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What a good idea for a thread! It's comforting reading all those symptoms.

earthwalker - lol.gif at passing the baby through his pee hole!


Interesting about sex drive, temper and girls. I'm not usually the calmest person and my temper has definitely gotten a lot worse. And I'm surprised my sex drive has increased even though I'm exhausted all the time confused.gif. and yes DP is getting on my nerves by his sheer presence.


What else? Oh yes the dreams. A lot of vivid and mostly unpleasant dreams. And having to pee all the time. You know, dancing my way to the toilet because "I can't wait anymore" and then thinking "that was it?".

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Happily this is my first pregnancy where my sex drive is NOT dampened. I don't really think to initiate sex because I'm feeling so sick all the time, but whenever DH brings it up I think, "Oh, yes, that will make me feel better!" And it does. smile.gif
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The fatigue is just hitting. I fall asleep nursing Bean to sleep for nap time, but then have insomnia at night. Then I'm tired all day.
I have had the light crampy/twitches, too, which I remember well from all my pregnancies. I don't have classic m/s, but while I am veraciously hungry NOTHING sounds good to eat. I've had a few waves o nausea. I'm finding ground meat and tomato juice are repulsive. I'm freezing nearly all the time, then will have a hot flash where I'm drenched in sweat. Never had that before! I'm usually a furnace the whole way through.
I've been irritable and I, too, am feeling I want to be alone. I was blue until this week, but I think it was about the "change" in our plans.

Ease if symptoms makes me nervous, too. By now I'm usually very very sick.
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Opheliajoy- I am usually very very sick by now as well. My nausea is incredbly annoying, sometimes overwhelming but it's still mild compared to ds2 & ds3. It makes me worry!
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Just reading this thread in between dinner-making steps...

Sorry to hear pregnancy is so hard on you Kali.  You've been through this before, so I assume you've got some coping mechanism.  Luckily it's just a handful of months until your baby is here and your pregnancy is over : )

I'm so tired but I can't rest b/c I have a lot of people to tend to, pick up, dinner to make, shopping to do.  ugh!  I just want to lie down for a few minutes!!!!  Back to cooking...

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New symptom for me - Shortness of breath! I was sitting in the car when I first noticed it. I kept trying to change my sitting position, thinking it would help. But then it kept up once I was out of the car and into the night. Having never experienced this, I was definitely concerned. But once I could do a little online searching, I learned that this is a very common symptom. Progesterone triggers increased lung capacity, so it seems harder to fill the lungs all the way at first.


Oh, a symptom I have had for a long while now, but still suddenly surprises me: sore boobies. I will be sitting there, and then suddenly BAM! my breast hurts. 


And yes, the nausea and exhaustion continues.

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Oh, I just had another -- crazy  stabbing cramps that seemed to be on my cervix. It happened while walking, and I am glad no co-workers saw, because I did the funniest lil crazy dance, and I am sure my facial expression was hysterical. I guess I should take new symptoms as a positive sign that this pregnancy is progressing well.

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Restless legs.  UGH.   Slept so bad last night.  They were just achy and tingly all night long.

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Funny, my boobs haven't been sore at all this time.


The constant nausea is really really awful...and I'm hot or cold...it's like having the flu.  blech!!!  I am so tired all I want to do after dinner is lie down- actually, before that but I can't!  And now I have yeast issues- I tend to do that in early pregnancy.  I've used boric acid for two nights but I'm still itchy and it's driving me nuts!!  ugh.  


I just feel like I clench my jaw against the nausea all day long.  It makes early pregnancy so unenjoyable.  What's up with all the people taking Unisom?  Never heard of doing that.  How can that be safe for weeks on end?  I usually feel like this from 7 to 14 weeks.  I'm 8w1d today....long way to go.  I cannot WAIT for this part to be over.  The rest of pregnancy I love.

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I had never heard of the Unisom either, but I really wish I had! My husband did some research into it (yay for working in a hospital and having access to all kinds of research!), and the main ingredient (doxylamine) was originally developed as an anti-nausea medication. Doxlamine and B6 together, in a pill called Bendectin, used to be commonly prescribed to treat morning sickness. It has been studied very thoroughly, specifically for use in pregnancy, and is completely safe. Unfortunately, the manufacturer pulled it off the shelves because of people accusing the drug of causing birth defects despite absolutely NO evidence (and plenty of evidence that it is completely safe!). They just couldn't deal with all the frivolous lawsuits, so American women lost a really great morning sickness medication. It is still widely used in Canada and Europe, and is now being released in the US under the name Dilectin (I think?). My OB actually offered to prescribe it to me when I told him I was taking Unisom, but I said it's easier and cheaper just to buy the store brand sleep-aid. (I don't have insurance, so anything I can get cheaper over-the-counter is better for me!)

Of course, a side-effect of doxylamine is that it makes you sleepy, which is why it's sold as a sleep-aid under the name Unisom. It's the exact same drug (without the B6 added in), and completely and totally safe to take during pregnancy, even for weeks on end. Just make sure to read the box -- there are also other drugs used as sleep-aids that are ALSO Unisom. Make sure you get doxylamine.
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I went from dead on the couch without doxalymine to being able to function like a normal human being.  I still get nauseous unless I eat small meals every couple of hours (protein helps especially) but the unisom was a Godsend.  I've been taking 1/2 of a pill so 12.5mg every 4-6 hours.  Bendectin is 10mg doxalymine and 10mg B6 so taking 1/2 of a unisom is 12.5 and very close to that dosage.  I was taking zofran with my 3rd but it gave me migraines.  The unisom is working much better this time.  This website explains it much better: http://www.drwalt.com/blog/2009/12/09/my-recommendations-for-eliminating-nausea-and-vomiting-morning-sickness-in-pregnancy/

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Well, considering I'm not nauseous when I'm asleep, and considering I am already so tired I can hardly keep up with life...perhaps Unisom isn't for me!  Darn.  

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Diclectin made me a zombie when I was pg with #3. I could not stay awake. I took it my entire pregnancy with #2 and was fine though. (I also needed it badly that pregnancy...I didn't stop vomitting til he was born).

Symptoms, symptoms...today I just feel like I am on a boat. Weeeeeee.
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I took Phenergen with my first baby, and that literally knocked me out. I once took a half dose and tried to go to work (took it walking into the office), and I had to be carried off the call center floor while someone went to fetch my husband (who worked in another department). I ended up sleeping in the break room all day long.

I can't tell any difference in my fatigue whether I take the Unisom or not. I am already so tired that, if I lay down, I WILL fall asleep immediately. I have a hard time staying awake just watching TV. The Unisom doesn't seem to make this any worse. There have been some days lately that I don't take it, because my morning sickness seems to be fading, and I don't feel any LESS tired without it. I think it's at least worth trying, considering how cheap it is and that you don't need a prescription.
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Well, I made it to 12 wks and here come the headaches! 

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I get migraines too :-( Tylenol does nothing. Although I was pleasantly surprised my prescription med is safe. I take Sumatriptan. I only take it once or twice a month.
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Oh, Taryn, I really can't complain then. This is just plain ol' headaches I am getting.  Glad to hear your migraine medicine is safe during pregnancy!

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Round ligament pain started! I have a cold and every time I cough or sneeze I swear the muscles around my lower belly feel like they're going to rip. On the bright side, the fatigue seems to be easing up...

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Ahh, the RLP is terrible! I usually am able to at least curl up a bit before I sneeze. A few days ago though I didn't curl up enough and the pain of it was terrible and I felt the little one fluttering like crazy right after! My ligaments throbbed for a good ten minutes after!
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Leukorrhea...... urgh. Fun is. 


Also - great to hear THERE IS a safe migraine med. Blessedly, I have been spared my usual nightmare of headaches and migraines that I suffered with during my first three pg's.

About a week ago, I got a really, really bad one. I tried Tylenol (like throwing a toothpick at a train), ice packs, rest/sleeping. Finally, after about 16 hours in bed- writhing in pain, throwing up, NOT eating or drinking, etc, with my three kids having a full schedule of games to get to - around 5am I took 2 Excedrin. My only concern was the aspirin in the mix (acetaminophen, caffeine, aspirin).  Worked like a charm!  It usually does not work that perfectly well - but I think the last two+ months of ZERO daily caffeine made all the difference. 


I DON'T want to have to do that again - and I have asked my mw about safe meds (if anything has changed in the last 10 years since I was last pg/nursing), and she said NO.  So I will now ask specifically about the Sumatriptan, mentioned above. (THANK YOU!!!!)   


FYI - in the wayyyyy past, a pediatrician came up with a cocktail I could use while nursing, because I was really suffering with migraines horribly - with three children under age 3&1/2 and alone all day with them.  It was Benadryl, NoDoz, Tylenol. Saved my butt many'a'day!! 



DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13 

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