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McDonald's Woes

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Does anyone else feel the pull of McDonald's and other fast food places? I refuse to go there for many reasons: the chemical food, the hideous ways they treat their workers, and the overall sense that they are a pretty evil place, IMO. However, as my children get older, I am definitely feeling more pressure to go there.... birthday parties, peer pressure, etc. AAAAAARGH! I feel pretty strongly about the place, and that it is not a good place to go. I guess I am just venting!

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I am so offended by McDonalds, so I understand your woes. 


I just tell my children that we do not go to McDonalds because I care about them and I want to make sure they have strong healthy bodies. Everytime we drive by McDonalds we talk about how harmful it is and why. I have also taught them to be their own advocates about health. The way to do this is to teach them about food and how it harms/heals you. They know what feels good in their bodies and what nourishes them. If they are with someone else, they can speak up for themselves and their own health. For example, if a grownup tried to bring them to McDonalds they may tell the grownup that McDonalds is not ever healthy for them. Or they won't, but eventually they will. They have advocated for themselves on several occasions, but not always. Seriously, teach them how! It works! 


And, I know people are offended easily by food choices and parenting choices but I am very vocal about my views about food with other parents. I see no problem with telling your kids and other grownups that unfortunately they won't be attending Jimmys birthday party because we don't eat at McDonalds. It is a moral issue, and a health issue. 


My kids and I are silly and we all yell, "McDonalds can kiss my butt!" When we drive by. 

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