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Live long and prosper Sparkle!  I am an entirely unrepentant Trek fan and the movie was just what I needed.  I loved every minute.  I'm sorry for everyone who doesn't know what they're missing! winky.gif


Seriously though it's a balm for my cynical soul to have one future represented hopefully especially considering our current reality (see last post re: what our cleverness has wrought).


So, have they found a leak or are they just digging diagnostically?  I feel for you though.  Last year when our well pump kept dying I was very thankful for or pond for flushing-toilet water, it would get very old very fast without that.


Lofty - Congrats on the end of school!  I and my girls both wish they could go hang with you and your boys!  They would love that.  I can just imagine them heading off into my peripheral vision with sticks and stomping while you and I hang out and drink coffee.  How far from Austin are you?  It's more than just a day trip isn't it?  


JayGee - Yay for a vacation on the horizon!  


Nic - Yes, TM anytime.  It's all about manifesting your intentions right?  The New Moon (any new moon) is a good time for that extra astral boost.  Thinking of you and your exciting decision.


Jaxy - Woot woot!  Keep it up girl!


RR: Nothing on my schedule although I'll probably work which will entail weight lifting and ladder climbing.  But dh grabbed the dog and headed out this morning for a run!  This is like the third or fourth in a week or so!  And he's been lifting weights with a buddy!  I think he may have been spurred out of inaction by his latest driver's license pic which looked very much like a fat old man.  Whatever works is good I say.  I wouldn't want anyone to tell me to get my ass out the door because I'm getting fat (except for you ladies of course!) so I've been keeping it zipped, but I'd be thrilled to have a smaller hubby.


Have a great weekend Dingos!  And good luck Real, Gaye and Dmitrizmom on your races tomorrow!! jog.gif

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RR: first in a long while (March?) Bike intervals for 36 minutes: whoa I am not strong. C25K for 32, mostly running between an 8:41 and 8:13 minute mile! Woot. Felt so good. God I love endorphins

Plady - biglaugh.gif I do love Benedict Cumberbatch though, if for no other reason than that name! But he is great as Sherlock Holmes too loveeyes.gif
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Lofty, way to rock school! jammin.gif In our house, ds will finish math tomorrow, science tuesday and history thursday. He will probably finish up art by thursday, too, and then has just one more test and a final in French. Both kids took standardized tests (which I guess I care enough to want to see scores). Nothing "at stake," but I do hope to come away with some kind of motivation to get dd really reading this summer.


Plady, on the future, I may be approaching that stage where I am ready for a mountain refuge in a developing country, where the water table is still cleanish, the earth has not been entirely mined, and the population is not quite exploding. Dh and I knocked heads about what our future might look like and how we might get there. We might have the money, but we need to educate the kids. Because their generation, yikes. Either the solution or the problem. Dd was in line to have produce weighed today and a girl butted in front of her, and when she said, "excuse me, I was waiting already, you need to stand behind me," the girl's reply was not a sheepish face or stupid excuse. It was, "It's all right!" As in, "you stupid underling, I belong in front of you." Similar happened to dh, with an adult. Same store, same shopping trip. banghead.gif


Imagine this is your experience at least once every time you leave your house. How long would you take it before snapping? Dh is completely at the end of his patience. My kids hardly trust their own judgment to cross a street because it's common for cars to blow through out of nowhere going 100kph. People close elevator doors in your face, on purpose. Or barge into the elevator as the doors open, leaving the person trying to get out squeezing through. Constituents of the population don't make eye contact with anyone (unless to roll their eyes and click their tongues). And for our indignation and frustration, we possess our passports and are not paying back visa costs. If we were deported, well...we don't have to care as much as some people do. And of course, THOSE are the people who make eye contact, smile, hold doors, say hello and thanks and all that. And are routinely treated far worse than the small offenses I take daily. Sigh. 


I am ready for some Midwest Nice. It must be time to go.


And what would that developing world refuge look like? 20 or so acres off a country road, hours from the ILs, tall wall/fence (possibly topped with broken bottles planted into the cement), a loyal and fearless dog, and my own mule. Chickens, goats, sheep, vegetables, bees, trees. I would be at least 50% proprietor to protect my assets from ILs in case of the unspeakable.


We hope to start real estate shopping soon. bigeyes.gif Just never know where life will take you. I think we can handle this a couple more years if we are lucky. I don't have an idea of what is between here/now and there/then. But I keep telling dh we need to get the heck out before it starts raining fire and stones.


RR: Sand/wind today, so no deal. But I should be in bed by 9 tonight and out on the street early tomorrow. Also yoga tomorrow night--which is quickly becoming hot yoga. namaste.gif

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omgosh, JO, Yikes! I'd be ready for some Midwestern Nice, too! I'm so ready for you to get that break. Glad you're all on the same page about it. DH & I had a similar convo this morning. Do we want to stay here, keep investing time & money. Will the kids want to bother to come back and visit here one day? What do we need to add to make it more comfortable? If we could afford a farmhand, who, how much, how often? We have time and we have health and those two things make us feel pretty well off, but one day we will want/ need more money, I suspect...

Plady & Sparkle. I love your banter. lol.gif Not a trekkie myself, but so happy to read about how /why you love it so.

Plady, 5 hours from Austin. mecry.gif When will you be there?

Sparkle, lawn update? Did they find the problem? Where in the heck has the water been going?

Anyone listen to country music listen to that song, "I Drive Your Truck" and catch the interview on All Things Considered? What a great (but awfully tragic) song! bawling.gif

I wrote a blog post about the Snake and posted my video asking ds to get a machete, shovel, whatever and someone wrote a reply eviscerating me about killing the snake. Fortunately, her comment is waiting in my approval cue, but dude, now I'm the one who feels hacked. DH thinks I should post it with no comment. And I'm thinking about deleting the unnecessary viddy where I mention hacking anything.

RR: Yoga & weights today. namaste.gif

Realrellim, Dmitirizmom, Tjsmama, Have a great race tomorrow! Looking forward to an awesome race report. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as I do my relatively short, long run. thumbsup.gif
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Dana: yes! Caught I drive your truck. Omg sobbing.

Midwestern nice: folks: here we have to slow down in the driving lane on the highway to allow oncoming traffic on the on ramp to merge.

No exercise to speak of, unless you count running to commencement bc I was late.
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lofty - I heard that story about "I Drive Your Truck" and it had me bawling as well. DD1 loves country music, so we hear that song frequently.

kerc - they must be nicer in Minnesota than Illinois....

jooj - OY! That would be more than I could take as well. Get ready to get your Midwest on!

Best of luck to everyone racing tomorrow! I will live vicariously through you all smile.gif.

NRR - lots of kids here this weekend. DS and a friend were working on a school project. DD1 had a friend over, but it was one of those friends whoe doesn't want to do anything DD suggests and doesn't know what she wants to do instead. DD2 had twin sisters over for a crazy, wet time on the trampoline with a hose!

Planning to run tomorrow morning before I head off to teach Sunday School.
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sparkle--so sorry about the plumbing stuff.

tjsmama--hope you find parking. I thought about parking at the Auraria campus and taking a B-cycle bike to the park 'cause it's only 3.5 miles, but then realized I'd be parking and biking in the dark and um, no.

Would do more personals but it's time for J to go to bed and I need to do the same shortly after her.

If you want to track me during the marathon and happens to be on Twitter, I'm @ realrellim. I think anyone can read the twitter feed or maybe even search just for my username without belonging, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, it begins at 6 am (!!!) and they told us to park by 4:45 am and had absolutely nothing useful to tell us at the Expo other than "get there early." Um, ok. So I think I'm going to leave my house at 4 am. I really don't understand why they don't run a few RTD buses from park & rides like the Bolder Boulder does, but then again, I've been less than impressed with Colfax's website and information and all, so there's that.
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Run Dingoes! jumpers.gif


I tried posting earlier, but our Internet died. It has since been resurrected. I got out early-ish for my run and it went well; need to remember to take a few days off in a row now and then because the down time really does help. Anyway, came home to both kids doing their work until the Internet service went down, and since ds is in finals week, it threw us off. So I packed them up and we biked down to the beach for 2 hours until the appointment for the phone company to come and fix out $#!t again. I'm so lame; such a small thing and it really threw me. I actually canceled on yoga, but then reconsidered and changed my rsvp back. I go in an hour to yoga and will hit the sack early. And ds finally did get through the math final (looks like A, maybe A-minus to me). Just a few more to go, and a few more days. 

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Water is fixed joy.gif The repair wasnt such a big deal (the yard wasnt that destroyed). We went to a party last night and told a friend who said because of where our house is geologically speaking the water probably ran down into the river or the aquifer. I hope. because there was some in the yard/digging, but not no 300,000 gallons! yikes2.gifheadscratch.gif

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So fun to trail the runners.

RealRellim: Colfax Marathon : - 15.9 Miles in 2:24:46. Pace 9:03. Est: 3:57:13. ETA: 10:00:34.

TJSMAMA: Colfax Half Marathon: - Half Marathon Split in 1:03:16. Pace 9:40. Est: 2:06:31. ETA: 9:15:39.

Dmitrizmom, Not Sure....

GO DINGOS!!!!!! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

eta: Xposted with you Sparkle. 300,000 gallons! bigeyes.gif
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Three HUNDRED THOUSAND GALLONS! ?!  Okay, now that's seriously insane that the water co. didn't crack down on you sooner.  What's a normal month for you?  


Lofty - Might want to take out last names on your post there.  winky.gif


NRR: Painted the back bathroom this morning.  It's ridiculous.  It took me about two and a half hours to transform the place into something close to done (still needs baseboard and new flooring) after 5 years of it being half old paint and half new sheet rock.  I'd post a pic for those of you who have had to shower in its former glory but small bathrooms just don't wow on camera.


RR; Went to a bootcamp class yesterday and had my ass handed to me.  I really thought I was at least moderately fit but um, hello Miss Notsomuch.redface.gif  So I guess I'll try to work that one into the weekly lineup.  

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Eh, not too worried since my last name is in my twitter feed too. wink1.gif

Final results: 4:00:44, a 9:11 pace. Wasn't quite sub-4, but was a 4-hour marathon, so yay! joy.gif And then I got to meet up with tjsmama afterward. Or rather, much later afterward, seeing as first I really, really needed to sit down (the water line was super-slow) and then I needed to hobble to get my bag, and then I hobbled back and decided to get some food and then decided I really needed a massage. She was still cheering in runners and waiting for some friends. But we'll be headed to the Bolder Boulder nice and early next week and will have brunch too, so yay! (Also, ouch. By mile 23 or 25...it all kind of blurred together...I was thinking about how I don't ever want to run fast again and maybe I'll jog the BB next weekend.... Hopefully I'll be mostly recovered by then because there is the hate-being-passed thing.)

RR: Parking ended up being a non-issue. I was there by 4:40 or maybe a little earlier and ended up turning right on 23rd Ave because I wasn't sure I could turn left into the neighborhoods. That direction takes me to the zoo, but I realized that the zoo's far parking lot, reserved for school buses during the week, was completely open and not blocked off. The car ahead of me turned in there and I followed and sort of waited for someone to come shoo us out. No one did, so yay! That lot is so far out that I didn't really feel like I was taking up valuable zoo parking, though I think a number of other runners may have. The race people actually seemed to be parking some people (volunteers? marathoners?) in the museum's parking garage too, so go figure (the museum has very little parking, and the fact that the zoo and museum are kitty corner tends to compound the situation). Anyhow, it was still pitch black but there were no portapotty lines and I think I was over by the start area by 4:50 or so. And it was still dark (corrals & start line; finish line):


Bag drop, more portapotty stops, got to the corral and saw a mom from R's class there running the relay, chatted, realized I *needed* one more portapotty stop so I hustled over and got back 5 minutes before the race started, and a bit too late to make it through the corral to the 4:00 pacer up front. No worries. So I chased them for 3 or so miles and caught up with them when we ran through the fire station (where, notably, they were all fully clothed; apparently some were shirtless by the time tjsmama came through for the half). Then it was down the river, through the stadium, and up to Sloans Lake. So far, so good. Not having to chase the pace group helped. Splits for miles 1-10: 8:44, 8:44, 8:28, 8:33, 8:58, 8:53, 9:00, 9:17, 8:57, 9:13

There were dragon boats out on Sloans Lake, and some Chinese dragon dancers, which was awesome. Also, there was lots of water, which was good because they didn't have any at mile 4...something about Denver hadn't turned the water, and they didn't have any from there until mile 7.5 or so. They did have some on the way back, thankfully. (I always carry some water exactly for these reasons, though most of my races are smaller rural ones too.) Then we headed through Lakewood, which is notable mostly for hills and an art school that I didn't know existed there. This was where I started fantasizing about those toffee nut chocolate chip bar things that Starbucks makes, and was about halfway through the race. Then more Lakewood and more uphill and twisting through some very nice neighborhoods (who knew they existed there?) and finally back out onto Colfax around mile 16 or 17 or something. (I could check the map, but I won't.) The next 4 or so miles were completely downhill. Our pacer had us play a game where we ran two by two and people would try to increase the pace and hold it steady, then the next group would come up and so forth. Apparently it made us faster. I'd stopped checking times, mostly because I couldn't do the math of 9 x 17 in my head and run fast. (Sadly, there was a point where I could not for the life of me do 9x7. Yes, it's 63, but I could only do 9x8 and subtract to have a guess at our pacing. My brain addled quickly this time. I blame dehydration.) Splits for miles 11-19: 8:53, 9:16, 9:05, 9:11, 9:37 (big Lakewood hill), 9:16, 8:49, 9:23, 9:09

Mile 20 was the stadium, again. I was tired and falling away from the pace group, a situation not helped by some of the slower relay runners and some of the slower 10-mile runners who were taking up space in the narrow passage through the stadium (we had to stay strictly off the turf). Nevertheless, I got stubborn and reeled in the pace group again, mostly. By then it was mile 22? or 23? We were running through downtown and there was one ugly hill out of downtown and then it's basically downhill/flat 'til the park. I knew I needed to push the pace (mostly because the pacer told me this, though I kind of guessed despite refusing to look at my Garmin anymore), so I kept trying to hang in there. Everything was tired and I was still vaguely nauseated (a situation that I'd had on and off, no doubt related to fueling/hydration issues that I struggle with in marathons), but as in previous marathons, I don't hit a wall. I just get a bit slower. Also, this was a billion times better than the evil hills at Steamboat last year, so I kept trying to push the pace. Eventually we made it back to City Park, where they made us do one of those stupid short legs around cones (the thing where you do a 180 around the cone and essentially backtrack a short leg) and then it was through the park. We were getting close and the pacer caught up and passed me and said we had one minute. The finish line appeared to be in sight...but it was the start line. (I knew this. I'd taken pictures of both. But I was sprinting nevertheless). So we pass it and I could not keep sprinting and there was no way I was actually going to make it in a minute to the finish line now in sight, so I slowed enough that I wouldn't puke on someone next to me and finally, it was done. I even got my arms up for a picture, which didn't happen last year because I was in so much pain. Splits for mile 20 through the end: 9:22, 9:02, 9:12, 9:42, 9:00, 9:34, 9:21, 8:54.

Given everything going on this semester: two conference papers, two trips, last week's orchestra and choir concerts and playing for church and having a 3-year-old and having two sinus infections that interfered with my training, and the horrible running I've done for the last two weeks, I was really pleased. As far as I'm concerned, anything under 4:01 is a 4-hour marathon. It also suggests that with better training or less going on in my life, I could pull off sub-3 under the right conditions: flat course, good running weather. Today was that: it was overcast until mile 17 or 18, and in the 50s or low 60s, and my Garmin (corrected) says it had about 1100 in elevation climbing (map my run says 500, but I'd guess the 1100 is a little closer to the truth, since Lakewood is higher and we were coming up from the river). I'm not sure I want to start thinking about a sub-4 marathon yet (see: I never want to run fast again, not even next week), but I'm sure I will. eyesroll.giflol.gif I'd honestly guessed I'd come in somewhere between 4:03 and 4:10, so this was really, really fabulous.

And now, it's time for a nap!
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

Eh, not too worried since my last name is in my twitter feed too. wink1.gif

Ditto. smile.gif That, and I just generally don't stress too much about internet privacy. I know I probably should, but eh.

I popped on to post that real freaking smoked it, but she beat me to it AND posted her race report already! I literally just walked in the door from having brunch. Back later with a full report, but the short version is that I felt decent until 8.5 when my hip started acting up, and then the wheels kind of fell off. BUT, I still ran a 2:15:54, so not too shabby. Kind of burns, though, since I was on pace for sub-2:12. Oh well. orngtongue.gif Oh yeah, and shirtless firefighters. drool.gif
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

Oh yeah, and shirtless firefighters. drool.gif
This is worthless without pictures!! wink1.gif
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Hello, my dear Dingo friends grouphug.gif  I don't have time to read and catch up with everyone now but want to this week. I will also share an update elsewhere in the next few days. Today was a pivotal day for me. I am okay, good even, but something major has shifted. Thank you for helping me get to this point.

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Shanti, sending you big hugs and ongoing strength and bravery.

Tjsmama and real, congrats to both of you!!!

sparkle, I'm glad you found the leak. Fingers crossed for some bill forgiveness. Yikes!

Last night the kids had a sleepover at grandma's, so I came home from my 12 hour day to a clean kitchen/living/dining room, dinner made and clean sheets on the bed. What a treat! We even got to go out for brunch before picking them up. Usually we use sleepovers for me to work nights when my husband is out of town, and this was our first kid free night in ages.

RR- 5km run plus a bunch of yardwork.
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grouphug.gif Shanti grouphug.gif

Race report (long version):

For the record, I do not recommend going to a fundraiser party for your kid's school (that includes an open bar) the night before a half marathon. That said, I mostly behaved myself, and even won a bucketload of cash (unfortunately mostly singles! orngtongue.gif), and got home at a relatively decent time. If you can count 11:30, when you have to be up at 5, as decent...

I was fortunate enough to not have to deal with the parking issue, thanks to the kindness of friends. My friend was being dropped off by HER friends, and they offered to pick me up on the way. We still ran into road closure issues and had to hoof it across the park to get to the start area, where bag check took waaaaaay too long. I am all for increased security after Boston BUT...there were exactly 5 security people checking bags for a race of 6000 people. And they were doing THOROUGH checks, too. Like, really? Rummaging around in the bottom of my bag to inspect my chapstick? I'm sorry, but it's gonna take something a lot bigger than my chapstick to do any kind of real damage. Anyway...got our bags checked, hit the port-o-potties (whooweeeee, they were stinky by this point--the marathon started an hour earlier), and then headed to the start line. There was a moment of silence for Boston, the anthem, and then they started sending corrals off. For the record, the 1/2 and full are pretty much entirely different courses, so you can't really compare my race to real's at all. Same start/finish, and a couple of small sections that are the same in City Park, but the full goes west and the half goes east.

The first mile ticked off nicely and the mile marker was right on. And that was the last time. From looking at my Garmin and comparing to the course map, I think they neglected to take us on a short out and back out of a roundabout and instead took us straight through the roundabout. Mile 2 and every marker thereafter were a tenth off, give or take. Annoying, but no big deal. Just past mile 2, we entered the zoo. BEST PART OF THE RACE. It was WAY cool to run through the zoo, even without too many animals out and about that early (and the ones who were looking at us like we were crazy!). Caught sight of ostriches, monkeys, flamingos, vultures, camels, and even an elephant. It was seriously awesome. Once out of the zoo, we hit a looooong straight stretch (like 3 miles, no turns). Around mile 8, we ran through a fire station (literally, in one side and out the other), but it wasn't all that exciting. orngtongue.gif Shortly after that was when my hip started saying hi. Loudly. And the walking began. At that point, I was below 10 minute pace. Blargh. Just couldn't tough it out. The last 5 miles were a struggle, trying not to walk too much and completely blow my race, but at the same time keep my hip from quitting entirely. Oh, and did I mention the blisters? rolleyes.gif Brand new ones, on both feet, R>L. So weird, too...same shoes, same socks, same orthotics as my 10 miler a few weeks ago, but brand new blisters in spots I've never had blisters before. Fortunately, they were more annoying than painful at this point. By mile 11, when I saw the sign for the photo op with the shirtless firefighters (from the Denver firefighters calendar) in two blocks, I was ALL over it. I mean, my race had already kind of been shot, why not, right? Unfortunately, photos will have to wait for the official ones, since I didn't carry my phone with me. orngbiggrin.gif They were rather attractive young men, I must say. shy.gif That last long stretch before the turn into the park (2 1/2 miles, give or take) seemed like it took FOREVER. I had the same problem as real where I saw the start line and thought it was the finish and was sooooo happy, only to find out that it wasn't the finish line after all. rolleyes.gif I finished, got my stuff, and headed to the finish chute to cheer for people. Somehow, I managed to JUST miss real, but still had fun hanging out and cheering for a while.

So, 2:15:54. Not bad. Not great, but not bad, especially considering my training (I know, I say this EVERY race!). I think it's time to get serious about training. I really want to get a sub-2 half, and I think if I'm serious about training, I can do it. I also would like to be a lot more serious about training for NYC this year. Maybe I won't be able to go as fast as I dream about, but I should definitely be able to PR. And at the very least, I would like to be a little less sore after my race. Holy hobbling around all day! orngtongue.gif Next up, triathlon time! Hey, I swam yesterday! For reals! lol.gif
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Great report! clap.gif I love racing vicariously through you. orngtongue.gif Took names off. Sorry I missed that. WTG!!! thumbsup.gif

Shanti, grouphug.gif

Mel, glad you had that kind of quiet, alone time with dh. I love it (on the rare occasions) when that happens. smile.gif

Plady, renovating everything yourself takes so darn long! Glad you got bathroom finished!!! thumb.gif Not sure when we'll get our classroom finished as everything has been derailed by critter control. Then we leave for NY...

RR: very nice run in my part of the world yesterday + weights + outdoor shower. I'm kinda tired of the outdoor shower thing. Are we hippies? Hillbillies? Rednecks? It would be nicer if it were *optional.* Today's plan: long yoga. My posture is getting terrible!!!

NRR: DH & I did more "spring cleaning" as in turning over more furniture and looking for any kind of critters. Kitty is still acting very freaky about walking on the floor. We also watched 2 movies together while the boys watched something else. I don't think I've watched 2 grown-up movies in a weekend since I was maybe in college? Silver Linings (My choice) and The Graduate (His choice). Loved Silver Linings - not crazy about psycho movies. Finished The Fault In Our Stars last night. bawling.gifbawling.gif Fantastic and quick read. Poignant observations about meaning of life, love, laughter, pain, etc. Def recommend. Okay, must corral kids for Math, Spelling and Latin + end-of-year projects that I just decided they need to do. orngtongue.gif

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Congratulations to Real and Gaye!!!! Awesome, awesome job on the races! Real, impressive marathon time smile.gif. And Gaye, you do more on less training AND sleep than I can fathom!

lofty - I also loved The Fault in Our Stars. I went on a huge John Green kick over the winter and read every one of his books. They are all good, but Paper Towns was my favorite. Hope you can get all the creepy crawlies out of your house.

There are big thunderstorms rolling through this morning, so I will have to delay my swim until they have passed. Time to reacquaint myself with the pool (and my bike) since I've decided to do another triathlon in August with the women's running group I joined smile.gif.

NRR: Does anyone else live in a place where athletics trump everything else? Where prowess on the field (in the pool, on the track) is more important than anything else? Where everyone's kid seems to be an amazing athlete focusing on competitive sports at a very young age? I'm losing my mind here in the heartland. DS plays soccer. He's okay at it, but not aggressive at all, and probably the worst player on his team of phenoms. He's a good swimmer, but not great. DD1 is the same, good, but not great. DD2 likes soccer, but shows the same lack of aggression that makes DS a not-so-great player. Yet there is all this pressure to be THE BEST, THE FASTEST, THE WINNER all the time. It really doesn't help that DH was one of the top ranked soccer players in the nation in college and has been selected for the Senior Olympics Over 50 team for St. Louis. It seems that all three kids have inherited my lack of ability on the field. It disappoints DH. And it's hard to watch DS on the field with his team, who are all so much better players than he is. I want to say it doesn't matter, but around here, it does.
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