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Thanks guys!


Starfish - Scary! Glad all is well! DS will turn 4 when I'm 37wks. He now knows about the baby but we aren't going to hype it up too much over the next few months because time just goes so slowly at that age. So I have not asked him yet if he wants to be there. I want him there and I want him to have the option of seeing the actual birth if he desires. If he's unsure or could care less we probably won't wake him in the middle of the night until after delivery to see the baby. Here's the thing, I need to have an adult there specifically responsible for him and I don't know who that is yet. At this point I'm not really comfortable with my MIL being there (whom DS is very comfortable with) or my SIL who both live in our neighborhood. If it was my mom or sisters or even other SIL I would be fine with that. But they live states away. Possibly a best friend and have him become more familiar with spending more time with her over the coming months. It's just something I really have to think about.

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Originally Posted by Starfish11 View Post

Sparklemama, you were right about it being a BOY!  Congrats!


Sila, did you find out?!


Based on the 12-week u/s we are having a girl but that's not at all set in stone.  And that's me predicting based off of a study that I read. 


Friday was a scary day for our DDC apparently.  I went for my check-up and the m/w could not hear the heartbeat. So I had to dash off to get an u/s.  Of course I was weeping the entire drive and could not get in touch with DH.  I finally did as I was being taken back for the u/s and he was super but having to go through that "alone" was terrible.  anyway, baby is just fine but is hanging out in a funny position.  Very active and heartbeat very strong so they are not worried.  Aye yay yay.  That was a terrible experience with, thankfully, a happy ending. 


I had to go back yesterday, btw, and they'd recalibrated the scales over the weekend--I lost six lbs since Friday and the post-calibration.  I was cracking up!

Oh Starfish...grouphug.gif Definitely glad baby is ok. I know that is scary and I'm so thankful you had a happy ending.

Remember last month when I got worried at 13 weeks when the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat? To tell you the truth I was a little (still am to tell you the truth) irritated she acted so nonchalant about it and just scheduled an apt. for the next month like usual. I just took matters in to my own hands and did the u/s, and got a doppler reading within 48 hours. Still kind of a long wait though..

So it sounds like you have a midwife who is caring and that is a bonus!

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Originally Posted by SparkleMaman View Post

Thank you, Sila!! I was still cramping yesterday and decided for my own mental health to go to the ER to be checked out. Everyone was so lovely and kind. Baby BOY looks perfect, very active and continuing to measure about a week ahead. Labs all looked good. I have a small subchorionic bleed, very common and they usually resolve but it needs to be followed. I feel so very relieved and thrilled that things seem to be settling down today. They suggested rest for the weekend and no strenuous activities for a few weeks. They mentioned full pelvic rest until the cramping subsides (ie no DTD) which I laughed at. DD is SO incredibly excited that she's going to have a little brother, she's been really hoping for a boy. Thank you so much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. They are very much appreciated!! When is your ultrasound?

Sparklemama, still playing catch up on the thread.
I am also *very* glad things are ok and congratulations on the boy! joy.gif

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Sila, what happened today? I can't find your message every one is commenting on. Sorry!


As for me - 18 weeks today and feeling fine. Been busy doing every thing that I have to do and don't wanna do.

biggrinbounce.gif I am going to schedule the 20 week u/s tomorrow for some time at the end of next week. I realized that 5 months from today many of us are going to be hardcore nesting and thinking "any day (week) now!"


My next m/w apt isn't until the end of June. Contemplating moving to our farm, not sure if we will do it before baby is born (and change midwives) or after the first of the year.

Decisions, decisions. Should know in the next couple weeks!

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Congrats Sila!


I've been thinking about 6 year old ds being at the birth if all goes well, not sure though and would want a back up plan

for him.


Still battling with the anxiety, and have my first cervical length scan in a couple of weeks which is playing on my mind. 


Kamiro - yep its exciting, its going so fast yet @ times so slow too lol!

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Ultrafighter - None of those old wives tales sound super convincing to me either. I actually think I heard the one about the placenta, but the thing I read said it had to be checked at an early scan. Maybe around 8 weeks? I wish I could remember where I'd found that!

Sila - Yay for just one healthy looking baby! It's such a relief, isn't it? I've actually heard of places that do (very expensive!) sexing scans at 13 weeks, so I think it is theoretically possible to find out that early, just quite difficult. I hope your DS doesn't find the wait too long!

Jjh - did you ever resolve the issue of the expensive urine tests?

That is crazy about 5 months from now! I never thought about it that way but you're right! Those of us due at the beginning of the month will be 38 weeks at this time in October. I just told DH the other day that we will definitely have a baby in 6 months. I'm ignoring the possibility of going well over 42 weeks, though. wink1.gif

I have my 16 week midwife appt in a couple hours. I'm hoping she can show me where the top of my uterus is as I can't feel it and I'm sure I should be able to at this point.
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Starfish-good news.


Kamiro-I was thinking the same thing :)  That is 6wks we'd be half way there and it's so hard to believe already.  Maybe by then I'll be showing enough to look pregnant, lol.  


Sparkelmamma-good news :)  Will they monitor the bleed every few months?


Sila-that sounds like a good plan for a 4yr old.  My friend tells me her ds who was 4 doesn't remember his sister's birth.  I guess some kids do.  Not sure who will be at our house either.  My mil can be a big help, but sometimes not.  Our 8yr old wants to be there, 5yr old not sure yet.  But I'm giving them the opportunity when the time comes if it's a vaginal birth.


Need to catch up still.


Afm-had a horrible migraine again over the weekend and lost 3# so got concerned yet again about amniotic fluid.  I was stressing myself out going into this 14th wk :(  I went to my mw Monday and had a u/s and all was okay!  Plenty of amniotic fluid, placenta looked good and everything on the baby was fine-baby was actually measuring a few days ahead of me, lol.  I asked the tech if she could tell the sex this early and she said it was her speciality and after looking a few minutes told me it was most likely a GIRL!!!!!!  So excited.  Still going to have the 20wk scan in 6 weeks-(wow, 6 weeks and half way there)-to do a more detailed anatomy scan, but so far baby is okay.  When I think back to ds1, we had a u/s at 14wks and you could tell he was a boy.  

  She did say my placenta was anterior though.  Does anyone else know if their's is?  It explains lack of movement for me, and I'm a little bummed that we won't feel much until probably half way or later.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed the placenta moves up out of the way with no chance of previa.  And that baby gets in the right birthing position later on.  


 Those of you finding out by yourselves-how did you tell dh the sex?  We picked up a pink sleeper that said Daddy's Princess on it and gave it to dh when we got home :)  

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Boys!  joy.gif  Girls!


Stuff is getting really exciting all of a sudden!!



My MW is on vacation this week so she's not out there coordinating my u/s appointment like I want her to.  We're shooting for 3 weeks from now so we still have plenty of time, but I wanna have that on the books so I can tell everyone and be super excited in a loud obnoxious way.  We aren't even going to find out the sex or anything...  I just can't wait to see anything.  I mean, yeah we've got some of my own anatomy we need to double check, but through the miracles of modern science I'm going to get to see MY BABY!!


Don't mind me; I'm a little high on life this morning.  luxlove.gif

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Originally Posted by Kamiro View Post

Sorry, playing catch up! Did your rash go away? I believe there was a lady with pupps at 22 weeks in one of my DDC's.


Yes it went away (thank goodness)!! I'm pretty sure it was from switching from our winter (flannel) to summer sheets. I was sure I had washed them in my regular natural, scent-free detergent before putting them away in the fall but apparently not. As soon as we re-washed the sheets the rash went away. I am WAY more sensitive to irritants this pregnancy than I was last time. I don't normally have sensitive skin at all. I also seem to bruise much more easily this pregnancy. These babies sure do weird stuff to us lol!


I love that you guys are including little ones at your birth!! I'm hoping DD will be at mine too but I'm also a little worried that she'll think I'm hurt or something and get upset. She will just have turned 2 so I don't think she'll really understand yet. If I get to have baby at the new birth centre here (scheduled to open in September...so we'll see how that goes) then it might work out.


Sila - I'm so happy you had a great scan!

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Re: birth plans.


The last birth I think I traumatized my 5 year old because she says she only wants to be a mom to pug dogs when she grows up now. hippie.gif

The pushing phase only lasted 30 minutes (a loooooong time for me. My others were 23 min, 15 min, 8 min...and then she was 30)

I don't know how I am going to handle it this time, especially just having an 18 month old who is very clingy also. (She's only 12 months now but I don't forsee her NOT being clingy at 18 months)


I haven't really thought any further.


I think I really love the name Tzeitel  and am considering it for this baby if it is a girl. It's hebrew and means Princess...hehe

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I just watched Fiddler on the Roof the other day.  I love that movie!  And I normally hate musicals. lol

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Originally Posted by ultrafighter View Post

I just watched Fiddler on the Roof the other day.  I love that movie!  And I normally hate musicals. lol

LOL - I love Fiddler on the Roof. Love, love, love it.

joy.gif No shortage of laughter or tears with that movie.

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ps) It would be especially appropriate because if this is a girl it will make 5 daughters! lol...

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ROTFLMAO.gif  Sounds like you may need a Yente in your life!

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Originally Posted by ultrafighter View Post

ROTFLMAO.gif  Sounds like you may need a Yente in your life!

lol.gif I love Yente. I actually thought of changing my av to a picture of that lovable ol' bat.


(PS) the kids JUST put on Fiddler as I was typing this post. Ok, I think Tzeitel it will be.

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I played Yente in Fiddler in high school. Avrammmmmmmmm! Have I got a match for you!
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That is so cool Starfish. I bet that was so fun...

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Trying to play catch up to everyone here... Been trying to stay cool. Its been so hot and sticky here we plugged in the window A/C units to cool it off in here. 80 degrees in a house is not very awesome when you are pregnant and are hot anyway. 


Both my kids will be at the birth. We will have someone here for them to take them into another room if they want or need a break.  


Allison-   Glad to here your rash is gone!


Every seems to ask here gender vs sex also. 

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Okay, seriously the drama needs to stop in my neck of the woods this week. Was driving home tonight when a little old lady blows through a stop sign and broad sides me (DD in car too). DD discharged 2 hours ago. I'm in the ER still being worked up and waiting on U/S official report. Looks good but I want official word. Baby boy so active smile.gif Way too scary a close call, and I'm a really careful driver.
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Geesh Sparklemama...Can you feel baby moving a lot or is it on the sonogram he is moving a lot? That is way too close of a call and very scary. The one very uncrunchy thing we have is a suburban (we don't drive as much and with towing a trailer its definitely a necessary vehicle).


However, driving a truck like that is very scary because I think one wrong move on my part and I really could kill someone. It makes me very hypersensitive to the other drivers on the road.


I am really hoping you were both in comparable cars or you had the advantage!

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