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Hi all. I left for a while when DW and I had to change our TTC plans. We now have a new plan. Frozen swimmers and an August insem. Who knew it would all take this long.


Anyways, I have a question about fertility testing. Since we are going with a bank and want to spend our money wisely, we are thinking I should get some testing done. What testing have any of you done at the beginning? I'm 30, have longer, and somewhat irregular cycles. Any advice? I have read a little, there is just so much information. It seems like an FSH test might be good, but I'm a rookie so I have no idea really. 

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Just stopping by to thank all of you for your kind words. DP and I are doing okay and thankful for a supportive network of friends and family. Hoping for some answers, but prepared for the fact that we may not get the clarity we are hoping for. Fille  - yes I suppose it would be fine to put me in taking a break. Thanks again and good luck to all of you.

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heart-n-bones, fingersx.gif that you'll be able to get in another insem tonight.

2justicemamas: looks like you were dropped off the "waiting to be ready" list at some point. Would you liked to be re-added?

AFM, my period started this morning, so I'm on to prepping for a May insem. I'm also starting to formulate a plan for how many times I want to try before doing some sort of fertility testing (me and KD, since we never did end up getting a sperm analysis done--the place I found required a doctor's order, and so we decided to give it a few months of tries before we went through the expense and rigamarole).

My tally at the moment is:
  • November: a spectacularly badly timed "we're in the same town, so what the hell" first try 5 days before O
  • February: shipping debacle/weekend timing, insem was the day after O (with 48hr old sperm)
  • March: insem on day of O (but with only a tiny amount of sperm due to a sad, sad spillage incident)
  • April: insem two days before O

I just turned 35, have predictable cycles, have clearly O'd with strong temp rises every month that I've tracked (lots at this point), and have a 12 day average LP. So, probably no PCOS issues (even though I'm overweight and have Type 2 diabetes which is strongly associated), but of course I know there are lots of other things that can be happening on the fertility front.

Given all that, how long would you wait before seeking fertility testing? Obviously, I can tell the doctor whatever I want when I request testing--technically, I've now been "trying for 6 months," but I'm curious how many "good tries" you'd want to make before you went in for testing, if you were me. (I'm calling my March and April attempts "good enough tries" for the purposes of my count.)

And, of course, I'm eager to hear about any specific testing you recommend to 2justicemamas, as once I figure out when I am going to seek testing, I need to figure out what I'm going to be asking my doctor to do (no RE or anything, just either my GP or the local OB/GYN/midwife practice).
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Fille- don't really know anything about fertility testing, but hope you get some good advice here.


Sphinxy -  I haven't really changed diet, but I have had a drastic change in exercise level.  I was training for an Ironman (15-20 hrs exercise/week). Which I completed in late March!!  But after the race the doctor banned me from exercise, even swimming, for 6 weeks.  So full speed to complete stop on exercise in a short time.  Probably my cycle is just reacting to that.


Good News though, BabyDaddy is coming over for insem tonight!

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fille - I've seen multiple people post here in the past saying that they tried and tried with known donors only to finally get the sperm analysis done and find out that there was no shot with that donor. So, if it were me, I would want at least that piece of the puzzle taken care of pronto. It gives you the opportunity of knowing pretty quickly and easily whether you need to move on. While frozen is expensive and not for everyone, at least that piece is out of the way before you buy. Not suggesting you should go frozen necessarily, there are so many benefits to fresh sperm and known donors. It's just that I wanted to point out that when it comes to sperm count and motility, etc., it might be difficult to compare yourself to the posters on here who are using frozen. It really is a case of every situation is different. Wishing you so much luck!

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Fille - sorry to hear about AF.
Heart - good luck inseming tonight. I am very impressed by your Ironman. It's so much training. How much are you going to train after the 6 weeks break?

About the testing 2justice and fille -
Before we started I got an ultrasound and exam to check my ovaries and uterus, a pap, breast exam and a blood test for progesterone and STD's. I also double-checked my vax status. If I hadn't gotten the positive test recently, I would probably have done a HSG soon, but now I know that fertilization should work and it doesn't seem that necessary anymore. If it takes a lot longer I might check for thyroid issues, but nobody in my family has those and I don't really suspect having any problems there. But you never know.
I try to remember that it might seem that we've been trying forever, but it wasn't really that much and the pregnancy rates for each try are quite low, especially for the frozen IVIs we started with, so it isn't a sign of infertility if it takes a while. Instead of more testing, my personal approach would be to change methods after 4-5 tries and see if sth. else works (stim meds, IVF).
But that doesn't work if you want to work with a particular KD and fresh.
For a known donor I would invest in a sperm analysis right from the start for sure, because nowadays so many otherwise healthy young men have really bad numbers from environmental factors. So fille, in your case I would at least wait 4-5 good tries for more invasive procedures like HSG. A natural IVI with fresh still only has a 20% chance per cycle aftervall. At 35 I would probably check the ovarian reserve, just to know how many fertile time there is.
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RE: Fertility testing-A first step would be to see what your insurance covers and how you would get it done.  Some insurance covers fertilty treatment and diagnosis, some only covers diagnostic testing but not the treatment.  Your regular OB or midwife might be willing to run some diagnostic tests for you without having to go see an RE.  With my health plan, only an RE could do the IUI's for us so my OB referred me and the RE did all the testing.  I had an ultrasound to look at all the organs, an HSG, blood tests on CD 3 and then more about a week after O.  The HSG can be expensive so I wouldn't necessarily jump straight into that one.  If you have tried several times, it might be a good idea.  Find out how much it costs first.  You might be able to find a better price by shopping around. 

The CD 3 tests were estrogen and FSH.  The tests after O were for progesterone, STD's, blood sugar, TSH (thyroid), prolactin, immunity to certain diseases, CBC (complete blood count), blood type, and cytomegalovirus.  I think the progesterone test is important because mine was low.  If you have long or irregular cycles, it would also be important because it could tell you if you ovulated.  Estrogen, FSH, blood sugar and thyroid are also pretty important.  You may not need all of those tests.  They were just standard at my RE's. 

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Hi all, I saw fille's question about tests and thought I would offer this list of tests that we were asked to complete by an insemination specialist (she requires them of her patients - we decided we probably wouldn't work with her, but got the tests done anyway). The list was the same for both me and the KD, with the exception of the Semen Analysis. The tests came to around $400 for each of us mostly not covered by insurance, but we both got as much as we could done by our primary care physicians so they could code some of them (like the STI screenings) so they were covered. We did all but the ethnically specific  tests - the last four at the bottom of the list. Not sure how necessary or helpful the information was, but with so much about this process being unknown and up-in-the-air, having some amount of concrete information felt reassuring. We had KD's doctor sent the results to my doctor (they wouldn't send them to me directly) so they're in my file.


Semen Analysis

ABO & Rh
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Hepatitis C Antibody
Cytomegalovirus IgM
Cytomegalovirus IgG
HTLV 1 & 2
Myco-ureaplasma Culture
Hemoglobin electrophoresis for alpha-thalassemia (SE Asian/Filipino)
HGB electrophoresis for beta-thalassemia (Mediterranean)
Sickle Cell Screen
Tay-Sachs (both parents Ashkenazi Jewish)
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Sphinxy, thanks for the thoughts on semen analysis. It was definitely on my list to do before starting this process, but after we figured out that it was going to cost $200+ and require my KD to jump through hoops that would screw up the timing of our first try, we decided we'd do a bit of a field test first (field testing costing about $100/try). But, yes, that's definitely on the agenda sooner rather than later.
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Pokey, thanks so much that is very useful information. 


I guess I'll find a midwife first and then go from there. I've been uninsured for quite a few years so it's like starting from scratch with providers, ugh. I am fairly sure that my insurance does not cover any fertility testing, but I suppose a call to them is in order to see what if anything they will cover. If they won't cover anything we'll try for awhile before paying for tests. 


File: yeah you can add me back to waiting to be ready. Now that we have a plan I'll be around here more often. I'm going to change my username so I'll be back with a different one 

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Heart- ohh so exciting! Good luck. I hope everything goes swimmingly... Lol

Fille and 2justice- I am 31, and had some testing done as well (mandatory in order to be seen by my RE).

We did the following:

Bloodwork/ultrasounds on CD3, 7, and every other day until I ovulated- checking FSH, LH, estradiol. Then 7 days after I ovulated to check progesterone levels. I also had a sonohysterogram on CD6 to check my uterus and Fallopian tubes.

I live in Canada, so all of the monitoring fees were covered, except for the Sono, which cost 150.

At first, I was angry that we were having to jump through all these hoops, seeing that we were not infertile, but rather just needing someone to sign off on some sperm (Canadian regulations), but now that it's all done, I'm relieved to know that everything's in good working order before starting the IUI process.

What sucks for us though, is that there is one RE for four clinics, so even though our testing was done (and came back normal) back in March, we couldn't get an appointment to do an iui until June. I'm impatient, so instead of sitting on my ass wasting perfectly good cycles, we decided to do one this cycle at home. We had my family doctor sign off on the anonymous frozen sperm (which I just picked up today!!) and am still waiting for that +OPK.

Heart- I am an athlete too, and find my training and diet significantly impact my cycle. If I train more than 7 hours per week or am calorie deficient, my cycle lengthens. This past cycle, I was really sick and stopped training cold turkey, and I o'd on day 20 ( I usually O in day 26).

Has anyone had problems detecting LH spike with the Internet cheapies? I'm using those right now and I'm a little paranoid. Fingers crossed that I get a +OPK soon.
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fille I know how you're feeling - I had exactly those kinds of thoughts the other day but then decided I'd have to cross that bridge if/when I came to it.


Friederike that's a good idea - may try that. Your doc sounds awesome - any funny stories this time around? Did DP help?


Lea I'm so terribly sorry for your loss, and at 11 weeks as well. I hope you can pick yourselves up together & at least be positive it's possible to get pregnant. xx hug2.gif


heartnbones what do you use to test O? Mine was 9 days late this month but I'm very happy it was the month we're having off! Good luck on the insem


redrockband welcome back! I had tests to check FSH & progesterone levels to show I'm ovulating


Mametmaman yep never got a +ve with the internet cheapies - we use clearblue.


AFM day 42 & still waiting for AF to arrive - she'd better bloody hurry up soon, my clock's ticking!

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Welcome back redrockband.

Insem went well. While we were waiting for BabyDaddy to get here I had some clear ovulation pain. Timing couldn't have been better! Now we wait...

We haven't told DD anything about our plans. So imagine our surprise when out of the blue at dinner tonight she said,"Mama has a baby in her womb." She has been eerily right in the past when saying things like that she couldn't possibly know. Here's hoping she's right again"!
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crashing. .  fillefantome. . I just wanted to comment on your post bc it resonated with me so much.  I too had this feeling that it might not work out bc it was just "too much to get" in a strange way.  kind of like after getting engaged, I assumed something bad would happen.  And after getting pregnant, I still was not convinced that everything would be fine until he was in my arms.  All part of this, knowing I deserve good things but doubting it will happen mentality. . You do totally deserve this, and I really hope that you get it!  . and also looking at your past attempts you had a lot going on each time and since even when things go perfectly we have something like 20% chances, I would DEF not assume their are problems yet!  Semen analysis could be a good idea though. . and good luck and hang in there. . 


lea sorry for your loss! 


everyone else.  rooting for all of you!   sorry for lack of more personals 

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Holy shit. +OPK this morning. Sperm is on ice and ready to be shaken. Kidding- it's in a cryogenic tank and waiting to be thawed.


Since it's our first time, we are debating whether to inseminate (IUI at home) late tonight or early tomorrow morning (like when the birds start to sing). 


Yesterday, I peed on 5 cheapie LH sticks, and noticed a faint 2nd line start to appear at around 4:30pm. This morning, at 6:30am, I got a bright 2nd line, and it's been equally bright at 5:30pm today. My cervical mucus has been super egg whitey beginning this morning, and my EWCM patterns generally fluctuates cycle to cycle. I don't have the luxury of feeling a mittleschmerz.



Those of you who have successfully conceived, when would you recommend that I allow my wife to impregnate me? 


Thanks in advance!


Copious amounts of babydust and EWCM to all!

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mamaetmaman It sounds like your body is giving you lots of good fertile signs, yay! I would do it tonight. Right before bed so you don't have to get up after, just inseminate and then let your body do its thing while you sleep. Fingers crossed!!!!
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Thanks Sphinxy! I'm worried that we may have missed it now though. My cervical mucus is now non-existent and DW is still at work frigg.

Fingers crossed lil egger is taking her time down the water slide.

Get home wife!!
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That would be a really fast surge! You know your body best, but I would guess you're still probably ok if your DW gets home in the next few hours. Good luck!
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Good luck tonight mamaetmaman! Here's hoping you had perfect timing.
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mamaetmaman I usually get the most fertile CM leading up to O and far less in the hours when it actually happens. Sometimes it seems to vanish completely right at O day, so I also had those fears in the past, but the ultrasound showed the bumpy follicle shape of O within a few hours.
So it's possible that you actually nailed it spot on for an IUI.
Such a pattern makes sense, I think. The fertile CM's job is to keep the swimmers alive in a hostile environment until they can swim the long way up and fertilize the egg. IUI skips most of that journey anyway.
Good luck for the TWW.
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