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Nasty taste in my mouth

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I have a gross bitter/slightly metallic taste in my mouth.  I've looked up various things online to remedy.  Do you ladies have any suggestions?  It comes back a few minutes after I eat a mint, and makes my gum taste horrible.  I have my fiance picking up some sour candy on his way home to see if that will help.  bleh!

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I've found that sweet things make mine worse, unfortunately. Water has helped, but only temporarily. Unfortunately it's just a nasty pregnancy side effect that we will just have to deal with greensad.gif
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I have it too. Sometimes I think sweet things make it worse but sometimes a mint does help. For me, I think it's happening when I am nauseous. For the most part, I can't change that, but I do find if I eat good healthy meals (as healthy as I can) and snack frequently, I am less nauseous. That's in this phase--however. I am now 11 weeks and earlier on I was terribly nauseous all day long, every day, for about 2 weeks, no matter what I eat.


Sometimes I think certain starchy foods make this worse. For example, I am craving potatoes, fries, chips, ect., but if I indulge, I feel worse and this taste is bad. I notice the same thing with soy (I have a dairy allergy and I eat some soy meat substitute foods.) Staying away from soy and potatoes seems to help me. But not sweet potatoes--those are ok for some reason.

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Update: dairy is bad for it too. Let us know how the sour worked out, it definitely doesn't sound good to me, but I might try anything at this point!
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he ended up getting me life savers and jolly ranchers.  They are just coating my mouth with stickiness.  >_<  It tastes better than nothing, but then I get a film in my mouth on top of the stank so not working too hot.  I'm going to get some sour stuff after work today and see.  It seems like tomato based food makes it worse for me.  I can't even think about dairy right now, it's been making me sick the whole time.  I've been pretty sick the first trimester I'm on 12 weeks now and I'm feeling better for the most part.  I will keep you updated :)  thanks for the responses!!!

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What about ginger candies? I get them at a natural foods store. They aren't so sugary and instead of being hard candies, they are a kind of chew. Plus, ginger is supposed to help with nausea--I certainly know the ginger tea helped me feel less sick.

I eat these. But there are all kinds of other types.



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I had this problem and I tried a bunch of things to get rid of it--hard candy, popsicles, mint tea, brushing my teeth after eating, et al. Nothing worked. However it did get better after I reached 12 or 13 weeks, so there is hope!
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I have this too! I didn't have this my first pregnancy so it kind of surprised me this time around. It happens after anything I eat/drink, other than water, and the only way I can get rid of it is to brush my teeth. It's a pain! :P

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sour does seem to help for a little bit.  It works way better than sweet.  I was eating pickles  too to over power the taste and that was working for a bit as well.  Nothing seems to have a long lasting effect though.  Just sticking with sour candy and mints for now when it gets bad.  I'm halfway through week 12 so hopefully it won't hang around much longer!

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I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow and for the most part the taste has gone away.  I never really found anything to make it dissipate for a prolonged amount of time.  The sour candy did not work for me at all.  I've noticed cranberry juice really gives me a terrible taste.  I hope it doesn't last too much longer because I love cranberry juice!  Has anyone figured out any remedies?

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No remedies here either!! Though mine is getting better too. I do get it, but I can live with the taste now. Whereas before it tasted so bad it was making me sick!

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My friend had this, and nothing really helped her. It's definitely a hormone related thing. :(

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