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Lehigh Valley Home Birth Midwife

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I am interested in a home birth in South Whitehall, PA. It would be a VBAC and I need recommendations. There is only one name I have found so far, Jennifer McFarland. is she good? Anyone have experience with her? Others? Help
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Welcome to Mothering, madler! I hope someone in the area has some recommendations to offer you. 


You might also want to join one of our Due date Clubs where you can chat with other moms-to-be due during the same month. The Due Date Clubs are here: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/

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Congrats on your pregnancy!


I highly recommend Jennifer McFarland.  She was my MW with my 2nd.  I did not actually get to have a home birth with her, because I developed pre-eclampsia in my 3rd tri, but I'm still here today due to her knowledge and vigillence, and just being an awesome care provider.  She also remained in touch with me during my hospital stay, and even though she could not come during my birth because she was at another birth, she was able to send her then-apprentice to be with me.


I believe Nicole Schwartz also travels to the Lehigh Valley to do births.  She is with Sudharma Birth Services.  Both of their contact information can be found here:

http://redlotusdoulaservices.weebly.com/resources.html  (PS, I'm a doula for the Lehigh Valley)

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