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Do you keep a baby book?

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So, with DD I was SO bad about remembering to write down everything, but I did post  about every single thing she was doing on facebook and took loads and loads of pictures. My idea was I was going to make scrapbooks, so I didnt need to keep a baby book. HAHAHA. That was before life happened, tragedy happened, and twins happened....


Well, my parents have really been on my ass about not writing every.single.thing that the babies are doing down. 


When I got to thinking about it, I thought I did want to keep baby books for the twins, just so I wont confuse memories in my head about which baby did which thing. Well, then I thought it wasnt really fair to keep books for the twins without DD having one. Long story short, I bought three books- one for each kid.


There is SO much in a baby book that you are supposed to fill outs it happens, because 

you are supposed to describe how you feel. I cant keep up! 


Does anyone else keep baby books? If so, do you fill them out at the time or do you go back and fill them out later?

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I try to get to it about once a month. I read through the whole thing and made mental notes of what needs to go in them and when I know something happened that's supposed to go in there, I send my parents an email. They write every day 4-5 times anyway asking what's new, so if he grew a tooth or took a step, I just write them and I can search the exact date later when I go to fill out the book. 

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I am the same as you, so bad at writing things down. My 4 year old DD's baby book is stuffed with papers but has very little written down. My one year old son doesn't even have a book. I have some things written down around here somewhere for him. My grandmother had a great idea of getting a small box for each kiddo and writting notes down and sticking it in the box. That way all the notes are in one place when the kids are bigger and we have a moment to work on a project like that. Good luck and I hope you find a system that works for you.
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I have a blank diary that I keep for each of my children that I write things down in....little notes, when they rolled over, something cute they said, what I was feeling on a certain day.  It eliminates the pressure of making sure everything gets filled out (even the silly things that I wouldn't necessarily do (e.g. the one I was given had a page to fill out "gifts"....who gave them and what it was.  Something I wasn't worried about including). 

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I didn't keep a baby book for either of mine. Sometimes someone will ask exactly how old they were when the rolled over or something, but otherwise it never seems to be an issue, and even if someone asks, I'm not really bothered by not knowing. I guess with the younger one I probably said something on facebook so maybe I'd be able to find it on there.
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Thanks guys! I think that once a month thing is a good idea, and Im going to try that. Maybe I can do it on the 4th of every month, which is the day they turn "X" amount of months (they were born on Jan 4)..


Mamazee, I cant see it presenting a problem, other than if I didnt keep one my children may grow up and think I didnt care enough to write their stuff down or something. My mom kept a baby book for all of us, except my youngest sister and I remember her holding a lot of resentment that we all had one and she didnt. I also remember it being such a treat to get it out and go through it and look at stuff like my first lock of hair, etc.



I wonder how social media is going to change the tradition of people keeping all of their kids information in one spot...

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I keep a wall calendar and write any new thing that happens in it for either kiddo. Real quick jot note type thing. Then when they hit their next month bday, I update that month in their book using my notes from the calendar.
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I have a book for each girl. It has a section for milestones like rolling over etc but it also has a page for each month for the first year with things that happened that month, what a typical day looks like etc. I try to do that page as close as possible to their "month birthday" and I also update the milestones section then too.

I keep notes on my phone to remind me. I always have my phone with me so it's easy to just jot down the date and "first smile" etc.

I have also just bought them beautiful boxes to keep things which won't fit in the books like the cards we were sent when they were born etc
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Yes, I have a baby book for each kidlet. I have to say, though, I love filling out any sort of form -- even filling out new patient paperwork at the doctor is super fun for me. So to have a whole book to fill in about something I actually care about? Is heaven for me. lol.gif

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A blank journal........without lines at all....would be my preference now that I have been using the other typical baby books. They are not as useful or easy to follow as a blank journal would be.
I keep the baby book in the kitchen.
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Something I've been doing for over a year now is the mini journaling idea I posted about in this thread:


I LOVE it!! Now that it's been over a year, I'm getting to see what we did each day last year as I go through the cards to jot down what we're doing this year. The kids like getting to hear what we did on this day last year -- it's fun to read it just before dinner, and then talk about other details we remember from that day. And this would be a super compact, easy way to keep track of all a baby's milestones too.

As Asiago said, I keep this in the kitchen, so it's simple to just grab it and jot down a quick note every night before bed.
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We have a monthly calendar that was a gift from my sister and the cutest little book "moms one line a day" from a friend. We also have a traditional baby big milestones book that takes the least amount of effort bc its the big milestones. The calndar is hung in our kitchen so it visually reminds me to mark down all the fun stuff. It came with fun stickers and its been pretty easy to keep up with. The one line a day has been harder. Not that I dont have something to reflect on each day but finding the time/ remembering isn't always easy . There are some big gapa but sometimes I fill in a few days at a time. I think they will all be grat to have when shes bigger...which is happning faster than I thought!
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