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Sorry, Taryn!  We should be except from sickness when we're pregnant!


Yes, it cleared up.  Just happened that once.  No more pink discharge- just something random to worry me.  

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Taryn hope you feel better soon! being sick and pregnant is awful. I have a nasty cold with low fever greensad.gif i feel so bad for DD, i' ve been completely ignoring her greensad.gif
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Hey everyone! Just got back last night from our Roman holiday :)  I can't believe we did it w/ 2 kids and being pregnant, but it was so worth it! We managed to see all the main tourist sights in Rome: Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps. Plus spend time with family and eat gelato! I'm a bit sore in my lady parts from all the walking, but tried to rest lots too. Had 15 minutes to spend in an H&M and I grabbed a bunch of regular clothes that work for maternity too :)


Michelle: Hope your DH is feeling better. Mine had pneumonia 5 years ago and it wasn't fun. Since then, he's gotten the vaccine.


Hope everyone is doing well!

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Lucky you, Lida!  Sounds like an amazing trip!!

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Taryn, sorry you're sick! That sucks.

Lida, yay, glad you had a great holiday!

My DH does seem to be feeling better. I'm just hoping nothing new pops up in the next couple weeks. Seems like it's been one thing after another here.
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We just spent the last two days camping in the bush! We have a friend who has 50 acres of forrest who has invited us to share his land this summer so we went for a trial run. I am so excited and so very nervous but I think we are going to move camp to his property, long term! A summer off grid, NO INTERNET (!!!!!), no running water...quite the adventure! I am so glad to not be insanely sick like I was my last two pregnancies!! This is going to be fun and a lot of work! Our friend is also a pro gardener so I am looking forward to
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...learning more about greenhouses and growing in Northern Canada. His place is zoned "2a" aka...really cold, lol!

*Sorry hit reply by accident and I can't edit*
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Wow, Owl, sounds like quite an adventure!
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I am off to the city for a week now! My mom had a hysterectomy so I am going to go take care of her and keep her company!
Happy Baby Growing!
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Safe travels, owl.  Nice that you can be with your mother at this time.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery. For your mom, Owl.
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I have my first prenatal appointment in two hours! Fingers crossed I can hear the heartbeat early this time! (9 weeks)

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So I finally saw that 'squatty potty' ad you guys were chatting about awhile back.  I think I may order one.  DS has been having tummy issues and I think it may help.  And I tend to get hemorrhoids later in pregnancy.  Fun times.

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We heard the heartbeat! Woo! It was 170. And apparently, my uterus is NOT tilted this time. My urinary stuff is just my body being a butthead over having another kid. Kegels here I come!

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Yay! Congrats, Crazykittymomma!! My appointment isn't until 12 weeks, so hopefully we'll be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. I also have my first u/s that week, so we will find out if there are one or two babies in there love.gif

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Yay for hearing little heartbeats!  My appt isn't until June 24th!  That feels so far away!!  

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Yay for heartbeats!

Baby is moving all over tonight! I feel him on one side, then another, seems like he's all over my uterus! So funny! Must be the chocolate ice cream I ate, lol.
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My baby likes sugar, too! & orange juice!

So I am at my moms, it's like a vacation. I only have my oldest (6 y/o) with me and my sister (20 y/o) & her bf think he's the coolest kid and play with him qhenever they are home. My step dad gave me a bunch of money to go buy "a few outfits" with and my sister is babysitting this morning so I can go shop with a friend! My mom is doing so well and wants me to go out and have some "me" time.

I am pretty excited...I have not maternity clothes shopped since I was pg the first time and that certainly wasn't with gift money!! There is a Motherhood outlet an hours walk from here so my friend (who is 30 weeks pg) and I are going to venture there this morning!
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Sounds like fun, Owlhowl! I do wish your mom a speedy recovery! Yay for "me" time!


Lidamama, I have been offline for a few days, so I am a bit late in saying --  Italy! Cool! Sounds like an awesome trip. *Trying to quell feelings of jealousy*


Well, y'all, I am super-emotional this morning. At work, too. Fun! I feel like I am behind on EVERYTHING. Work, home, my relationships...woe is me! And Father's Day is right around the corner...gotta start working on a present for DH. (He likes hand-made gifts.) 


Last Friday, I went to the CNM again to finish up the bloodwork and cultures for my OB confirmation.  The nurse had the hardest time finding the babe on the doppler. She found the heartbeat for a millisecond and then we heard a "boink" sound.  The babe had kicked away and hid again. The CNM couldn't find the heartbeat either on doppler, so we had another quick ultrasound to confirm heart rate. I realized that I had been giving DH mixed messages because I am always saying, "I want as few ultrasounds as possible." And next thing you know, I am all giddy because I get a sneak peek at the baby again. So yes, I got more pics! I will post them as soon as I get them scanned.


I also got some interesting info re:VBAC, but I will post that over in that thread.


So after this appt. I have decided to go ahead and let everyone know that I am pregnant. I told everyone at work and close family. I have YET to tell my dad, trying to decide if I should tell him now or be patient and wait until Father's Day.

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Earthwalker would your dad hear it first from someone you have already told? If so don't wait for Father's day. If not, sounds like Father's day would be a great time to tell him.

Afm, Looking forward to my first ob appt tomorrow. It was weird today I called to confirm my appointment for tomorrow at 3 pm and the receptionist said I had two appts - one with the nurse at 3 pm and then another at 4 pm with the doctor. I figured once the nurse had what she needed the doctor would come in as part of the appt. Anybody have an appointment experience like this?
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