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I know the excitement you are talking about, dahlia! We got ours when I was ten weeks, and when my husband found the baby, just us, at home, it was so special and exciting! Congrats!!!
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I bet you're totally right, Danielle. Maybe your placenta will shift and make it easier for you! (which, by the way, I had NO idea could even happen until I just looked it up lol) :) Is there any harm in frequent doppler checks? I love having the ability to check on my baby myself, but don't want to over do it if there's potential harm.


Happy Friday everyone! (or saturday for you, Danielle :) )

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abk, sorry! I completely missed seeing your post before! Thanks :) It's so nice to have the doppler now so I can relax more knowing that I have the ability to check the baby if I feel worried for any reason!

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Still rocking yoga pants, but I've officially moved into maternity tops. I need to get some summer stuff! I birthed both of my previous living children in winter, so I have no summer stuff. I've been looking, but it seems like most maternity tops have very short sleeves. Maybe this is tmi, but I normally don't shave my pits (it irritates my sensitive skin), so I prefer a longer short sleeve that will keep me from flashing some arm pit hair. Where's the best place to look? I tried Target and Old Navy already.
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It is very reassuring every time I feel worried at all. Some mothers will say that all dopplers and ultrasounds can cause problems with the baby. I do not agree. I think I Doppler is very mild and won't harm the baby. I use mine whenever I want to (almost every day at first) and I think baby will be fine.
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Abk, thanks smile.gif that's reassuring, and I agree that the Doppler seems very mild. Just wanted to be sure! Where dud you get yours/what brand is it?

Revolting, it may be easier to find what you're looking for online. Save some trips to the store!
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"Some mothers will say that all dopplers and ultrasounds can cause problems with the baby. " My good friend is a radiologist, she said she would never use them unless medically necessary because of the radiation. very similar to our cellphone radiation which I sleep with...lol I am so bad ;) I think anxiety is a necessary condition to treat. FDA: ....it can produce effects on the body. When ultrasound enters the body, it heats the tissues slightly. In some cases, it can also produce small pockets of gas in body fluids or tissues (cavitation). The long-term effects of tissue heating and cavitation are not known. Because of the particular concern for fetal exposures, national and international organizations have advocated prudent use of ultrasound imaging. Furthermore, the use of diagnostic ultrasound for non-medical purposes such as fetal keepsake videos has been discouraged. There are no federal radiation safety performance standards for diagnostic ultrasound
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I got mine from either Babybeats or Bellybeats...I can't remember. My husband and I had three missed miscarriages before this baby, and I didn't want to go through carrying my baby for a month after it had past again. So we got the Doppler for my own sanity I think.

There is research saying the radiation is bad, but so are the radiation from cell phones, microwaves, and all other devices. Not to mention that they tell you sugar, artificial sweeteners, certain foods, certain drinks, jogging, pollution, vaccines, no vaccines, medications, no medications, etc. can all harm the baby. If we worried about every single thing, we would go crazy! I do what I feel is ok for me and my baby and don't pay much attention to the risks that seem to be associated with EVERYTHING!! But that's just me! I had miscarriages when I cut out everything, caffeine, meds, lunch meat, and never used a Doppler, but this time I carried on as usual and have held on to the little bean!
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Radiation is everywhere! My computer screen as well ;) I think the thing is not to overdo things. A few minutes of a doppler is one thing because of the heat but a half hour is probably excessive. Just like most people use microwaves but no one stands infront of them! I've used a tanning booth (not pregnant) We all do things that are riskier and studies always change. This is my 6th pregnancy...with my dd 20 years ago I was told exercise is bad, breastfeeding is okay but not beyond a year as it will lower a child's iq (the asumption was the breastfeeding toddler would only look into moms shirt not the world and be deprived of stimulation...right....) I take a medication it was unsafe with ds2, safe wtih ds3 and unsafe with the last 2 pregnancies - same reporting agency same exact drug!
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I so agree with you both! It makes my head spin trying to keep up with what is "right" to do while pregnant! My motto has always been everything in moderation, and I try to keep that in mind with pregnancy as well (tanning, alcohol, and obvious things like that excluded of course!). It's wonderful that there is so much info out there for expectant mothers, but at the same time, it's an overkill. If you followed every "rule" you wouldn't be able to do anything haha! So, as long as there's no obvious risk posed by a few minutes of using a doppler, I'm gonna go for it, and keep my peace of mind and sanity :)


abk, I had a miscarriage (very early) with my previous pregnancy, and I totally understand how you feel with just wanting to be sure that everything is as it should be! It's so calming to just hear the little thump thump for a few minutes!


Shiloh, if we all worried as much as "they" tell us to about radiation, none of us would be on this board so often LOL :)

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Oh, and the thing about breastfeeding stunting a child's growth/intelligence made me shake my head. So ridiculous!

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I'm so jealous of all you ladies with dopplers at home. Yesterday I started having a mini panic attack because I hadn't felt any movement all day.  I'm sure the little bean was moving but just when I wasn't paying because today its just thump thump thump all day long. I can't wait until DH can feel it too!

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Originally Posted by suzie mccool View Post

Wow.. so many people home school here! Having never met anyone who does, I have a couple of questions.. Do you have to be qualified as a teacher or are you given syllabus to home school with?  And do you do other activities to socialise your children with other home schooled kids, or anything like that?

It depends on where you live. I don't think any state places requirements on the teacher's qualifications, but some require written plans, attendance records, etc. Some states offer syllabi you can use, although I don't know that I've ever heard anything good about them. We're not anti-school, we just like homeschooling. Fell into it by accident our first year (were struggling with decisions, then took a deep breath and a step back and said "wait, it's kindergarten. We can figure this out. Let's just keep her home another year and postpone these decisions.") and then ended up loving it so much we decided to stick with it, rather to our own surprise. Homeschooled kids are perfectly well socialized by their own families, just like all the kids who were brought up before institutionalized education became the norm, but yes, we do have a very large homeschool community in my city, and we enjoy participating in a variety of activities and opportunities with them.


Thanks for the compliments on the photo, mamas!


I think having a Doppler at home would be so fun. I'd probably be tempted to use it too much! I don't feel this one move very much, so I'll be sort of relieved when it gets bigger and I can poke it and get a response when I want reassurance. smile.gif


Revolting, when I lived in Chicago I had good luck with H&M for maternity stuff, but that was eight years ago, so I don't know if they still have good stuff or not. I didn't like much what I saw in the Old Navy store around here, but I had great luck with their web site. I ordered a big box of stuff a few weeks ago and I like it all. It's not stuff that would hold up for years of use, but it doesn't need to. I've also been seeing cute stuff in the daily e-mails from Zulily, but haven't ordered anything since I think I'm set now.


I live in Louisville, KY, so today is pretty much our biggest day of the year--Derby Day!  I need to go make a gluten-free Derby Pie to take to my mom's house. (She's got Celiac's.) My DD has gotten out the hot glue gun and my ribbon and lace stash to make herself a fascinator to wear, so she'll be just as fancy as the ladies attending today's race. lol.gif 

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suzie mccool:

i do unschooling in wisconsin.  wisconsin homeschoolers have fought to make the laws more relaxed here.  unschooling involves not using a cirriculum, but letting the child lead their education.  unschooling is based on the concept that kids learn more through play than through formal education.  i belong to a network of unschoolers here in madison, wi.  it works well for us.  i have one completely high energy & anti-authority kid (5 years old) that i'm pretty sure they would want to medicate if i sent him to a public school!!  but i am able to encourage & work with his interests & strengths instead of in a school where he would perpetually be in trouble. 

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Happileigh & Em..  I can't even begin to imagine how much more your children must benefit from the one on one time and understanding that you can give them, rather than just being another kid in a class of 25.. My DS is in a private school that I can't really afford since getting divorced, but I make it work because it's the right environment for him.  He actually likes wearing the uniform, and having the kind of structure a strict school provides.  This child is my complete opposite of me - he has always been a quiet, level headed person, even as a toddler, and while I'm quite haphazard with life in general, he is incredibly self-structured and disciplined, so we are good for each other at pushing the other's boundaries lol.  But I do envy your lifestyle guys!


AFM.. On my birthday night I had some spotting, which was terrifying.  Because I'm Rhesus negative we went straight to emergency to have an anti-D shot, but it took 7 hours to see a doctor which didn't help my anxiety at all!  Luckily, we got a great doctor eventually, who did a scan straight up and baby is fine.  Being able to see the proof that all is still OK was awesome, and there hasn't been any spotting since, so it looks OK.  Still not getting any real movement, so I was really scared there was something seriously wrong, but this peanut was jumping around like a maniac :)  He also did a whole load of blood tests which were all clear too.  Having a followup on Tuesday with my midwife to try to figure out where the spotting came from, but the scan showed no obvious issues.  So relieved, but that was a crazy, scary birthday night!!


Hope all is well for everyone smile.gif

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I'm so pleased to hear you haven't had another spotting episode Suzie! Lots of love and care its super scary! Make sure you rest up :-)

AFM - 18 weeks! How did that happen so fast... I really don't know, and I'm a grump :-( especially at dh who has a tendency to take his sweet time in doing anything. Probably doesn't help I am dreading my son going back to school tomorrow. Sorry for the woah is me post think I've woken on the wrong side of the bed :-(
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I was just listening to Fresh Air today about the shockingly high price of cheap clothes from places like H&M and wal-mart. I'm seriously considering never buying anything from these major cheap clothes retailers again and stick with second hand stores for bargain clothes. At least those were donated clothes so not encouraging people to buy more by paying them directly for their second hand clothes.

But when it comes to buying the perfect nursing bra, all bets are off! Gotta get the most comfortable and supportive bra no matter the costs on society or environment! smile.gif
I'm far from perfect!
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Well, tonight was our big announce to my fiance's friends at one of his good friend's (since childhood) birthday party.  We had to ride two hours to get there, and I got contractions (I refuse to say Braxton Hicks because that implies they are not doing something and my contractions actually do effect my cervix after 20 weeks, in previous pregnancies, and I'm high risk for preterm labor) all the way there and could not find a way to get myself comfortable in the passenger seat of the car in order to somehow convince my uterus to relax.  It wasn't nice.  


I finally got there and tried really hard to get into the party mode, but when I first walked in, I noticed the hostess right away didn't look at me.  She greeted only my fiance, and didn't look at me, much less notice my pregnant belly.  Um, we've met several times?  I've been to her wedding last year.  (Actually I've met several times all the guests at this part, which is relevant for the next part of the story)  For the next 3-4 hours I settled into invisible mode while everyone else enjoyed their preference of not speaking English (FWIW everyone speaks fluent English, it's just of course not their preference).  I didn't mind that much, I'm pretty used to it so I just focused on trying to get comfortable on the couch to get the contractions to stop.  Eventually I felt so bored out of my mind being totally excluded and feeling tense in the tummy, that I asked to go lay down on my side in a bedroom and that helped stop the contractions and it was bliss to rest all my muscles totally lax.  


After about 45 minutes I got up and felt like making a second go of the party group.  I sat next to my fiance and the hostess came over and in a slight whisper asked him, never looking at me and acknowledging my presence, if we were expecting and many more questions and gave her congratulations.  She never looked at me or said congratulations to me in any language.  I was just the invisible person sitting not more than one inch away from him, to whom she was kneeling down and speaking very closely to but managing to avoid moving her gaze even slightly to the right or she would have been staring me smack in the face.  Another 4 hours of being ignored commenced but I was happy to see that DF was enjoying himself so much so I tried to shrug it off and think happy thoughts.


Later, as the designated driver, I got asked by my fiance if I wouldn't mind running others home before we drive 2 hours home (1am at this point) and I said no, why not (I was happy he had had a good 8 hour party with his friends and didn't mind helping out his friends).  We start leaving the party and immediately I'm getting contractions from walking a few blocks and going down stairs.  Everyone in the group that I'm supposed to drive home walks ahead and ignores me, chattering away (not in English), and leaving me several yards behind them as I'm not able to keep up.  Including my fiance.  I'm feeling really left out and slighted and try to make a joke and say, "Hey, guys, you might think you're getting there sooner but I have the car key so you can't actually leave without me!" and they look back and laugh and then immediately go back to their previous behavior.  I'm left lagging behind at my pace and they speed walk towards the car and leave me out of the conversation.  I felt so slighted and invisible!


In the car I try to take control of the situation and pipe up and insert myself in the middle of the conversation by suggesting to my fiance that we might want to tell the people in the car about our wedding, that we had that day picked a date (we hadn't announced that at the party because not everyone there would be invited, but the present company at the time in the car WAS all on the guest list so it was safe to mention it), and I thought surely now we could all have a conversation in English that I was included in, about my wedding.  Sure enough, I was immediately dropped out of that conversation and it went on without me while I picked up most of what was saying, but they were talking so fast I couldn't jump in for how much of a struggle it was to understand.  I was almost in tears at this point. (Keep in mind it had been ten hours since we set out from home and the contractions started and I've been more or less uncomfortable and ignored that entire time so things were just piling up and starting to blow out of proportion in terms of how they were affecting me).


So sorry to hijack this chat, I really needed to vent about today, how uncomfortable my uterus is making even small road trips and 12 hour round-trip outings, and how much I'm not enjoying being a foreigner at the moment and being left quite out of the loop when it comes to the announcing and the congratulations regarding the pregnancy happening in my body and my own wedding that I'm planning.


Ok, I feel better that I got this off my chest, thanks for reading!

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Hugs Seraphina
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Oh Serafina, I'm sorry your evening didn't go as anticipated. I can't imagine how hard it is for you in a foreign land. Have you considered learning the language? Maybe a chat with your fiancé is in order, so he knows how stressful things are for you and how it impacts on your baby. Contractions so early on for such a long period of time can't be good for you.
I hope you have been able to rest since! Take care!
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