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Our Little Theodore

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heartbeat.gif Theodore Keith Spencer heartbeat.gif

Born on April 28th (his actual due date!) at 1:24 am.

6 lbs 14 oz

19.5 inches long

13 inch head


My water broke around 9:00 or 9:20 pm on Saturday the 27th, while watching the latest episode of Doctor Who. I was too excited to go straight to bed, so we popped some popcorn and turned on an older two-part episode of Doctor Who. Before we could watch part two, my contractions were too strong and close for me to want to keep watching. I was in the birthing tub by about 10:00. By the time the midwives arrived and checked me, I was 6 cm (2 cm farther than I ever got on my own with DD, even after a day of labor). My perfect little boy was born in the water, at home, just about 4-4.5 hours after my water broke and after about fifteen minutes of pushing. His daddy and big sister cut the cord together. We're all totally in love with him. And I'm still flabbergasted by the birthing process. It was everything I wanted my first birth to be, gentle, natural, and short! love.gif Everything went perfectly. I did tear a little bit (along part of the healed tear from birthing DD) but not a third degree tear, and have been relatively pain free in that regard (though the after pains are a bit rough and my nipples are having trouble readjusting to nursing).


Overall, everything went perfectly, and I feel so fortunate. It was, I think, a healing experience after the way things went with my first birth. And little dude is healthy and lovely and wonderful! luxlove.gif


My blog is being stupid right now, and I may need to contact my hosting server to get it fixed. Once I do I'll post lots of pics from the birth. :)

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What a beautiful story! Congrats. 

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What a beautiful story, and adorable little boy! Isn't it cool how healing it can be sometimes? I'm glad you got that. smile.gif


Welcome,baby Theodore!

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So beautiful! A natural-born whovian lol

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Congratulations! He's perfect!!!

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Thanks ladies! joy.gif
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