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How much protein are you getting daily?

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I am getting about 70 grams of protein a day. I found it hard at first and never thought I would be able to eat that much. Then I was surprised once I started adding it up.


So how much are you all getting?


What are your favorite High Protein meals?

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chocolate bar dipped in peanut butter ;) I try to eat as much protien and raw fruits and veggies as I can get down. But maybe because this is my fifth baby I am so lazy,
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let's see..

I just added up for an average day and I'm way low I guess


We eat either meat,tofu. or some form of bean most days with the occasional break for simple pasta, I eat an egg nine out of ten mornings, a handful of almonds, and I eat a few tablespoons of hemp seeds every day


I guess I need to add some more in there.  I hadn't thought about it at all until now

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Today my protein intake so far :


2 large eggs ( 12 grams )

4 cups of Kefir (44 grams)

4 oz of Chicken breast ( 35 grams)

1 cup cottage cheese ( 26 grams)


I am already all set for the day!! 117 grams! 

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Ugh I am doing so poorly with this!! DH is a vegetarian (I'm technically not, but he cooks so I mostly eat vegetarian). Lately I can't bring myself to eat a lot of the vegetarian stuff. Tofu especially grosses me out. I can eat meat (well actually only chicken), so sometimes I'll buy lunch out to specifically get chicken. I've been craving and eating lots of cheese and yogurt. But most of my other protein sources (nuts and eggs) are making me sick!

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Thank you for the links, Peacemamalove! I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't like cooking meat (even when not pregnant, but especially when pregnant), so I cook vegetarian. DH cooks too (and will cook meat), but I've been having a hard time getting enough protein.
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Originally Posted by superbeans View Post

 Tofu especially grosses me out.


Me too!  Its the texture and taste for me. I'm not a huge fan normally but pregnant it is just completely not working for me. Unfortunately DH works for a local Tofu company so he brings it home all the time. I've had to come up with recipes where I can't tell that its actually tofu just because we have it, its free, and its a good protein source

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I was veg*n for almost 8 years before switching over to a primal diet a few years ago, I think it all depends on how tofu is cooked. We used to make some awesome dishes , Local tofu is much better than nasoya or other similar brands. 


Though we haven't had it in quick a while. 

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I love the taste of tofu, but my body doesn't handle large amounts of soy like that very well.
Peace - I was vegan for 7 years and now am slowly transitioning to a paleo diet. It's a huge adjustment.
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Revolting what made you decide to change from vegan to paleo?

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