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Being Single Can Be Better for Your Health

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But you guys probably already know that.  This article put me in mind of the TAO thread asking 'would you remarry'.   Just thought I'd pass it along.  Cheers!



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Heck ya! I was told by 2 psychiatrists and 2 psychologists over the course of my time with X (15 years) that my marriage was making me sick. I should have listened. But, I guess I finally did.

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I started feeling like I was going to die young and unhappy if I didn't end my marriage. And that I would never really be happy again.

We are in the process of separating now and I already feel better.
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I definitely agree, you cannot be in good health in a bad marriage. I have seen my sister literally shed weight and blossom in all aspects of her life in just the few months since her separation, and my health has also improved greatly since my separation.

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I had several stress-related illness before I separated. I'm a much healthier person now.
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Originally Posted by lilgreen View Post

But, I guess I finally did.


Exactly!   thumb.gif

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I went to the hospital before Christmas worried I was having heart problems. He said no classic stress. Then asked me about my relationship and I cried.
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Same here...and he still tries to get to me by blaming me for ALL hrs problems. Just yesterday he test me telling me I'm a horrible disgusting person.... I told his gf about a miscarriage he was unaware of, in casual conversation, and she supposedly left him because of that. But in reality she had just told me she was afraid he picked the wrong one. O.o its a pointless mess that I thankfully stopped caring about. He's rather useless actually.
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I am a few weeks into being in a house with only the two kids and it feels wonderful!
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A man free house has its many many benefits.
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Being in a good marriage is healthy and a bad marriage unhealthy is what the article was saying. A good, loving, committed marriage is healthier to one's mental health than being single.
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No, that's not what the article is saying. This article, and the research sited in it, is not how being in a good marriage is healthier than being single.  The first line explains that the article is about how "being alone is better than being in bad company".  Perhaps because this is the Huffpost Divorce page, not the marriage page?  And that is precisely why I posted this interesting article in the Single Parenting forum here.


In fact, the University's own research article states, "Results of large, national study find people are better off not having a spouse than having poor relationship with one"




And the research that the University's article refers to:  http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0062396  I have not read all of this article.


Indirectly about marriage, the author of the research offers, "“They [the results] suggest that the broader use of couples therapy might be considered, both as a treatment for depression and as a preventative measure.”  But even then, the question was "Are you currently living with someone in a steady, marriage-like relationship?" 


This article is about poor quality marriage versus single life.  Not about good quality marriage.  Of course we can extrapolate that a healthy marriage is better than either other scenario.  There is plenty of research indicating that married people live longer and make more money than unmarried people. But this research is about depression. 


Some evidence that marriage benefits women less than men:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/03/loves-health--benefits-_n_830455.html#s248095title=Life_Span

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