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help with Raw bottom in 20 month old

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So my dd  has had the stomach flu since friday evening. She vomited every 30 min from 9 pm to 4 am. then Saturday she couldn't keep pedialyte down or anything. Then she began with diarrhea. I was trying to have her sip pedialyte, 2 ounces every hour. but it would come right back up. She even has diarrhea in her sleep. Sunday it was the same thing and her diarrhea turned to complete liquid. We took her to the ER and they said she was only moderately dehydrated and they gave her zofran and didn't want to do an IV. They sent me home, and she hasn't vomited again. But the diarrhea has continued. I got up 6 times Sunday night to change diarrhea diapers. She got up at 6am and she just screams and holds her butt. I have been putting triple paste and Vaseline on her butt. I also took her to the ped this am and she said she wasn't dehydrated and told me to up the probiotic and continue with pedialyte and nursing. So I'm wondering is there something extra that I can put on her bottom that will help quicker? I've been trying to just rinse her in the tub and not use wipes and letting her air out. But she SCREAMS and throws herself to the floor when she is about to go again! Anyone have any advice?

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You could try olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil as a nice barrier that will keep the skin from getting further burned from the acidic poo. Poor baby :( 

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You actually don't need pedialyte if you are nursing. Breast milk is better than that artificially sweetened stuff. Also, put some breast milk on the raw bottom and kind of fan it dry. Hard to believe, but it really does work.



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Also, if you give her baths, make sure there is no soap in the water. Soap might irritate the sores. I wouldn't use any baby wipes either--just a wet cloth with water will work. Plain water is good enough for cleaning when there is a rash or soreness.

Do you think aloe would help? You can usually find aloe at hardware stores that sell plants (like Lowe's or Home Depot). Snap off a leaf, squeeze out the gel, and put it on the sores.

I hope she feels better soon!

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My babe is just getting over diaper rash so I've done a lot of research about this.  Here are some of the things that seem to have the most success:


-bath with a cup of baking soda (neutralizes the acid from urine on the skin)

-bath with chamomile tea and oatmeal (soothes the skin)

-Lanolin (this has worked soooo well for us, cleared his rash right up)


-Bag Balm (not all natural ingredients, but people on the internetz swear by it-it's actually intended for horses, but apparently works great for baby butts, too)

-Preparation H (again people on the internet swear by it)


-I would also second the aloe


Hopefully one of those things works for you.

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THE very best diaper cream for horrible bottoms (like the 3 days of diarrhea bottom) is Dr. Smith's Diaper Cream. Just Google it. You may have to buy it online as it is made in TX.


A pharmacist mentioned it to me. I'd used every other 'super strength' cream to no avail. It makes me feel awful when my daughter would scream b/c the rash was so bad. This works. Period. It actually heals, rather than just serving as a barrier. It's super expensive, but I always have a tub on hand now for emergencies.


In the meantime, you might just gently pour water to clean her if wiping is too painful. You can dab olive oil also, in the meantime.

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Coconut oil all the way!   We CD and the only rashes DD has ever had were when teething or if she has a cold - so very few.  But coconut oil is wonderful at healing any skin issues, plus DD likes to eat a scoop while I rub some on her hiney :-)

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We never had to deal with that level of severity (yet) but we always keep CJs Butter around the house. It's great for sore noses too. In the bath we use the Aveeno oatmeal bath. We bought some pedialyte recently because of vomiting. When I read the ingredients I dumped it. We've been making gypsy cold care tea with lots of honey instead. Wish we were still breastfeeding.
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I've never used, but have heard wonderful things about1 part Maalox and 1 part Aquaphor mixed together in a zip top bag and squished around until thoroughly mixed. I had friends whose baby was in the NICU and this is what the nurses mixed up for her rash. I've since heard others mention it was the ONLY thing their LO tolerated on an open, excoriated rashy area. Yes, it's not all natural, but it's for the short term and it's cheap and easily available stuff.

Also, I second the baking soda bath rec., that has been very soothing for the bottom of our LO's when a nasty rash reared it's head b/c of detergent build-up in our cloth diapers.

And, have you tried just leaving the diaper off while she's sleeping w/ old towels/changing pads/Chux/etc. underneath? That might help with healing the skin and getting it exposed to air. The nurse at our ped's office rec'd this when we were healing that rash. Maybe even try to get her pooping on the potty instead of a diaper so there's less exposure of rash to the acidity of the poop?

Good luck Mama!

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The same thing happened to my son recently, it was because of strawberries though, not an illness. I had to just rinse him with water at every change, he wouldn't let me go near him with wipes and it slowly started to get better. When she starts screaming, would she go for using a potty? You might be able to convince her that it won't hurt as much if it's not in her diaper?

Pedialyte only contains 5.3g of dextrose per 200ml but has lots more electrolytes than breastmilk. If it's severe diarrhea, I wouldn't worry too much about the sugar... it doesn't sound like she's kept much of it down anyway.

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