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 I have worked on the language quite a bit, even spending 6 months last autumn/winter just before finding out I was pregnant working 30 hours a week on my feet in customer service so I'd be forced to practice.  I can understand if it's simple conversation, a basic dialogue about concrete matters, and if it's one on one then I usually do ok.  I'm working to try to go from that level of like a 7 year old to a proper adult fluent level but it's one of the worlds' hardest and most random language (comparing to English) and it's such a struggle.  The problem is when old friends get together and they speak a mile a minute, using mostly slang and they drop off parts of the words the way people do in casual spoken speech and I can get lost.  I usually know the topic if I really struggle with my listening to keep up, but I can't possibly join in a group discussion the way they talk at a party.  Not yet.  For now, if I'm speaking with an adult who slows down a bit, and articulates clearly and holds off on the 'slang du jour' I have a chance to keep up, but these people have known each other 25 years and have inside jokes and private slang that even if I weren't foreign I wouldn't follow that well.  Throw in the language barrier and it's just a nightmare.  I still was happy he was having fun, he doesn't see his long-time friends so often so i wanted to just accompany him and be supportive of him having a great day.  I didn't expect I'd end up losing my cool and getting my feelings hurt like that but I guess it happened.

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you handled that all very well, serafina!  i would have lost it!  i'm sorry you had such a bad experience--but good for you for making the best of it.

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ditto on that em!  I would have just left them to find their own way home...

..but kudos to you Serafina for being such an understanding person!!  One day I hope I have the patience that you showed!  I just wish it would hurry up lol..

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I think I may order one of these squishy cozy looking robes as a maternity gift to myself, to wear no matter how huge I get and during post partum period as well:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/103104369/obv-robe-custom-adult-sizes-organic?ref=usr_faveitems


How about you guys, if you were to splurge on a pampering gift for yourself right now, what would it be?  Throw a baby shower for yourself right now in your mind, and pick out what you would want as a thoughtful something for yourself and all the changes in store.  lurk.gif  And then tell me.  :)

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Well I kept waiting for the new thread but here it is the afternoon and still no new thread. Guess I'll just be the weekly chat thread killer :-/

I just bought myself two books and a lb of RRL tea as a mama gift. I haven't started mama zen yet but I am loving mindful birth. I've also bought myself a few new baby carriers which seems to come with each new baby. :-o
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My mama gift to me.. gorgeous black ugg boots :) Perfect for freezing nights while I sit up with my insomnia, and will fit no matter how fat my feet get!   Sadly, we are broke, so I have to wear my crappy ones LOL

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