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Cleaning Kitchen Floor

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Hello --


I'm looking for input on how often / to what extent you clean your kitchen floor --


Our kitchen door is used as our main entrance. To complicate matters, the people who lived here before us installed cream colored tile with an intricate flower inlay. So, to scrub down every tile completely, you have to use a small toothbrush to clean all the petal indentations from the tile roses -- it's really time-consuming.


I love a clean, minimalist kitchen and I clean the countertops several times/day with diluted vinegar / lemon essential oil. But, no matter how uncluttered/clean the countertops are, the kitchen floor keeps dragging the "pretty factor" of our kitchen way down. What usually happens is that the floor gets dirty enough that I throw my hands up and spend 2-3 nights (about 2 hours/night) after my son goes to bed scrubbing every tile and grout lines with a toothbrush until it shines. Looks great...until it gets dirty again, which doesn't take long at all. And then I dread dedicating 6+ hours to the same task.


There's got to be a better way -- do I just need to suck it up and mop every day so that the dirt never gets a chance to build up? Every other day? I have a floor steamer, but I've never thought that it did a good job, probably b/c of that annoying flower pattern tile. Any suggestions about a great floor mop? I'm expecting our second baby, so whatever I can do to get on top of this kitchen floor cleaning would be great.


Thanks! smile.gif

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I mop our kitchen floor at least once a week, although truthfully it needs it way more than that.  Ours is a cream colored ceramic tile that the previous owners installed when they were trying to sell the house (and after they had moved out- hence they never got to experience the joy of trying to keep that floor clean!)  Our kitchen is also the back entrance to the house (which we use way more often than the front door), and so I understand your pain of dealing with such an impractical floor in a high-traffic area.  


Ideally my floor could stand a light mopping every day.  Dirt and food stains really stand out on it and it only takes a day to become filthy again.



Your floor definitely sounds like a challenge.  (One that no mama on this earth has time for!)  I remember seeing informercials a long time ago (when I was up all night with babies) for some sort of steam cleaner.  It wasn't a mop, but some sort of hand held thing that shot a jet of hot steam at surfaces (could be used on floors, toilets, showers, etc).  The steam broke up all the film and residue and gunk really easily, and then it was a cinch to wipe up.  I think it would work much better than a steam mop on your particular floors (given that it works like the informercial says it does-  that I cannot verify).   Might be worth looking into-  Sorry I don't remember the name of the product..

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Another suggestion would be to yeah, suck it up and just mop it every day wink1.gif.   That is one of my goals for myself concerning my kitchen floor.


Do you have a swiffer mop?  The kind that uses the disposable cleaning cloths?  I have ditched buying the cloths altogether in an effort to be more 'green', plus I didn't like the chemical smell.  What I do now is wet a microfiber cleaning cloth in a sink of soapy water and then attach that to my swiffer mop.  I find this much easier than using a big awkward mop that I have to ring out.  I am more apt to use this every day opposed to some bulky heavy steam mop (I have the shark but don't use it often) or an awkward to handle traditional mop.  

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Thank you for your responses, Fortune Teller!


Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head -- if the cleaning method is awkward or time-consuming (like lugging a big wring-out mop around everyday), the task will just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list (at least for me anyway :))


I am going to look into getting a Swiffer mop and doing a light cleaning each day. I guess it's easier to find 5 minutes/day than 6 hours/month, right? I need to try this approach with our soap-scummy shower walls, too. I keep hearing people say that if you wipe down the walls after each shower, it will cut down on the scum. For some reason, I keep avoiding this because I have a mental block that doing something EVERY time you shower or what have you is a major pain. Nope, what's a major pain is wasting hours scrubbing through layers of hard water soap scum.


Here's to clean kitchen floors!

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I weep (almost) in frustration over our kitchen floor.  Our kitchen is the main entrance to the house.  The tile is matte and shows every speck of dirt, water drip, etc. 


Between the general incoming foot traffic dirt and cooking from scratch every night (bits and piece of chopped veggies flying off the counter, splashes from cooking pots, grains of spices, etc.) I could mop it every day.  I have long since given up on the grout, that will never look new again. 


The swiffer didn't work for me.  I didn't like the cloths (made our floor super streaky, dark tile) and trying to attach my own took too much time and frustration, I could get the mop out and be halfway done by the time I pushed that pathetic jerry-rigged swiffer around.


I feel like I am fighting a losing battle but things that helped -


Sweep/vac the floor every night.  I used to use a broom.  Now we have one of those Dyson cordless handheld vacs.  I mounted it on the wall so it stays out of the way.


A lightweight string floor mop.  I don't know the brand but it has a built-in wringing mechcanism.  This hangs in the cellar way, easy to access.

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For shame on these prior home-owners who installed light colored tile! My mom realized the bitter truth about ten years ago after she had black and white tile installed. And now she fosters rescue dogs *shriek*. She has a lady come about once a month to help her do the floors thoroughly, and just tries to keep it between the ditches in the meantime.

Loving my Pergo!!!
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Yes! It does feel like fighting a losing battle. And YES, for shame on those light-colored tile installers -


I had 30 min this afternoon so I enlisted my son's "help" scrubbing the floor. He's three, so his interest was gone after about 10 minutes, but that's okay. I did a quick, and by no means thorough job, of scrubbing. I'd say our floor is only about 50% cleaner than it was before I started. But, I'm committed to doing it again in a few days. I whipped through it pretty quickly, and I know I can find 30 minutes here and there at least ONCE a week, maybe twice? If I can keep this up and not let the floor get to the point of disgusting, the more frequent (but less thorough) cleanings should stack up over time, KWIM?


I'm going to try my best to stay on top of this! Thanks for your input --

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I love our haan steam cleaner-- but even that doesn't get the grout clean. Have you looked into sealing the tile? Perhaps that would help with the flowers/in lays.

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I second the suggestion to seal it.
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We have polished marble floors in the kitchen/bathrooms/foyer and hardwood everywhere else... it is SO worth the extra money... truly easy to clean and nothing builds up... god help anyone who steps on it with wet feet though. It's not an issue for us but if we have guests, we have to put carpets out and make sure no one accidentally comes in with wet feet.

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