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Coeur d'alene?

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Looking on many levels- midwives. schools, crunchy family living? N Idaho seems kinda scary conservative from a liberal perspective. I'll be real, my fam is strongly liberal, atheist, arts loving, peace corps serving, etc.
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How big of a town are you in? Maybe La leche league has a local chapter that could help you find likeminded mamas. At the least, the nearest hospital should be able to refer you to a lactation consultant, and they are usually pretty plugged in to the local crunchy community.

That's the best I can think of off the top of my head. Best of luck in your search.
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If by scary conservative you mean they take responsibility for themselves and don't want people all up in their business and making decisions for them, then yeah, it is that.  There's an art walk down by the lake every year (or something, we're not an arty family), there's lots of volunteering opportunities, and I know of at least several atheists in some of my mom's groups.  I know there's liberals around somewhere, but my closest friends aren't (CC permit discussion at MNO isn't unheard of).  It also depends on which town/city you end up in.  CdA's bigger and just flat out has more people to be more diverse.  Towns like Priest River or Kellogg or Plummer or Orofino are a slightly different story (Moscow's got a college, so there's all kinds of wacky going on there).

As long as you don't go all uber-Californian on folks here and don't try to push/force them around, no one cares.  For example, my little town ended up with a stupid town planner from California.  She put in fancy, windy sidewalks without thought to how to plow those winding/squiggly sidewalks, put in raised crosswalks, again, with no thought to plowing or re-paving, wasted a ton of money with mid-street tree/shrubbery islands that make left turns even harder/more dangerous, took out the bicycle lane, and yeah.  Sometimes simple is better.  Oh, and Idaho *is* one of the three states with a budget surplus rather than deficit with more and more businesses relocating here due to freedom/not such insane taxes - sometimes conservative isn't an evil thing.  ;)

As for the rest of it, yeah, it's all here.  Can take some poking around to find what you want, but it's doable.  I know of at least five CSA's this year, one of which is being run by a friend.  Lots more organic/home-grown/local stuff going on, affordable raw milk can be hit or miss, if you can even dig up the info/find someone.  My last three kids were homebirthed.  Homeschooling is super easy, the schools aren't horrible, but I know of some things that might make me wary (I have several local teaching friends - but they're still sending their kids off to school).

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Looking on many levels- midwives. schools, crunchy family living? N Idaho seems kinda scary conservative from a liberal perspective. I'll be real, my fam is strongly liberal, atheist, arts loving, peace corps serving, etc.



Your wise to be worried, its a different world up here from CA but I haven't had much trouble finding liberal folks, just check out your neighbors before moving in, I went looking at a place last month and holy cow, just seeing the signs the neighbors had posted about no trespassing and something about the Constitution of the United States just gave me general "nutcase" vibes made me not want to live on that road. For the most part though folks leave each other alone and kinda mind their own business but I'm out in the sticks. I do hide the fact I'm atheist and still haven't gotten used to the fact everyone owns  guns and hunting/fishing is HUGE up here. Our neighbors even have a shooting/target range, always hearing gunfire. At least I don't feel the need to hit the ground anymore but I do look around. I'm moving closer to the city pretty quick just to be closer to work and stores and such, I know there is a UU church in CDA so I know there are non christian folks around, there are several health food stores, all the big box stores and its about 30 min from Spokane which has a lot of stores too but I haven't made it over there yet. I know there are a couple of  B&M charter schools in CDA, none of the independent study type though besides K12 and Connections Academy. I will say its $$$$ up here, food is 3-6 times what I paid in CA for produce and I have yet to find any ethnic markets. Rent is a lot more then what I paid in small town CA. Total dump 1 bedrooms go for around $600+ and first, last and security seems common. 


Anyway, HS'ing is easy here but there doesn't seem much in the way of support groups/co-ops, thats all down in south Idaho around Boise area. If internet is important to you check into availability before moving, we just got it out here about 2 weeks ago and its only 3mb wifi which is the best you can expect out in the sticks and its $50 mo which is insane to me. Before that it was just what I could get on my cell phone, many areas are Verizon only so something to be aware of, my AT&T phone wouldn't work even though the coverage map said it would.

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Wait a minute, Satori, you moved up here?!  I always loved reading your blog and the fun hs'ing stuff.  Took a few years, but I'm finally getting some cute little forward-facing book shelves up on my kids' bedroom wall for current reads.  :)

Stores, depending what you're looking for, you can probably find it.  Probably.  You need to get used to the sales rotation and stock up when you can.  Farmer's market can be hit or miss - I never find those stellar deals that other folks talk about, but I've made some nice friends/acquaintances with my vendors over the years.  It's just... harder to grow stuff up here with funky weather, plus it's a shorter season than down south.  There's a few tiny ethnic markets in Spokane, but you have to be looking for them.

Rent's high from the real estate fiasco the last several years.  It's always been like that though - even when we moved to the area nine years ago, a 2-3 bedroom at a big apartment complex cost as much as our mortgage per month, including PMI.  A friend who rents a house similar to mine a few blocks away pays almost double in rent what we do for our mortgage (but the tradeoff is that when our water heater goes out or the septic needs work, we have to cough up the money whether we want to or not).

There's 2-3 co-ops in the area.  One's definitely more religious based (yeah, I was flat out rejected from them), the other one I'm part of is more kind of 'whatever'.  They do pray after morning announcements, but all you have to do is sit through it, not join in if you don't want.  My kids really enjoy it, as did a friend of mine who's currently more on the Wiccan/earth mother kind of path than straight up Christian.  There's also a fun homeschool book shop in north Spokane.  I've gotten all my Life of Fred books from Amber over there.

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Your thinking of SatoriSmiles I think:) Can you PM me the info for the co-ops?

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