's pretty.
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thanks Taryn. Hey, I just noticed your crunchy conservative Catholic label- what school did you go to? I went to Steubenville! 

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Roisin- Don't want to thread hijack if we start chatting, I'll pm you :-)
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Sorry double post
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Any names becoming set as some of us find out the sex of our babies?

Our baby girl will be Linnea Marie :-)

Middle name may change because dh says we keep naming kids after my family (Marie was my grandma) but all the godparents have been from his side so I think I'll win on Marie. I do also like that her initials will be L.M. Like L.M. Montgomery of Anne of Green Gables.
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We won't be finding out the sex until the birth, but for a girl we have chosen Coralea Jane, nickname Coco or Lea...not sure yet...All my kids have longer names with short nicknames (Danika-Dani; Elanora-Ela) I think its a Polish thing. No boy name, but I'm pretty sure we're having a girl anyway.

I finally looked up how to pronounce Roisin too...which I've been saying "Roy-zin" in my head all these weeks eyesroll.gif Very pretty!! I like names around the "rose" theme too, but DH was meh about it.

It's funny, but my oldest has always guessed/confirmed the baby name while I was still pregnant. With DD2, she started calling her Baby Ela very early in my pregnancy, even though I didn't want Ella as a name bc it's so crazy popular right now...DH and I didn't settle on Elanora until I was about 8 or 9 months along, but DD1 continued calling her sister Ela. This time, I was driving somewhere a few weeks ago and DD1 blurts out "Coralie", which DH and I had talked about by text, but not to DD1 . I almost had an accident!! I asked her where she'd heard that name and she says proudly that that's a name someone told her about (she goes to a French daycare)....so I knew Coralea was our name smile.gif I changed the spelling since I had a thing about having girls' names end in an A, and since I did it for my first 2, I feel like I have to do it for my 3rd! Our other spelling choice was Coraleigh, but Coralea seems simpler, and can be pronounced as Coralee or Coralee-a
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That's pretty, Lida.  And Linnea's a good one too.  Well done, ladies.  : )


I find out Thursday about baby's gender, and have been trying hard to hold off on serious name thoughts til then, but I can't help it!  I spent about five hours on planes yesterday and I had my note pad out obsessively working on names the whole time!  We had been thinking Noelle for a girl, but for the life of me I can't find a middle name I like to go with it.  I had no idea that it would be so hard!  In pondering I realized I like the name Annelise.  My best friend is Elise, and she has four boys, so that would be really sweet to name a baby girl after her.  And I like Anna as a nickname (that we'd use in the family, but she'd still go by her full name elsewhere).  I really like Annelise Noelle Johnson.  Husband is sitting with it.  


For a boy I had liked Robin but for some reason I don't think I can do it.  I remember liking Zane (Zane Grey) before, so I brought that up with him again, and he said, surprisingly, "That's a good old biblical name.  I like it."  Which was funny because we are not religious at all, I've never heard him say anything like that before!  ha!  And I suggested Zane Matthew Johnson, the middle after our good friend and our kids' Godfather, and he seemed to like it.  Our boys are Karan, Bodhi, Bjorn and Devon; I think Zane works.  It seems really short, though. 


So I told him we'd resume talks after Thursday's ultrasound, but he'll be out of town for the weekend, so I'll be here just dying wanting to talk names!!  I'm sure you'll hear more from me about names then  ; )

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Nice job, all! I'm trying to think of a good middle name for Julia. Its so straightforward tha I feel like I will have some leeway with the hubs about middle names: maybe Julia Marion. For a boy we are pretty settled on David Lewis (I like Davy, and Dewey). not terribly exciting, I know. 

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Roisin, Julia is our second choice name. Actually goes back 22 years to when I was helping my mom pick out names for my last sibling. We picked Julia Rose after my grandmother and my great grand mother. It just sounds so pretty together.
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I had a dream the other night that I was having twins (although I don't think I am... but have not had an ultrasound). Two names for B/G twins came to me:


Isla Pearl and Roan Francis


I LOVE these names, and Pearl and Francis are names of grandparents. DP and I have not even started discussing names yet. He's not interested in talking about it until we're able to feel the baby moving and get a better sense of this person we're growing. But I'm ready to start talking names!!! I hope he likes these ones, cause I sure do!

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I like Francis. If we go with Lochlan for a boy, it will be Lochlan Francis. smile.gif
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suprgrl, those are great names!  how fun when they just come to you.


I like Francis too.  It's usually a middle name, I've noticed.  

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Dh's middle name is Francis. It is especially popular lately with our Catholic friends because of the new pope.
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You all have lovely names picked out!


I wanted to pick a few options and decide after the birth but now I know my husband is going to be gone, and I don't know if it is fair for me to pick while he is gone. :/ My ultrasound is Friday and after I know the sex I don't know if I will be able to keep from picking a name anyways. 


Right now I am thinking for a boy either Kyren James (James is my brother's middle name). Or Gracen Elliott. I think it will probably be one of those. I could change middle names. 


For a girl I am having a battle between Athalia with one of these middle names: Noel, Jane, or Shay.


Lila with one of these middle names: Marlies, Penelope, Josephine, Shay, or Blythe


I guess we could settle the first name together and then leave the middle name open for later. As long as I let him cross of the ones he hates he says I can pretty much pick the middle name anyways. 

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last time Isla was the top of our list (after my great aunt, who spelled it Ila), but the nurse in the delivery room said she had just had a niece named that, and we scratched it. Didn't want to go trendy...but I havent heard a of single Isla since! We went with Veronica instead.

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Roisin that is to funny dh and I will be using Veronica if we have a girl.
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We found out we are having a boy!  Very excited.  We were throwing a few names around, Holden and Sawyer in particular, Now we are thinking Holden Palmer Cook.  Palmer being a grandfather's name on my boyfriends side.  And I got to use my father's name for my first son, so I'd like to give him this honor, I think it's always a nice gesture to the elders in families.  So it looks like that might be pretty set.  I think it flows nicely.

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Nice Kanga! I really like Sawyer, too. It sounds like a nice mannered hot cowboy. And Lilac, thats hilarious! I don't know any little Veronicas, and I wasn't sure how I felt about it (its my best friend's name, and my dh loved it- he thought it was dignified and classic but also a little mysterious and sexy, haha), now I love it. And the funny thing is old people love it- you know how hard it is to please the great-grandparent set with our new-fangled weird names (or old weird names)? Well, when we named her Veronica the entire family breathed a sigh of relief and fell in baby-love. That was nice.