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Munchkin, it probably has something to do with the Estrogen if you're breastfeeding. I think I read that somewhere... 

My boobs itch while Gray is nursing. I'm not sure why. It's only WHILE he's nursing. It's not the nipple... It's just my entire breast. We've ruled out thrush. 

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Originally Posted by JennJenn84 View Post

I have this app called "Lightning Bug" on my phone. It does WONDERS to calm her down. I use it everyday.


I just want to say that you are my hero for posting about this. I downloaded it immediately and gave it a whirl last night. It not only put her to sleep quickly but it put me to sleep too! Haha. Seriously though, thank you! heartbeat.gif

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Thanks everyone!

Bambi, is that itching your letdown? It can feel very different for different women.

DH has a three day weekend for Victoria Day. So we're going to get started on preparing to move. There's still a chance we will stay in Calgary. We need to pick a date by which we will give up on the Calgary wait list. It's weird, I both want him to get in here (his top choice, 3 year program vs. 4, MUCH cheaper tuition, and no cross-continent move) and I don't want him to get in here (so I can live near my family - especially since he's going to be soooo busy). Toledo is less than 3 hours from my parents/grandparents and also my sister (whose husband's family lives in Toledo). Plus I miss Ohio. I miss fireflies in the summer, and going to the places I went growing up. But if we leave Canada I'm going to miss the political climate here, and poutine, and my younger brother-in-law. But then again, we'd be close enough to visit my favorite SIL if we were in Toledo. We haven't seen her since before DD was born (though we're still much closer with the brother-in-law so it doesn't really even out). I think I'll be sad about something no matter what. But still, I am just SO grateful this is DONE and we never have to survive another application cycle ever again. Plus it's a big BOO-YAH to my in-laws who doubted DH from the beginning. My parents believed in him, but his own didn't. They have no clue how smart he is (he's in MENSA). And they don't value science. I don't know if I can ever forgive them for shaking his confidence so much.

The BioGaia seems to be helping a lot with Theo's spitting up and fussing. So I'm a much happier mama right now. I'm also getting a little more sleep. joy.gif
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Still lurking. Baby is still in the hospital but doing well. She has been put through a lot but is a tough little girl. They have run tests all week and she has 1 more test Monday and 1 more test Tuesday and then they will be able to tell us what their plan is to treat her. It turns out that she has sleep apnea, which is her main problem as she was not breathing 50% of the time when she was asleep, but she was also aspirating some of her milk and that was compromising her lungs too. Now she is only on oxygen when she is sleeping but has to be fed through a tube in her nose until they can fix the apnea and her feeding issue. She has been such a good girl but the last few days has become pretty alert during the day and this morning pulled her own feeding tube out 4 times and pulled off her oxygen tube, then started waving fist and yelling at the nurse like she was threatening to punch her for hooking her back up. We should know Wed what their treatment plan is and hopefully she can come home soon. I hate that I am almost use to her being there.
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((Hugs)) BaileyB! I hope she's home very soon!
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Munchkin - I finally had to go to the dermatologist for my itchy arms. I thought I might tough it out and it would go away, but it just got worse. The worst time was in the night when I was up nursing a lot. He gave me a cream and lotion. I wanted to call him up the next day and thank him, it got so much better that quickly.

Ironman - so happy for you. Hard decision on the move. We have considered moving back home to be with my mom with her cancer. It is so hard to weigh the pros and cons.

BaileyB - sorry you are having to go through this. I am glad you are getting some answers.
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JennJenn, I love Rent. No day but today!
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Has anyone every had this re: breastfeeding. 


Often JUST before letdown, I get a heavy felling in my hands and lower arms.  It goes away quickly after letdown.  It isn't painful or anything and if I am not sitting real still (i.e. I'm nursing on the move or talking) I don't even notice it.


Just wondering what this is as it has happened since day one many many years ago :)

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I don't get that exact sensation, but I do seem to have a "full body" awareness beforehand, like my body is screaming "IT'S COMING!" LOL I HATE letdown. Thankfully I stop feeling it around 3-4 months, because I find it incredibly intense and almost painful. I swear I can almost quite literally feel the ducts expand and empty.
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1babysmom, I have a similar letdown. It is almost painful and kind of a pinchy feeling when it starts. Being that baby is in the hospital I am almost dried up greensad.gif but I do have some letdown and leaking after being in the NICU for a few hours. Its like they know somewhere in the room there might be a hungry baby. LOL. Tomorrow little girl is having a scope into lungs to check for any blockages in her lower airway and to biopsy her lungs. They have to sedate her which makes me nervous and they have to stop her feedings 6 hours before the scope which makes me sad for her. I am going to go in shortly after her last feeding at 2 am to help comfort her through having to not eat and having to get an IV for her sedation, etc. Poor girl, she's too little and sweet to have to do this. She's been so alert and having a couple hours of alert/wakefulness in the afternoon, it has been fun to play with her when she is like that.

DH and finally DTD . We pretty much couldn't wait anymore. I'm at 2.5 weeks PP. Does anyone know how long stitches take to heal? I could feel where I tore but it didn't hurt. Just felt a little burn/pinch at first but I wasn't sure if maybe it was affecting my stitches if they hadn't dissolved yet.
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1babysmom, you said before that ur period comes back pretty quickly even while breastfeeding. My question is that I am not bf or even pumping since babe is in the hospital and I am driving 40 minutes back and forth between her and DD at home. My question is the last 4-5 days I have had some barely notable menstrual/ovulation cramps and the last tiny bit of PP spotting is mixed with what looks suspiciously like EWCM. After having our stillborn I unexpectedly caught the first PP egg at 6 weeks. Is it possible I could be on the verge of Oing already? I usually have a week of EWCM before I actually O. Despite having awful morning sickness I am kind of a pregnancy junky and a little bit of me is tempted to just get pregnant whenever it happens even if it is next week but most of me knows that a 2 year old + 2.5 week old in the hospital about to have surgery + getting pregnant = not a good idea.
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Yeah I have never lasted past 10 months PP, and mine even came back at 3 months while I was nursing THREE kids around the clock. I have yet to get over that. LOL. This time my little man hasn't nursed more than once or twice during the night since birth so I wonder if it'll work against me, but I figure it isn't likely to matter with my body anyway.....

I have no idea about cycling though....I tend to feel some "faux" symptoms after birth. This early on too I even still have some "gushes" of lochia, sometimes with light blood (even though i have been done bleeding for week). I have no idea how to interpret pre-cycle stuff PP though....usually I start temping about now so I can at least get an idea based on my temps. I
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Got BioGaia and going dairy free starting today. Hope this works. There is not much worse than seeing your baby in such frequent discomfort.
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If I am already taking daily probiotics there shouldn't be a need for me to give the baby some right? I've been dairy free already and have been starting to get into the habit of taking probiotics regularly along with my magnesium and fermented cod liver oil/butter oil. I personally am feeling better and she has barely had any spitups in a few days *and* her fussy periods are shorter during the evenings. It could be coincidence but I dunno. 


I was taking a multivitamin (w/o iron) but I would wind up feeling really awful a couple of hours later so I stopped taking it. Maybe I wasn't eating enough when I took them, I'm not sure but I'm going to hold off on trying them again.

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I take multiple probiotics daily but still give baby drops. smile.gif. My babies don't have obvious gut issues but I give them still because I know I am poorly colonized so they need them.
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Tiffany I am taking them (not the strongest ones) but there's research supporting probiotics in alleviating colicy symptoms. I've decided the Colic Calm isn't really helping much and after his latest poop blowout this morning I decided to go dairy free to pair the two and hope that it will help.

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Probiotics for the baby I should say.

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For those who bought their baby probiotics online would you mind sharing where you got them from? Or if you got them from a big chain store maybe share the name so I can see if they are in our area. Thanks!

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Anybody else drinking Kombucha for probiotics? I started making my own a month ago since I drink so much of the stuff. Seriously addicted to it. 


Returned home yesterday from 3 days at higher elevation in the pines. The girls were great all weekend and slept fine on the 2.5 hour drive back down into Phoenix. My ears always pop with the elevation change. So I worry about theirs hurting. We did the same trip last month and I didn't notice any discomfort in the babies till we got home. Both times the little ones woke about 15 min after we were in the front door and all hell broke loose. Almost 7 hours of crying and fussiness from one or the other. I about lost my mind because they are too big for me to carry both in front and too young for a good back carry. And of course they both wanted to be held and walked the whole time. Anybody else have a similar problem after traveling? 

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You can get certain ones at health food stores (Natures Way makes a powder), but BioGaia is the only brand I have seen who offers L. Reuteri (the specific strain researched) and in drops. Our WalMart sells it (you have to ask at the pharmacy), but I order them from the BioGaia site for the same price and they ship them really fast and in a styrofoam cooler.
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