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Mothering has been there for me since before the internet, and before I ever had children.  

Mothering taught me what kind of mama I wanted to be ever since I was a little girl, reading the magazine at my auntie's house as she nursed her babies and held them close.

Mothering is where I go for support, and resources, and community.

When we were looking for a community of AP queer parents, I came here.  When we were dealing with infertility, I came here.  When we were finally pregnant, I came here. When birth was imminent, I camped out here.  When my babies were born, I came here.  When I struggled with breastfeeding, I came here.  Now that we are homeschooling, I'm here for that too.  I have friends here, and confidants.  I am a better mother, thanks to Mothering.  I am the mother I've always wanted to be! 


ps.  This photo hangs in our kitchen, above the table where we spend so much time, learning, cooking, crafting, talking.  I love it.  It's of my partner and my kids, last year in Mal Pais, Costa Rica.  We love traveling and being together, and sharing the world with our kids.  The drawings were done by my 4yo, of our family.  I'm the one with glasses.  And the baby has a frown because he's been sick.  The figures were the decorations on my DP's birthday cake recently.  

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What does Mothering mean to me?
I happened to stumble onto Mothering.com a few years ago as I was researching answers to some of my natural parenting questions.  I spent time reading reviews on everything from baby carriers to birth pools.  I read and cried over beautiful birth stories.  I used Mothering magazine as a guide to help pick out cloth diapers as a new mom.  I asked questions about birth practices and found thoughtful and educated answers here.  
I had always thought I was somewhat of an anomaly as a new mom here in my area.  With my first baby, I didn't think it was possible to spoil a newborn, and I fell hard into attachment parenting.  Babywearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, natural birth, and extended breastfeeding were not overtly common where I live.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find like minded mamas here on MDC who were just as passionate about these things.  I was also impressed with the correct spelling and grammar usage of the other members!  smile.gif
I've always been able to find support and give support here.  From an unwanted induction-turned-cesarean, a natural hospital VBAC, two miscarriages, a life-threatening obstetric hemorrhage, and now a home water birth, I've experienced much on my mothering journey.  There is always someone out there in this wonderful community that can understand what I'm going through and where I've been.  
At the beginning of my most recent pregnancy last summer, I navigated my way through the site and bumped into the March 2013 due date club.  Oh my goodness, what a treasure!  How can I even begin to describe how incredibly amazing this group had been?  It was such a vibrant community of intelligent, strong, and caring women. I found myself checking the forum multiple times a day, always excited to read the hilarious stories, be challenged by the questions asked, send out a little encouragement, and genuinely get to know these other moms. Even though we had never met face-to-face, we developed such deep bonds with each other.  So much love and support was shared and true friendships were made.  I honestly believe some of these friendships will be life-long!  
Several months ago, our due date club participated in a birth bead swap.  When I opened my package and saw the beads and read the handwritten notes, I just began sobbing at the incredible thoughtfulness of these women I have come to love.  I wore my beautiful birth bead necklace throughout my entire labor (of my home water VBAC rainbow baby!) and was strengthened as I remembered my fellow moms.  We were all in this journey together!  
I am over the moon excited about meeting one due date club friend for a playdate tomorrow.  She lives three hours away, and we planned to meet several months ago, but the early arrival of her baby changed our plans!  I am eagerly anticipating officially meeting someone that I feel so close to already.  Her children are the same ages as mine, and we have had similar challenges and triumphs on our mothering journeys.  I am so blessed to consider her a friend.  
Now, as we have all had our babies, our due date club members are continuing to encourage one another as we struggle with breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and postpartum health.  We share photos and stories of our beautiful babies, rejoicing with one another at the privilege it is to mother these little ones!  
Thank you, Mothering, for introducing me to some of my best friends, building my confidence, and helping me become a better mom.
This photo was taken last month when my baby was 3 days old.  I love how my "big" kids welcomed their baby sister into the family like she had always been there and that to them breastfeeding was totally normal and no big deal!  (p.s.  I did all the photo editing one handed while breastfeeding! LOL).
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I have been a member for years and have always appreciated the mothering site as a wonderful resource. I have found the women on here helpful and kind.

This site had been a wonderful resource as the kids have grown. I've found my midwife through this site. I met some wonderful women on a DDC.

I sure could use some pampering. As of today my daughter is 11 weeks old. On Monday she hits another milestone, 11 weeks at children's hospital in Seattle. She had surgery when she was 3 days old and again at 9 days. I have been here with her next to her bed. I am happy that she was born at home with no signs of any problems. In fact, the ER doctor told us she would have been sent home had she been born in a hospital. We had a few days to be together as a family.

Through all of this, my DDC had been wonderful and supportive. The group sent me a care package and lovely notes and letters. The DDC really helped me through the low points of this stay.

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If extended, I will def post first thing in the morn, night smile.gif
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Thank you all for your wonderful entries! Each and every one was poignant and touching, conveying the community love for Mothering that you all hold. Thank you. 


Our editorial and management team reviewed all the entries. It was so difficult to choose a single winner! But I am pleased to announce that the winner of our Mothering Boba Mother's Day contest is Kalishanti! This is her fabulous entry!






What is Mothering?

An art, a haven, breathe of fresh air, a sigh of relief
Over six years, through four pregnancies, three moves, career changes, endless cloth diapers, hours upon of hours upon years of breastfeeding.
Mothering has been there.
Support. Encouragement. Questions. Answers. Caring.


From the pain of secondary infertility and "spirited" children to the joy of homebirth and homeschooling, Mothering has allowed me to be "me", no shame, no judgements, just support.

Endless questions. Which cloth diaper is best? Why does my son spit up gallons each feeding? Is my daughter spirited or crazy? Am I nuts because I look forward to labor and birth? Can I really make it as a doula? Is it normal for my son to read encyclopedias at age three? ...Can you pray for me? I need help. I'm nervous. I'm lost. I'm ecstatic. I want to share.

I'm not weird here. I belong.

Watching as members of my 2009 and 2011 Due Date Clubs send prayers, thoughts, cards, money, gifts, and time to those of their due date family with needs. Special giving hearts! Loving care despite the distance and ages and backgrounds and abilities! We are all still friends and keep in touch over years later.  True connections! Real friendships!

I have never been a part of another forum like this. And I likely never will be.

Over the years other forums or discussion boards have gathered dust in my browser and have been deleted from my computer bookmarks. Not Mothering. Not this lifeline to sanity.

So mothering to me is more than an active forum, more than a website of balanced information for the natural-minded mom.
It's a lifeline, it's a community.

 Mothering is a Family Mothering has helped me to hold my babies tighter, because, someday, when its time to let them go... to let them fly...to let them soar, I will still hold their hearts.




This picture depicts the best and worst part of mothering: learning to let your children soar. (The kids helped my husband and I clean the driveway then draw the "Mothering" balloons and color them in. They had a great time. The "clouds" are oil spots/irregularities on our driveway.  smile.gif)

I would LOVE to win this contest. I'm 9 weeks pregannt with Baby #4 and could really use some pampering and another baby carrier!



Thank you all, once again. love.gif

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