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UP and Maternity Leave

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Hello ladies, I'm not sure how many of you might remember me, as I don't post as often as I should, but I am back with baby #4 on the way.  I just found out I'm pregnant, 4 weeks, 6 days to be exact, counting from my ovulation date.  So there's a good chance I will have another baby by the end of this year, since all of mine have been 1-4 weeks early.


I actually have a question.  Though I had all of my babies unassisted, I did get prenatal care with an OB (thanks to MA) with my previous pregnancies.  I am planning to just UP this time, but there's one thing I'm unsure of.  In order to get medical leave from work, I must have a doctor sign my leave of absence papers.  I must also have a doctor sign papers saying I can return to work, once my leave is up.

WWYD?  I'm thinking of either:


A) Going to prenatal appointments, but refusing all or most procedures.  But then I think I'd feel dumb doing that, unless I told them point blank that the only reason I was coming to my appointments is so that they'll sign my leave papers for me.

B) Going to one or two appointments with a different OB than I saw before, and have them sign the papers before I deliver.


C) Not bothering with any appointments, and just going in after I have the baby to see if they'll sign my papers, maybe for a fee.  The only downfall to this would be that, in the instance I did have to transfer to the hospital, I wouldn't have a hospital or doctor with any record of my pregnancy, and therefore they'd probably want to do everything imaginable to me and my baby just to cover all the bases or something.  I'm also afraid that I won't be able to get anyone to sign my leave papers if they don't have any record of my pregnancy.



I'd really like to skip having an OB altogether, to avoid any hassle with not going to appointments and whatnot, but I also cannot afford to not have leave after I have a baby, and I also can't afford to quit my job at the pay I'm at.  So I'm not sure.  Any insight? =/



Also, one more thing I'm curious about.  I drink a lot of tea these days, and as many of you may know, it says to consult a health care professional before drinking many teas during pregnancy.  But I know that a LOT of things say that, just for liability reasons.  How do you guys feel about that?  And what kind of things should I avoid in tea, if anything?

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This is interesting because I am going through the exact same thing right now. I just sent an email to my LOA department at work asking them what I should do since I will not be seeing an OB nor having my baby in a hospital. I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I figure they cannot deny a maternity leave of absence to a mother who has just given birth. My husband said he will fill out that part since he is my medical practitioner. Lol. There is no law saying you have to see a physician or that you have to birth at home, and your work place cannot dictate how you give birth. I would just call them and find out all of that information. I'll let you know what my job says. Oh, and I work for a hospital, so it should be interesting. Lol
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Hahaha, that is interesting!  I'm curious to see what they say.


Unfortunately, I work for Walmart.  I know the ladies that work in the personnel office, and I know what they're going to tell me, because after I had my last baby, I called and asked them to put me on the schedule, and they said that I HAD to have a doctor sign my papers saying I was able to work: their hands were tied.  I'm not really interested in bringing it to corporate or anything, I guess, but it might be worth it to ask the store manager and see what he says about it.  I'm guessing all of these people will just look at me like I'm insane though...

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I forgot to mention that I was going to try and contact a homebirth midwife I've contacted for each of my previous pregnancies, and see if she'd sign my papers for me.  I think that would be preferable, to be honest.  Maybe she'd do that and also give me a little "proof of pregnancy" signed by her for a small fee. 

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I contacted a couple midwives too. I was thinking that if you just need a letter to return to work, you could probably see a PCP or something. My biggest issue is finding someone to do the verification of pregnancy and due date. Ugh.
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Right. Whenever I've sent in for birth certificates, they like that little proof of pregnancy note. But I don't think it's necessary. To be honest, I could maybe even get my pedi to give me something of the sort. I've had the same pedi for all my kids, and he knows I freebirth and has no issues with it. I actually got him to sign my LOA papers after I had the twins. (An OB will just sign for about 6 weeks of leave.) I took a year off to breastfeed them. smile.gif

Speaking of due dates, my due date for the twins was January 1st, and for this one (counting by ovulation date) it's January 2nd! Funny thing, I never wanted to have kids around that time of year, because there are birthdays and holidays all over the place. There are 6 people in my family that have birthdays between Dec 24th and Jan 10th. And then a few January birthdays...and my husband and I are Feb 8 and 10. =P

I will actually be really creeped out if I have twins again, because then we'll have three sets of twins (my twin brothers were born Dec 24 and my daughters Dec 7) born in December...and they will be the only living sets of twins in my family. Lol.

Anyway sorry for rambling so much! I'm going to email that midwife today.
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Do you guys think that a private sonographer could do the paperwork? I know one personally and she is planning on attending my birth, do you think that would pass? I'm pretty sure they have a license.
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I found a midwife willing to do the paperwork for me!! This stress is behind me! The midwife is supportive of my UC, but cannot "condone" it legally. Lol. So excited!!
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Yeah...the midwife I emailed didn't even email me back this time.
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Oh no'!
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Good news, I happened to run into the awesome one of the two personnel ladies yesterday, and I asked her if there's any way I can get leave without having a doctor's signature. She is awesome in that she totally supports my right to choose to not have a provider and to birth at home. She's going to look into it for me. <3
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That's great!!!!
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So, here we go with Plan C!  I just don't see how they could deny me maternity leave anyway.

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Planned Parenthood does pregnancy testing. Their nurses/midwives should be able to sign those papers for you.
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Awesome, THANK YOU!  I didn't even think of that.  I'll have to give them a call.  I know the lady in personnel at my work sent a letter to HR about my situation, but last time I talked to her, she hadn't received a reply yet.  We'll see what happens.

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