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May 2013 Chat Thread

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It's probably time to start a new one of these ;)

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Hello, May!
Today I had my first MW appointment, got my bloodwork done and booked an ultrasound for May 22 (9weeks). Still feeling partly in denial and nervous. I hope the next 3 weeks go by quickly, maybe I will feel better seeing a little heartbeat!
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I hit 8 weeks yesterday, so less than two weeks until my first appointment (on the 15th)! smile.gif
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Is anybody else in a spot where it feels not quite real?  I'm 8 and a half weeks along, you'd think I'd have gotten used to the idea, but I'll be reading baby-related stuff and get that surge of baby fever like I've had for the last year and more, like "ooh, I want a baby so bad!" And then I'll remind myself "well, that's good, because you're getting one in December!"  In some ways, it still just feels like I have a really extended stomachache lol.

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Brea - I feel the same way about it not quite being real. I'm 8 weeks today, and I can't quite grasp that I'm going to have another baby. I don't have baby fever and it's kind of bumming me out. I'm just faced with the whole medical system and feeling disheartened and it's overshadowing the excitement I might otherwise be feeling. I'm more nervous, anxious because my last pregnancy was so difficult for me mentally (with undiagnosed OCD that was made worse during pregnancy). I feel guilty, because I want to be happy and excited, and I don't want this little one to feel unwanted, but I guess I'm just in the scared, shocked phase.

I need to move past it, know that I'll get through it and that I have some support - I won't be suicidal. I won't be in the dark place again. Things WILL be better and I just have to trust the process, trust myself, and trust the help that I have in my medication and my understanding friends.
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Herbivora, it sounds like you have structure in place that you didn't have last time, it should make a huge difference. It is so hard to feel excited about something that was so terrifying last time. I'm so happy you created support, you should be proud.
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I am almost 10 wks, and I still have a hard time believing that there is going to be another baby...even though I have already felt movement...I guess I am just too afraid to get too excited, too attached quite yet. 


It is difficult to for me to have baby fever when sick and tired all the time. I am hoping that the 2nd trimester will come, we will all feel a bit better physically, reality of babes in bellies will really become obvious, and then we really be able to start enjoying pregnancy.


Herbivore, hug2.gif. I agree with eabbmom, you should be proud to have created the support system you need. I am sorry that your last pregnancy was so difficult, but it sounds like you learned much from it, and you are prepared for this pregnancy, a new pregnancy.

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I'm not even 6 weeks yet and I feel like I've known forever (found out at 3w 2d). I have a feeling that May will just drag by so slowly because I am looking forward to June, when i will be far enough to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I think part of it is that I am worried about miscarrying, especially since we are both so excited about having this baby even though it wasn't planned. So I want to get past this early part when there's nothing to see or do to reassure myself that everything is ok. And second trimester is when it starts to feel more "real" to me as well; when I start feeling strong movement and I'm definitely showing. This first trimester is just long and boring!


On a slightly funny note, at my job I was hired with another lady and we went through training together. At the first day of training the manager told us not to drink the water if we didn't want to get pregnant because there was always at least two pregnant women working there at a time (there are currently two who are due next month.) Well, we've only been on the job a little over a month and we're both pregnant now, both unplanned. She's about a week ahead of me. Apparently there is something in the water, lol!

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Trish, that's hilarious!
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Missbrea: that's soo how I'm feeling right now too. I'm 6w2d and I'm not shocked anymore, I just feel like its not real. I am also missing the baby fever I had w/ DD1 and 2...looking at baby websites just doesn't do anything for me anymore...which is crazy, because from the time DD2 was born I've been dying for another...I felt like someone was missing from our family. No, all I can think about is being done with the baby stage and moving on to another part of my life. I'm soo done, lol!
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Yep, also feeling like this just isn't real. I was talking to a friend today who had a blighted ovum & our symptoms are so similar. I feel like maybe that's what's happening here? I feel so disconnected. Can't freakin wait for my ultrasound on the 22nd!
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Anyone else showing? I totally have a bump already! 8 weeks 1 day. Been feeling a few flutters too.

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Hahaha, yes! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! My (normally flat) belly is so big it's embarrassing. I've been wearing baggy clothes to hide it, because for 8 weeks 1 day pregnant, this is just OBNOXIOUS.

I keep thinking I'm feeling flutters, and I for sure felt my daughter fairly early on at 13 weeks, but I don't know. I think it's the baby but I don't want to tell anyone because they'll think I'm nuts. :P
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Yeah, here's a junky iPad pic taken tonight. Lol
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Not really showing, but I get so bloated by the end of the day, I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! I start the day out with visible abs! Ugh.
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I have been showing since 5 weeks. My uterus is 3-4 inches above my pelvic bone. This happened last time as well, my midwife was sure I was carrying twins. Nope, my uterus just gets a head of itself. Last time I measured ahead til the third trimester then measured behind by 4 weeks. I am small and have a narrow pelvis, I guess my uterus has no where else to go but up!
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Originally Posted by BerryMac View Post

Not really showing, but I get so bloated by the end of the day, I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! I start the day out with visible abs! Ugh.

This is me too. So annoying!

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Oh man Lidamama84, I'm feeling the exact same way! I think for me, I'm feeling so cruddy this pregnancy, and I'm having to chase around a toddler, so I'm just constantly feeling overwhelmed--like, "How am I supposed to take care of 2 of these?!" I guess I have to remember that this too shall pass, and the excitement will return once I feel better :)  


That's a nice bump, KaliShanti!  I'm 9 weeks 5 days, and I'm showing and feeling flutters too :)


I scheduled a dental cleaning appointment for yesterday, and almost got X-rays because I forgot I was pregnant! :-o While I was getting my teeth cleaned, the dentist tried to convince me I have cavities between every single tooth and she needs to drill ASAP--I don't think so. I hate to think the worst of anyone, but I feel like she's trying to take advantage of me because I can't get X-rays due to the pregnancy, so I'm just supposed to take her word for it and let her drill all my teeth. I've had cavities, and I know what they feel like, and my teeth feel completely whole and healthy right now. Just had to rant because I'm so annoyed nono02.gif

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Haha, I've been showing since 5 weeks, but DH just keeps saying "what's that?!?!?!" in tones of fake shock when he sees my belly and I'm just like "oh it's just fat...I'm just not sucking it in now that I'm pregnant" LOL!
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So yesterday I finally dug out my maternity clothes and now I'm wearing one of the tops to work because, honestly, I've had it with trying to suck my stomach in. Let everyone assume I gained a few. My pants/jeans are also unbuttoned constantly now . And pregnancy brain is definitely there. Yesterday I called a friend of mine by a different name twice in a row! He does not know I'm pregnant, I was so embarrassed...


Anyone dealing with fatigue? It started full force last week. I'm napping, sleeping 10 hours a night then waking up tired..

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