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Breast Pump

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I'm part of the July DDC also and someone suggested their insurance company gave them a free breast pump ... I called mine just now and I get one too!!  I'm so excited!!!  AND I get to order another one on May 1st next year too :)

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Lucky, all I have is a medela swing but I need to upgrade to a double pump for going back to work.  I'm not forking out $400 so I'm looking at used

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Be careful with buying used.  I got a used one from someone and I had a lactation consultant look at it to make sure it was in good working order.  She said that they are normally designed for only 1 user unless they are hospital grade.  The pumps can get tired and not work as well.  She had a gauge she used to test the power and it was still working fine.  She also said that some systems can get moisture in them and that can cause mold in the pump that you can't clean out.  I think that may be the difference between closed and open system pumps, but I am not too familiar with them.

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There is a difference with open and closed systems. Make sure to buy new tubing and flanges if you buy used. If you have medical insurance federal law has made it possible for more moms to have access. I believe insurance must cover the cost of the pump. Most moms I know have gotten an electric pump by having a dr write a script for one. Either an OB or the pediatrician. Before the federal law was in place I got a double electric pump free from my insurance bc my dr wrote a script.
Hope you find one that works. Motors do go at some point so if you can find a IBCLC to test it then that is ideal. Coupled that with a closed system flange/tubing and a used pump should be fine if that is what you can get.
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Hoooray for insurance provided breast pumps!  I just got mine in the mail a few weeks ago.  It felt a bit like Christmas b/c I had forgotten I had placed the order (since it was via insurance and not out of pocket).  I could only get the Ameda Purely Yours model, though.  But free is free so I'll run w/ it.  I hope I like it well enough ...

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Hoooray for insurance provided breast pumps!  I just got mine in the mail a few weeks ago


Me too!  Just another positive thing thanks to the Affordable Care Act (that conservatives think is the end of the world).  I've had all of my prenatal care covered 100% with no co-pays/ deductibles because of the ACA.  It would have made things harder for us if we would have had deductibles/ co-pays.

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My Company has great insurance and I was so pleased to find out that coverage includes a free breast pump.  I ordered the Medela Freestyle....tpyically $350-$400 retail price.  It should arrive in about 3 weeks.  Yay!

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I received my breast pump close to 3-4 weeks ago but I never opened it up.  I wanted to get the paperwork from insurance showing the claim was satisfied and balance due was $0.  I got that this week so I opened up the box!  Yowzers, I am nervous for all the demands this little life will have.  Getting real ... getting real ... getting real.

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I got the certificate from my OB for the Medela double electric pump, but the supply company won't give it to me until the baby is born.  SO INCONVENIENT...  but since it's free, I'm not going to complain too much.  Just not something that I want to do.  They said that I could send someone else to pick it up for me.

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I was also worried about having it close to/after the baby's birth but then I realized that it's probably good to get breastfeeding established before doing any pumping and bottlefeeding.  It's important to me that my Husband be involved in the feeding and experience that bond but we're going to hold off on the pumping and bottles for a little while.....

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The lactation consultant told me to start pumping right away (in between nursing) to help establish a good supply. I plan to bf exclusively, but have to teach a class a few weeks pp so I'll have to pump that day. Thankfully I only teach a few times this summer (then back to work first week of sept).
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