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Sorry to hear so many folks are having to sit out a month. I know that has to be frustrating!

BByHIPr Good luck with the IUI.

I'm just hanging out over here waiting for O. I picked up a novel to distract myself, but it ended up with a secondary storyline about a couple trying to conceive unsuccessfully. Go figure!
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BBy good luck with your IUI!

Fred- awesome job on finishing your marathon. Glad the weather was nicer than expected.

I have my appt with the RE today. We'll see what the plan is for the current/upcoming cycle.

Hope everyone is well. I'm excited for the next round of happenings.
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Lea & SanDiego:  I am so, so, very sorry for your losses.  I apologize to my late response, but I haven't been on the board at all until today.


My heart goes out to you both and wishing you lots of healing.  <3


Liz: I'm hoping for you that your cycle timing works out for June!  So frustrating to keep getting put off!


mama: I haven't tried femera before, but I've taken clomid for all of my cycles (4 IUI's with 50mg clomid and ovidrel (hcg) trigger shot).   I've averaged one to two really nice follicles.  Good luck on your tww!!




afm: I never did end up really getting a period or ovulating.  So, I called the doc's office and they made me go in for a pregnancy test (obviously, not pregnant) and for progesterone check.  They could tell I hadn't ovulated since progesterone was low.  So, I got home and I was spotting.  then it stopped.  Then two days later it started again.  So, I called them and they had me go in for an u/s and estradiol blood test.  No cysts, just no ovulation.  I had the option of taking progesterone to bring on a period or start on 100mg of clomid and see if my current triple stripe lining decides to stick around.     I had my follicle check today and I have 1 good sized follicle on the right at 18mm and one on the left that at 12.  I'll probably end up with two good looking follicles.  Triggering tomorrow with IUI#5 on Saturday morning.  I'm starting to get kind of apathetic about it all.  I think that's why I haven't been around much -- I'm just sort of "meh", about it all.  If I'm lucky, that'll last right through the TWW.

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Guess who's back...I've been lurking, but not posting. Hopefully we're getting back into the swing of things in the next month or so..i'm super tired of looking at mye cloth diaper kit in the spare room and no LO to use them on! Who's threadkeeping for June? Congrats to all the BFPs I missed and HUGS to all the BFNs I also missed. Last time I posted I mentioned switching to a KD...and well I'm pretty certain we've found one! I'll be back to catch up with you all..and welcome to all the newbies!

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Hi All!


BBy~ Looking forward to hearing how the IUI went today!


Fred ~ Congrats on the marathon!  What an accomplishment.  Glad it didn't rain:)


JusyAnotherJenny ~ Hello and thank you for the warm welcome.  I hear ya about waiting to O...I am not sure at this point if I've missed it or it just didn't happen yet this cycle.


afm...I was seeing signs of O on Friday, so I sounded the alarms...squeezed in an acupuncture appt, got KD to stop by that night, then Sat night, then Sun...still didn't feel like I had and temp never rose.  We skipped Mon, but tried again last night (included some visualizations thanks to youtube while I was hanging upside down:)).  My temp is fluctuating, the OPK have been less and less strong, and the ferning in the microscope was there most on Sat but yesterday and today nothing.  Not sure what is going on with this cycle.  I did feel some centralized light cramping today.  But usually when O is happening, I feel it on which ever side's turn it is.  I'm a bit confused at this point, but we'll see if my temp rises tomorrow...and hope for the best!  Not quite sure if I'm waiting to O .... or in the TWW ... I think I may be somewhere in between2whistle.gif


Hope everyone is doing alright, and looking forward to continuing this journey with high hopes of some BFPs (now that I know what that means.  LOL!)


Take care of yourselves, as that is often the biggest piece to this happening


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PS.  Hi fmorris!  I am glad to hear you found a KD!  That was one of our biggest steps in this process...what a relief it has been to have someone close to us in proximity.  We were travelling three hours one way to get to our last one.  But now we have one who is local and we are quite comfortable with him.  It's been so much easier!  Can't wait to hear about your adventures moving forward!

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Lizbian: Thank you for your wishes! I really hope you are right!


Jwaite: It sounds like you may have caught an ovulation and it sounds like your donor was fantastic about being available. 4 inseminations is awesome, I hope it takes!


Jenny: I hope your 2 week wait is calm and not too stressful. I'm jealous you are able to get monitoring done, I've been obsessing over whether we timed the IUI right! 


The IUI today went well. Driving in, we were both so nervous. We fought a few times over small things, just nerves. Then when we were there, the NP was very nice and I asked if my wife could push the plunger for the insemination and she got it all set up and pushed it. I've been having bad mittelshmertz over the past few days, most severe today. I was afraid the IUI would be painful, but it was just uncomfortable with the speculum. I've been thinking on and off all day that we just conceived our daughter while my wife is already planning the best way to schedule our next IUI. I'm trying not to obsess over this, but it is hard. I'm behind on my work because I've found it so hard to focus the past few days. Our beta test is scheduled for 2 Wednesdays from now, although normally I'd have my period by then. Cross your fingers! 

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bbyh1pr: GOOD LUCK! I hope the time passes quickly and that you get a BFP!  I am super lucky that my insurance will cover monitoring. Unfortunately, they don't cover meds or any IUI procedures or sperm, but the monitoring is HUGE.  I have lots of anovulatory cycles, so it would be impossible for me to manage without it.


fmmorris:  Glad to see you are back!  Looking forward to your KD update!

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Liz: 28 years, that's a long time. I played basketball through high school and now just play for fun. Our rec league just finished and I miss it, I wish I knew more people to play with, the team I was on didn't want to play in the next league. Good luck on selling the flat! Sorry about having to wait until July, it's a hard adjustment for sure. We were planning on starting in April and after things not working out with KD we are hoping August will work. It's been a long wait. 


Mamaetmaman: Sorry to hear about AF, glad you get to play some hockey. 


BByHIPr: Good luck, fingers crossed for you. That's great that your wife got to push it in. 


Fred: Congrats on the marathon, I could never run that far. 


Jenny and Jwaite: That sounds really frustrating and confusing. Sending good luck vibes your way


AFM: Had our "fertility consult" if you could call it that, the other day. It wasn't super helpful. She referred us to a fertility center that works with same sex couples, apparently a lot of them here won't. She got DW on the medical intervention is the best route train. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one had my cycle is wonky and I can never predict ovulation, on the other, I'd really like to try at home, at least a few times. I'm waiting to hear back from the fertility center to see how much they'd charge for an IUI and if they even work with frozen swimmers from a bank. The woman I talked to this morning had no idea and said they just worked with fresh, meaning your male partner can come donate. Blah. On another note, a report came out and the city we live in has the highest rate of same sex couples raising kids which is awesome, but is also so strange living in such a conservative state and dealing with medical professionals who have no clue how to treat us.

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redrockband good luck navigating these decisions. About the fertility center - I would be really surprised if they refused to work with a frozen vial. It's actually easier for them than if they get a fresh donation, because with fresh they have to wash it before they can do the IUI. With frozen, assuming you buy washed frozen vials, the work is done for you, just load it into a syringe and away you go. If I might make a recommendation also - if you are having the sperm tank shipped, I would suggest shipping it to your home if you can rather than the clinic. I had my first month's tank shipped to the clinic and it was kind of a nightmare. Maybe that's cause I have conteol issues, but I found it really nerve-wracking. We only wound up using our clinic for the first attempt anyway, and did subsequent attempts at home. We were supposed to go to the clinic for our second month's attempt but hurricane sandy came to town and we couldn't physically get there. I was so grateful that we had changed our minds and had the tank shipped to our house that time, we were able to just change plans and insem at home instead.
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redrockband-I don't know what the situation is where you live, but we did IUI's at home with a Licensed Midwife.  All the monitoring and such was with the RE, but we did IUI's at home and some at the office. I picked up the swimmers myself because our bank is local, but you could have it shipped to you as well.  Especially if you have a wonky cycle, knowing what is going on could save you time and money, but you can still conceive at home.

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mama glad you're excited - that's a great way to be.


justanotherjenn sorry you're feeling apathetic & sorry you didn't O but great you have a good size follie. Good luck for the IUI on Saturday x


fmorris welcome back & great news about finding a KD - tell us about them, how did you find him? smile.gif


jwaite  wow that sounds confusing - sounds like my last cycle! good luck either way, hopefully insem somehow worked.


BBy good luck & lots of babydust - it's hard not to obsess over every little thing I find x


redrock I know how you feel - only 1 other couple on this whole island has done what we're trying to do & they have no idea. Again same as you they deal in fresh sperm but not frozen at all so we can't do IUI or IVF where I live & have to fly to the mainland or different country to try which is pretty frustrating. We tried a couple of times at home & are now going the IVF route as it's too hit & miss for us with my PCOS and no clomid/femera to help.

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Sphinxy and Pokey: thanks, that is a good idea to ship to our house instead of the clinic. We are thinking we might just see if they'll do the monitoring and then we'll do the insems, at least for a few cycles. It's really helpful to hear other people's stories. There is a local LGBT parenting group here, we haven't met up with them lately, but it seemed like many of them adopted or had their kids from previous hetero relationships. 


Liz: I still can't believe yall have to fly to the mainland. Where is Guernsey? 


I had a ? I forgot to ask earlier regarding the clearblue monitor. Mine had decided not to ask for test sticks this cycle. Has that ever happened to anyone? 

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Holy! So much action on this thread today!

Hello to everyone! Glad to have some more people in the mix.

I had my RE appt yesterday. Started femara to speed up my egg development. Have to go in again on Tues for monitoring (which, as annoying as it is to get poked and prodded, is very interesting). Then sometime at the end of the week (or when the eggs are big enough), we trigger and inseminate!

The donor sperm we wanted was sold out, so today, I purchased sperm from a different donor. I'm kind of excited for the change.

It's so funny now all I can think about is willing time to go by faster, so we can inseminate again. It's so contrary to my general attitude towards life - savouring every moment. I guess that's what happens when you've got baby on the brain!

Happy baby-making everyone! The sun is hot and shining where I live right now. After days of torrential rain it feels like a fresh start.
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Welcome back Fmorris.


Jenny - good luck with the insem on saturday.


Redrock - maybe if you don't want intervention, you could still do supervision? If your cycles are so wonky, you could use US to pinpoint O andf still insem at home. For me it was a better alternative with checking up on egg development to potentially wasting expensive sperm. Or you could still do med free IUIs at the clinic? From what I read for healthy women the chances are pretty good that way (14-20%) , without any extra meds. I am quite happy with such a way, without the use of stim meds because I don't want to risk multiples.



BBy and Jwaite - dust.gifhope your insems were sucessful!



Mama - I am also a fan of those appointments. It is so fascinating to see the little folly and imagine that it could potentially be your baby. Also, it gives you the satisfying feeling that you're doing something proactively when basically this whole TTC business is just a whole lot of waiting around, interspersed with two small hectic peaks of insemming and POAS.



Our shiny new June thread starts tomorrow here

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Jwaite, Hi!! Looks like you and DW have things under control! Best of luck with this cycle!!! And this business with the KD is just as hard as picking out swimmers from the bank! Narrowing it down though and that makes meeh super happy!!


BBy, Keeping fingers crossed for you. You know mye doc has never asked DP if she wanted to plunger…but then again maybe she doesn't want to lol. I've had painful mittelshertz too. It can be crazy sometimes!


Jenny, Glad to be back! I've missed mye mothering family


Lizbian, Thanks! Glad to be! I actually used knowndonorregistry and corresponded with a few, weeded out the ones I didn't like and have narrowed it down to 3. Now its comparing the 3. .even more work lol…but worth it.


Friederike, thank you! How's the journey been going?


AFM, Still scrutinizing the final 3. Its like a reality show around here lol. DP did ask meeh this morning when we were lying in bed when I was ovulating..very impressive. I told her in about 2 weeks or so. One of the KD's said he's available even at the last minute..which is perfect with this cycle of mine. Going to ask doc to refill mye clomid and considering doing the trigger again. Goodness I've missed TTC and TTC talk with others who understand. HUGS TO EVERYONE


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redrock great you have a LGBT group where you are - we don't have anything lesbian whatsoever on this island!!! Guernsey is between France & England. It's part of the British Isles even though it's only a 2 hour ferry to France & a 4 hour one to England. It's 25 square miles big, population 65,000 many of whom are pretty homophobic!!!!


mamaetmaman FX the change works for you, We're also changing to our No. 1 donor who we couldn't have before due to a maximum family allowance but it seems to have changed which is lucky for us!


fmorris I know what you mean - we're visiting our donors. I have a fave, just have to check DW doesn't have anyone else she prefers. Luckily we both have blue eyes & brown hair which is our No. 1 criteria in the donor. Who knows what babies will end up like. I am 5 inches taller than DW so here's hoping I have a boy & she has a girl otherwise it could be a bit embarrassing if the girl is much taller than her bro!


AFM a short lesbian love story I have just written is being published today! Feel free to check it out http://www.whensallymetsally.co.uk/entertainment/booksandwriting/lesbian-fiction-counting-down-seconds-bestselling-stories-sally/ joy.gif just need to find the time to finish editing the competition I won last year which is also getting published.

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Freiderike: Great idea, that's what we were thinking of doing. We'll see how it goes with the RE, we have our appointment in a couple of weeks.


Fmorris: Good luck picking a new donor. That's we are at too. It's so overwhelming at this point. 


Lizbian: It is nice to have the LGBT community here, it's one of the reasons we decided to move back here after grad school. Pride is this weekend actually, but we aren't going to any events. I will definitley look up the story after I go home. Congrats!


Happy weekend everyone! My little sister is coming to visit tomorrow. I haven't seen her for a couple of years. We're going to some soccer games, camping, and such...can't wait.

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