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Name calling

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My 3 y/o has recently taken a liking to name calling, his go to names are meanie head and bad guy. This doesn't really hurt my feelings BUT it gets to my 4 y/o AND it's just not nice to say anyways. He doesn't watch anything where there's name calling, DH and myself don't call each other bad names nor the kids, and he stays home with me...I figure he picked it up from DHs 7 y/o brother(ugh).

I need help to get him to stop. DH and I have both tried talking to him about how it hurts people's feelings when they are called names like that and no one wants to play with someone who calls them bad names, he doesn't care. I've started ignoring him when he calls me bad names and telling DD to do the same, and it just makes him cry and cry while calling us meanie head. I don't know what else to do with a 3 y/o to get my point across that name calling is unacceptable.
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Just keep telling him and showing it is not ok. It sounds normal and he will figure out eventually he does not get his way or the attention he wants by calling names.

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Mine went through a stage of saying 'bloody' (with thanks to someone at the pre-school!) and i tried what u did, explaining why they cant say it, that its bad etc and found it didnt work, but knew if i punished too hard they would prob say it more as they knew it was misbehaving badly. What i found worked was distracting them with something positive as soon as i heard them say it, such as ''what would u like for pudding'' or ''i think we should go out on the scooters''.... This immediatly got them thinking about something else and it didnt take long before they stopped saying it altogether.

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