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AAP Tells Pediatricians to Support Home Birthing Mothers.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics released a new policy today stating that Pediatricians should support a mother's decision to birth from home.


The goal of providing high-quality care to all newborn infants can best be achieved through continuing efforts by all participating health care providers and institutions to develop and sustain communications and understanding on the basis of professional interaction and mutual respect throughout the health care system.

In the same policy they do state that the AAP's stance remains that hospitals and birthing centers are the safer locations for birth and that home birth risks should be discussed.  An interview from Reuters quotes a Certified Nurse Midwife as saying this in response:



"I can tell you with complete confidence, there is nothing in a birth center that I don't bring to a home birth," she said - including resuscitation equipment, oxygen, sutures and an IV set-up.


She also goes on to say that the AAP neglects to talk about the risks associated to hospital births that you don't find in home births such as higher risks of Cesarean sections, anesthesia,and infections.


Give both articles a read and let us know what you think about the AAP's latest policy!

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They should issue the same statement to hospitals. If they had maybe my son would still be alive today.

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It almost seems like they are just trying to impose the 'standard of care' of interventions that most home birthing parents are actually trying to avoid (like Hep B vaccine, eye ointment, etc). I think they realize that many choose home birth for that option of zero intervention, it doesn't profit them. 

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You're probably right Ana. That's all they care about.

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They do not actually do not support it at all. AAP clearly states, ""The American Academy of Pediatrics concurs with the recent statement of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists affirming that hospitals and birthing centers are the safest settings for birth in the United States …"



AAP also sest very strict list of criteria under which mother is not a good candidate for HB. It is pretty long list.


AAP  also does not support the idea that care should be provided by lay MW or any midwife who is not certified by the American Midwifery Certification board. In other words, AAP only recognizes CNMs or CMs as legitimate providers who have adequate amount of training and understanding of transfer criteria.

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I agree with the above comments.  None of the U.S. medical organizations are going to provide the support or understanding that homebirthing moms deserve.  But we are seeing more statements like this being released little by little from different organizations as the homebirthing community grows.  I like to look at it as a positive step!


Also,  it was difficult for me to find a Pediatrician for my homebirthed daughter.  As soon as I mentioned my birthing plans during a meet-and-greet I immediately felt the judgement and disapproval.  I ended up settling on a Family Practitioner whose wife homebirthed.  But I wonder if a statement like this had been released back then maybe I would have found a more friendly welcome from the Pediatricians.

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