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Has anyone had their water break after losing their mucus plug? Read please

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I had my membrane stripped Monday and they said my bag of waters is bulging. And I har been having extremeeee pressure and pain in my cervix and rectum and I'm already 4 cm and 70% effaced. I just lost my mucus plug an hour ago. Could my water be really close to breaking??
Update: well I'm in so much pain all day long but no contractions that are regular that I can tell. My baby has been moving significantly less than usual. I can't sit down or lay down or anything or sleep with out being in so much pain. Idk how to cope. I can't take it anymore I honestly can't. I try to walk and the constant pain in my pelvic bone is too much to bear. There's nothing that helps. Anyone have any suggestions before I lose my mind? greensad.gif(( I'm also losing an insane amount if mucus and it just has not stopped since yesterday. It's worrying me for some reason. Something just feels wrong.
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It might be and it might not.  Some women lose their mucus plug weeks before they go into labor.  But it sounds like you are closer than that with your other symptoms.  I hope everything goes smoothly!

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I think it depends on the strength of the bag.... I had 2 of mine break before labor started, when at 2-3 cm.... then my last, I was at 10 with a bulging bag and MW accidentally broke it during a check.  I think it would have stayed intact until the end.  Sounds like labor is closer today than it was yesterday :)


Good luck waiting.  It is so hard at the end!

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Mine never broke so I can't answer that part but I know they can even grow back so they're tricky little suckers... but I've also heard that when you're close to your due date, once your body starts doing stuff that it normally doesn't, it usually means something's about to happen. 

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It really depends. I lost my mucous plug and had bloody show but my water didn't break until 2 days later after which labor started immediately. But others can go much longer or shorter. You probably tire of hearing this but every labor is different!

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I lost mine at about 2pm and by 4pm was very obviously in labor though my water never broke. My midwife ruptured it well into the night but I think that was because DS was asynclitic.  So, had he been straight I think my water would have broken pretty soon after the bloody show. In any case, the mucus plug was definitely the beginning of active labor for me.

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Please respond to my update greensad.gif
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If you are ever worried or feel something is off, contact your care provider.  Better to put your mind at ease.  If you are having a hospital birth, you can just show up to triage I think.  If you are having a homebirth, your midwife should be willing to stop by to check on babys heartrate and position etc.  


As far as being uncomfortable.... I hear you.  The end of my last pregnancy (baby #3, born 3 months ago) was so painful.  I couldn't sit, stand, lay, walk, kneel or anything without wanting to cry.  For me it was the ligaments being loose and my pelvis moving around.  Sorry you are dealing with that too.  There is so much mucus that comes out and it keeps forming and replacing itself, so you can keep losing it until your baby comes.  


Try to take a bath and relax.  You are closer every day to meeting your baby.

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Warm bath and a cup of tea? Take some calcium with magnesium and see if that helps you sleep tonight. It won't be much longer and you'll have your baby.
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If you're worried, talk to your care provider (least helpful answer, I know). I went through the same thing, my OB checked me and told me I'm still a few days away, go home and relax. It didn't make me physically feel any better but at least my mind was at ease since nothing felt like it changed after he told me I'm still fine. Either they'll tell you you're fine or how close you are.
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