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My La Leche League support group introduced me to Mothering when I was pregnant with my first child. Finding out about attachment parenting and gaining instant access to a huge network of like-minded mothers has made all the difference in my life and my family.


To me, mothering means opening your heart to souls as old as the universe, guiding them in their path, and allowing them to guide you in yours. It means learning to hold, learning to let go, and taking each day as a beautiful gift. When I think of the work of mothering (and it is work!) I am reminded of these lines by Kahlil Gibran:


 And what is it to work with love? 
      It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth. 
      It is to build a house with affection, even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house. 
      It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap the harvest with joy, even as if your beloved were to eat the fruit. 
      It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit, 
      And to know that all the blessed dead are standing about you and watching.

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I'm not sure what you are seeing in your view on your phone but I see a window that says "Reply" and then beneath that are three little icon buttons. One has a B in it, the second has a paperclip-like image, which is to add a link, and the third is an image button. Just click the image button and then either upload the image from your phone or place the URL of where it is located.

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Whoa! Sorry, I meant to just say thankyou

Well I keep trying to do upload it from my phone unsuccessfully, I kinda want to blame my phone, it's done this before. I guess I'm gonna have to drag all the kids out and use my MIL's computer. I really hope this contest is still open for today!
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I have been a member of this community for quite some time even though I am not very good at posting, I do a lot of research on here. The site is a wealth of valuable information and all the wonderful posts are appreciated! Mothering is to me a community of women who help each other get through the good times, and the tough times. I love the fact that there are women out there who are willing to share their experiences in order to help other women. Thank you for being there for moms like me when we need you!

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As a first-time mum I could never fully express the value of the mothering website/community. In a sense, my husband and I are trailblazers in our family in changing the way we parent our daughter, so the articles and forums have been so helpful as I (we) navigate the very murky waters of parenthood. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a loving and wise group of mothers. I value the opinions expressed here and I take comfort that there is a wealth of good information on the mothering website. My daughter just turned one two weeks ago and I can honestly look back over this past year and feel at peace with the decisions that I made which in part were based on the wise advice and information acquired through the articles and forums. I cherish the mothering community and website for the wisdom that is present throughout!



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Mothering talks about issues in a way that makes sense;   Issues that are relevant, important and not discussed elsewhere.  

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As a single mother that works really hard to support her family mothering is a community where I feel that I can get all the support I need. Sometimes I feel like I want to quit because is so tiring having to do everything by yourself. But through reading postings here I find hope and inspiration. Thank you mothering
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I am a huge Mothering fan. My mom read the magazine when I was a little girl and I read the magazines before I was even considering getting pregnant. When I did get pregnant (October 2010) I was super excited to get a subscription to the magazine. I was heart broken when I found out it was no longer being printed. However, I have found the Mothering website and community a lovely alternative. While it will never replace sitting on my couch reading a beautiful magazine it still has it's place. It is so nice to be able to ask a question in the community and have other mothers weigh in on my issues. It has been my saving grace numerous times as a new mom. From breastfeeding questions, birthing options, to cloth diapering systems I am constantly amazed by the information I can access by the click of my mouse.



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I have enjoyed mothering because it is a place where many questions can be answered and many opinions can be shared.  It is a great resource for families to connect and support one another.  It is a place I cherish because it proves to me that I am not alone, that many people are experiencing what I am also.  Thank you.

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I love being a part of the Mothering community because it is such a valuable resource and connects me to my larger "tribe" of like-minded parents. As a co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth/diaperfree, homebirthing mama, I love being able to access information on everything from what carrier to buy, to suggestions on natural remedies for illness, to advice on pregnancy, birth and parenting issues. I frequently access the archives of discussion boards to peruse the opinions of other mothering members, and I love the articles. As a mother of a 2 and a half year old son and a 4 week old son I love being able to tap into this community whenever I want. It is especially valuable and important in today's world, where we are often so isolated and alone in our mothering journeys.


I had so much fun doing the project for this photo with my older son! We used his artwork and I taught him how to use scissors for the first time to cut out the letters and hang them from our wool diaper drying/artwork hanging line across our living room. I am inspired to create more letters out of his old art and change the message/word on a weekly basis - what a fun way to use those stacks of kid art!


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The Official Rules say we can enter more than once? So can we take two different photos but write the same entry would that count twice?

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How to express my thoughts on Mothering? It would take much more than a paragraph to explain that while pregnant with my first child I knew how I would give birth to and raise my baby but didn't quite know how many were out there with the same ideas, Mothering gave me that. It would take much more than a paragraph to explain the times I was overcome with worry wondering if I was truly crazy in my parenting as others had said, yet came here and found solace in like minded Mamas, Mothering gave me that. Through articles and the wonderful community on MDC I have not only found my way of life but have learned to embrace it and share with others in hopes that no one feels alone. I'm am thankful beyond what I can express to have found Mothering and how it has empowered me on my parenting and life journey. I am a Natural birthing, breastfeeding,cloth diapering, co-sleeping, Mothering Mama. And oh so proud of it!!!

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Being an expectant parent and mother in the world we live in today often means living far from family and from old friends. What I love about Mothering is that it brings together like-minded women who either share philosophies about parenting, or simply take a compassionate view of natural parenting from all over the world. More importantly, the forum creates friendships that help us all cope with the incredible life change involved in having a baby. I have felt supported and gained incredible ideas and nuggets of wisdom from this community that I could not have gotten from anywhere else! Basically it creates what a lot of parenting websites try to create - a true community of friends. Thank you Mothering!

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What is Mothering?

An art, a haven, breathe of fresh air, a sigh of relief
Over six years, through four pregnancies, three moves, career changes, endless cloth diapers, hours upon of hours upon years of breastfeeding.
Mothering has been there.
Support. Encouragement. Questions. Answers. Caring.


From the pain of secondary infertility and "spirited" children to the joy of homebirth and homeschooling, Mothering has allowed me to be "me", no shame, no judgements, just support.

Endless questions. Which cloth diaper is best? Why does my son spit up gallons each feeding? Is my daughter spirited or crazy? Am I nuts because I look forward to labor and birth? Can I really make it as a doula? Is it normal for my son to read encyclopedias at age three? ...Can you pray for me? I need help. I'm nervous. I'm lost. I'm ecstatic. I want to share.

I'm not weird here. I belong.

Watching as members of my 2009 and 2011 Due Date Clubs send prayers, thoughts, cards, money, gifts, and time to those of their due date family with needs. Special giving hearts! Loving care despite the distance and ages and backgrounds and abilities! We are all still friends and keep in touch over years later.  True connections! Real friendships!

I have never been a part of another forum like this. And I likely never will be.

Over the years other forums or discussion boards have gathered dust in my browser and have been deleted from my computer bookmarks. Not Mothering. Not this lifeline to sanity.

So mothering to me is more than an active forum, more than a website of balanced information for the natural-minded mom.
It's a lifeline, it's a community.

 Mothering is a Family

Mothering has helped me to hold my babies tighter, because, someday, when its time to let them go... to let them fly...to let them soar, I will still hold their hearts.




This picture depicts the best and worst part of mothering: learning to let your children soar. (The kids helped my husband and I clean the driveway then draw the "Mothering" balloons and color them in. They had a great time. The "clouds" are oil spots/irregularities on our driveway.  smile.gif)

I would LOVE to win this contest. I'm 9 weeks pregannt with Baby #4 and could really use some pampering and another baby carrier!


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When we were expecting our first child I felt isolated and curious about things like home birthing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering and so many things. I had ideas about how I wanted to parent, but I didn’t have people around me who practiced these things to lean on for support and information.


I found a Mothering magazine at our library – and soon after this online community. I found the information I was looking for in articles and blog posts. I gained confidence reading the experiences of others. I found so many new ideas I hadn’t considered. I have been inspired by leaders, blogers and activists featured here. I had due date clubs to belong to – and I also found a thriving community of TWO mom families like ours!!!


I cherish the information and ideas I have gained by reading the articles, blogs and threads here on Mothering. There are key articles that have deeply shaped me as a mother. I also cherish the relationships I have made here. Having a community of queer parents means our unique challenges and joys are understood and shared. It is more than a forum to me. We go through TTC, pregnancies (as gestational and non-gestational partners), births, and watch each other's children grow. We mourn each other's losses and challenges. We celebrate joys together. We educate one another about everything from charting, to twin carries, and co-sleeping with triplets :) Resources are shared across borders - tests, diapers, wraps, etc... It has been incredible to belong to.


I have found what I needed here and so much more. I'm so grateful this place exists.

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Is it over at midnight tonight? If not when exactly? I still have to take the pic lol
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Whenever I google a question about parenting the most useful link nearly always ends up being from the mothering forums.

I have found such a wealth of information here I rarely feel the need to post to ask my own questions. I find the discussions useful at hashing out important issues, and so many members are well researched and following links to studies they provide adds that much more to the information I get.

Mothering is my go-to source for information related to pregnancy and parenting.

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The Official Rules say we can enter more than once? So can we take two different photos but write the same entry would that count twice?

That's right! thumb.gif Tonight at midnight Pacific time the contest closes so you still have time to enter. 

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I hope this is allowed, I read on the rules that theres no limit to entries...


I love being a member of mothering because I fit in here! It's a total rarity to find such knowledgable women who think like me lol!!!! Its saying alot, because moms need each other. Whether it be face to face or screen to screen, because ultimately it is heart to heart. I cant even count the times I've found the support I needed here, or the community I needed here, or the answeres I needed here. From conception to birth, from breastfeeding to supplementing, vaccines to the diseases they (supposedly) "prevent", homepathics to natural supplements, cloth diapers to baby wearing, the list goes on and on! There is never a lack of information, knowledge, wisdom, application, experience, or expertise here on mothering.Everything that I hold dear, is here. It's certainly a diamond in the rough. I really dig the daily subscription emails too.

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