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Did your Autistic child have allergies as an infant?

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Hello, first and foremost I appreciate you reading my post. I am wondering if any of your children displayed food allergies/ food sensitivities, or gastrointestinal inflammation (green mucus stools with blood) as young small infants and were later diagnosed with Autism? My 8 week old LO has been struggling with stomach issues for a month now. I haven't had dairy since he was 2 weeks old. I have pinpointed oats, rice and potatoes as culprits so far and I have now been on a total elimination diet for 2 weeks, but he is not improving. My mother pointed out that many autistic children also have allergies and gut issues. So I am wondering if his issues (which I have been to are rare) are a very early sign of Autism? Thank you. Any advice or insight is appreciated.
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Hi momma :)  Our DS had terrible allergies and reflux as an infant and is not on the spectrum.  He does however have a severe language disorder and I think we made his gi issues worse with the reflux medicine he was on for 11 months (necessary medicine but terrible for his gut).  I know other children on the spectrum who did have issues, but I also know a number of children with food allergies and no other developmental issues.  I don't honestly think you can assume anything based only on food allergies.  Maybe something to keep an eye on but I definitely would NOT stress out about it at such a young age!


Just the food allergies were TERRIBLE for us and I'm so sorry you are going through that.  I was basically on a total elimination diet for 4 months and it did make a difference after a few weeks, but he still had trouble.  I would strongly consider probiotics for your little one, they have dairy free powder that you can just administer off your finger for young babies.  That helped our DS a little bit though not entirely.


I hope you find answers for the allergy triggers, nothing is worse than your little one being miserable all the time. :(

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Ok, I think you should probably cross post in breast feeding. I thought green poo was a sign of too much fore milk and not enough hind milk. Hind milk is needed for proper digestion, and with out can cause stomach upset.

As for the blood on poo, should be talking to dr. I would guess.

My child does not have autism or food allergies, but I do have allergies which developed as a teenager (eggs-albumen, a protein in cow's milk, and corn intolerance).
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My two children that had/has awful GERD, allergies, etc... are not on the spectrum. My child that is on the spectrum has no food allergy issues. 

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I have exhausted breastfeeding boards. I have taken him to a gastro. It isn't an balance it is an allergy. I am just worried that these GI issues could be a sign he may be diagnosed autistic because I know allergies and GI issues are common with autistic children.
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My two eldest with ASD had gastrointestinal issues as babies and toddlers.  My 3rd child regressed at 12 months and developed gastrointestinal problems around that time.  My eldest children both had severe eczema which the doctors said it was typical in children of asian decent (I am half asian).  I began looking at dietary interventions relating to my eldest's language delay and behavioral issues and ran across research from a university in Australia that connected dairy to behavior issues in toddlers.  I removed dairy from her diet and she began speaking and her eczema disappeared.  I removed dairy from my diet when bf my middles son and his eczema (and mine) cleared up.


Have you looked into removing gluten from your diet?  I think the statistic is 1 in 133 people have celiac disease, but I think the number is higher if you count people with gluten intolerances.  Something else that was beneficial was giving probiotics to my kids.  That might be something you could consider.


www.autism.com has a lot of information re: biomedical and dietary interventions for individuals with ASD, but they have great info re: gastrointestinal health which can be used for anyone.  They also have great online webinars from past DAN conferences.

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I haven't had dairy in 6 weeks and I haven't had gluten in a month. I am currently eating 4 foods and have been for over two weeks now after giving up all the major allergens did not seem to work . I thought rice would be safe to add but he formed a terrible allergy ring on his bottom. I am hoping we can figure it out soon because I don't want to keep exposing him to allergens or possible triggers.
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My youngest child is not on the spectrum but her brother is.  Needless to say, like you, I was very sensitive to signs of gi distress, and quite concerned when she developed green stools as a very young infant, red rings on her bottom and became difficult to sooth during the first two weeks of her life.


Some things to investigate related to breast feeding itself.  When nursing, it is important to nurse long enough on one side for a baby to fill up on hind milk which is fattier, more filling and nutritious.  Nursing mothers who are themselves intolerant to gluten produce more foremilk interestingly enough....having only foremilk can contribute to the gi irritation that she is feeling.


I would rethink your strategy of food restriction.  Infants get their intestinal flora from the walls of the birth canal and the vaginal area.  Prior to this, in the womb they lived in a sterile environment with no bacteria, hence no flora.  You yourself could have a candida overgrowth and may have passed it along to her....  It doesn't necessarily display itself as thrush in the mouth, but, can show itself as gi symptoms and a red bottom such as you describe.


Candida thrives when you eat certain foods....gluten and dairy, but, also sugar and any foods that convert to sugar during digestion (such as the rice you were eating).


My daughter's symptoms went away on a gluten and dairy free diet and a "candida" diet.  I basically ate meat and all vegetables that were complex carbs, and nothing that was starch that would digest into quick sugar such as potatoes or sweet potatoes.


Lots of steak, chicken, sausage, broccoli, carrots, green beans etc.  At the same time, I also coated the inside of her mouth with the herb black walnut which kills yeast and I took large quantities of probiotic which then transferred into her breast milk.  The good news is...her digestion cleared and her personality relaxed.  I also lost a TON of weight.


I only needed to eat this way for about two months.  I then, still did not eat gluten and dairy but could eat a more varied sugar diet.  Then, when she ate solids at 6 months, she showed symptoms of constipation, so I stopped giving her solids except for very tiny amounts.  She basically ate breast food for almost 16 months.  Now, at 5, she has healthy elimination.  I was able to breast feed her for a long time, staying at home with her which I was grateful to be able to do.  AND, she is NOT on the spectrum.  And, it's been important that she not eat gluten and dairy as she's matured, in the same way that it is difficult for her brother to digest and interferes with his development.


I found a lot of information on Mothering.com's breast feeding forum, so switch over there if you haven't found it yet.  There is also a website called kelly mom (I think that's the name, it's been awhile.....) that helps breast feeding mothers figure out any issues that they or their baby are having.


Good luck.....

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YoungSon has autism and no food allergies or issues. He was on a 100% GFCF diet for 9 months (nothing but clear, strained chicken/vegetable broth and apple juice, around age 7 or 8, as I recall) with no behavioral changes.

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Holy crap!!! Livinglife you are a revelation! He reacted to rice and potatoes!!!! Amazing. I have been taking a probiotic and put him on a probiotic as well... Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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I have two kids on the spectrum and my kids have never had any sort of GI issues. I don't think it's a good indicator in and of itself. 

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