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Awesome dream Taryn : )  Unassisted births are peaceful.  Dreams are so powerful, as are visualizations.  I had a really clear visualization about my last birth and it happened just like I'd pictured for months before; really neat experience.  Be as specific as you can/want to!  

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Funny thing though, when I checked if the baby was a boy or a girl his penis was the size of a tic tac.  LOL.  Dreams can be so weird.

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Taryn, lovely dream. Most of my birth dreams from last pregnancies are about my birthing unassisted, usually in so e random place. I've never had an unassisted birth but my midwife is so hands off that its almost like that. smile.gif

Afterease can be found here: http://inhishands.com/Afterease.231

Plain baking soda is wayyyy more effective than tums for heartburn.
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Thinking about After Ease, thinking of getting a birth kit together...that makes this seem real : )  I can hardly believe I get to have another baby!!

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All I have to say today is WHY CAN'T I POOP?! This hasn't been a problem in my other two pregnancies, but man, this time it's awful! I think I'm going to go brew some coffee for tomorrow morning so I can actually go. UGH.

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Me too, crazykittymomma!! It's awful!
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Taryn- Papaya enzyme tablets work well for my heart burn- might be worth a shot!

Crazykitty- I hear that, too. I went several days without coffee and then had killer abdominal pain. Then the lightbulb went off: I was backed up for the first time in forever! I broke down and added back a cup of coffee a day.

I'm feeling miserable. I've got so much pain already... I am severely averse to almost every food. Some veggies, all fruit, junk food, burritos, and we found out today, steak are about all I can stomach. Before today it had been two weeks since I could choke down any meat at all. So much for a high fat and protein and legume free diet. Now I'm on the survival diet.
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I hear you on the food aversions, opheliajoy, but right now it's all about getting some calories in, and trying to make the stuff you can eat as nutritious as possible. I could pretty much survive on fast food right now, so I make homemade greasy food, etc. redface.gif
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Why no legumes, ophelia? I would literally be starving if it weren't for my lentils and whole grain bread with tomato paste as mid morning and mid afternoon snack. Yes it seems to be causing some additional gas but at least I am feeling good and not feeling like I am going to vomit.
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Lila, they are I. The avoid list for the Perfect health Diet, which I was trying to follow.
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