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fetal echo

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We heard a irregular heartbeat at my midwife appointment today so she is referring me to a specialist for a fetal echocardiogram. I'm kind of freaking out greensad.gif They couldn't get me in until May 28th
Has anyone else experienced this? My u/s a few weeks ago was all normal.
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This might be a dumb question. How sure was she that it was an irregular heartbeat and not just that the baby moved and it sounded strange? Even with an ultrasound it's been hard to get a good trace of the heartbeat because she moves so much. I'm sorry you're going through this. I would be freaking out bad. Try to stay calm and hope that your midwife is just being extra cautious.
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It was very obvious. Even I could tell. It was skipping every third beat. Plus, she listens to heartbeats every day, all day long, so because she was so concerned, then I am too, kwim? She is normally *very* laid back about things.
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Oh ok. That makes sense then. I would be concerned, but I bet she's just being extra careful and that your baby is just fine. Sorry I have no experience with this. I hope someone else can give you some reassuring advice smile.gif
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I had my U/S on Monday and the Doc office called yesterday and wants me to come in tomorrow to discuss U/S resuts and get a referral for a Fetal Echo.  I'll post again tomorrow and let you know what the doc had to say.  Stay calm until your appointment.  there is nothing you can do and stressing over it is not good for you or baby.  {{{{Hugs}}}}}

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Thanks jazzpurr. Good luck to you- I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
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I'm sorry to hear how worried you are. But jazzpurr's right: try not to stress too much till you know for sure what it really means for the baby. (Easier said than done; I know.) hug2.gif

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For the record, I have an regular irregular heart beat. I'm totally fine and leading a normal life. My DD has a heart murmur, a small hole in her heart the size of 3 human hairs (at least it was this size when she was born). Doctors are not at all concerned, and she's to go back to CHEO when's she's 3 for a follow up. She's completely normal otherwise.


It can be terrifying to have something come up, but it may not even interfere with his/her life.

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