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sparkle jaw.gif to all of it. Good and bad. And that rock.


Plady, I wish I could see you performing.

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RR: ran the mini today in 1:47, 8 minutes slower than I would have liked. Although I was very worked up about a traumatic accident at our house last night. I also did new things that I shouldn't have and have learned from this.

NRR: ds3 (8yo) had a friend over after school, first time this kid has been here and within 15 minutes I'm sending him to the hospital for emergency surgery on his leg. Literally two jumps on our trampoline, his leg gets ripped open something nasty (I'm talking bone visible). He had to stay on the hospital until this afternoon. My dear child feels horrible that this happened and is traumatized by the event and the view of the leg.

Gaye - so sorry about your gma

Plady - sorry about your kitty.

Sparkle - wow!!!

Bec - super amazed at your accomplishments!!! Hope your trip home was safe.
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I have a question for y'all...

I'm a newbie regarding jogging, started a month ago, never been a jogger since they would force us to run in high school and I've always been overweight and very self-conscious...


Anyway, like I said I started a month ago and I love it! I only jog for 10 mins (without stopping, which is good for me) but I wonder if y'all have any advice...? I have an alright cardio since I ride my bike to work 4 days a week (35 mins at a time) but what makes me stop is that burning feeling in my calves... I read that sprinting makes you loose your belly pretty fast, what do you think? I did sprint today and my throat was on fire... You think I should stick to normal jogging or give sprinting a try? Any tips? Also I have crappy 10$ Wal-Mart shoes, any particular brands that are affordable (50-60$) but good?


Sorry to pop in like that, but I think I really need advise... 2whistle.gif

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Ugh, RM, hug.gif that could happen to any of us. Poor ds and poor kid. We have a trampoline and love it but I am constantly worried. Yikes! Good job on your race, by the way!

Jess, where do I start? okay ditto Jo. jaw2.gif That is Some.Rock! The hormone roller coaster - crap.gif and the papers. uhoh3.gif I don't know how you manage at all. And when you wrote, "someday I'm going to light out ... in my head, I said, "for the territory ahead. Because Aunt Sally's going to sivilize me and I can't stand it. I been there before." Were you thinking that when you wrote it? One of my all-time favorite lines. We say that around here all the time. So, you light out whenever you want. No sivilation here. orngbiggrin.gif

Plady, still sad about Ninj. Thrilled dh passed the bar. Now what? Yay for the Play! I'm so glad you got back on that horse. Sounds like the second night was great!! AND... yay for the weight loss. Now if you can figure out how to maintain it, let me know!

RR & TJsmama, love your run report. So happy you got to meet up and share the Secret Sprinter reveal in person! Too cool. clap.gif

I think there was more... headscratch.gif

RR: Got in a run this morning. This strange cool weather begs for a run. But I'm so frustrated to only be maintaining my weight. I really wanted to lose at least 10 more pounds this year and maintain NEXT year. So, I know it's a head game for me and I just haven't figured out how to play it yet at my age, with my energy, in my space/place, etc. I'm all ears for tricks. Dh & I were just wondering at what ages our boys will be able to hike a big trail with us (AT, PT or Santiago) and I thought 13 & 16 or 14 & 17. Then I added up my age and that will make me 50. yikes.gif So I BETTER get my act together. I will NOT be an OLD LADY to my kids. Not. Not. Not. My favorite exercise these days is lifting weights. It just feels better afterward than yoga or running but I am no good with accountability. So... thinking about my new, approaching 50, headgame. rolleyes.gif
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Jaxy, x-posted with you. I think running/walking is a good plan since you're new at running. Also, I wouldn't run too much in questionable shoes. I prefer running barefoot or in Vibrams but when I wore regular running shoes, it was very, very important to go to a good, specialized running store and get a recommendation. Now, this isn't for everybody but if money is tight, you can go and figure out what shoe will work for you and then look for it on eBay. Of course, you don't know how many miles have already have already been put on that shoe, so it might not be a good idea. When I found the shoe I loved, I bought several pairs at once bc they were on sale. But when I switched to barefoot, I didn't need them anymore and sold them. So, you never know... Good luck and Welcome and isn't jazz fest going on now? It must be C-r-a-z-y in NO!
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Sorry to be dominating the thread.

Geo, there was just a thread about this on the homeschool forum. Amazon and Audible and Whispersync are running a promotion to get you to use Whispersync. If you download the book through Whispersync (I think) it's free. You can switch from audio to non-audio and go back and forth. There were lots of classic kids books. Some are free and some are .99. You can buy these and just not listen to it if you would rather read and vice versa.

Books for free on the Kindle. (Did you say Kindle)

And here deals for .99

Let me know if you do this because I really want to try it but I just subscribed to Audible for $7.95 per month but I like the idea of switch back and forth better bc ds1 prefers reading and ds2 prefers listening. Hope it works. Where are you heading?

Congrats on the couch.
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Sparkle, Runningmommy, hug2.gif

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Jaxy, I think some intervals or hills would be a great way to build up strength instead of just straight jogging. Also run/walk intervals to increase your run time- take it slowly with sore calves and get to a running store to get properly fitted.

Sparkle, that's an impressive climb! Big hugs to you. I've been thinking of you often.

Geo, great couch work!

Plady, congrats to our DH on the bar and to you on the play. The blank moment in stage sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

RM, sorry about the trampoline trauma. Sorry the stress slowed your run, too.

RR- Bootcamp last night was crossfit inspired. The trainer has been doing some crossfit and incorporating it into our workouts. I loathe box jumps. Today I stripped and painted my back door frame and door today that's been beaten up by winter storms. It was a post-push-up arm burner.

NRR- My husband is back from his week away and making major adjustments in our office for his arthritis. We're now equipped with voice recognition software and more excitingly a standing work station. I need a step stool to use it truly ergonomically (he's 10ish inches taller), but I still like it.

As Plady mentioned, we're having a heat wave! Nora is doing okay with some limits on outside time and de-pollination baths. We're still making weekly visits to the Chinese medicine doctor, and he tweaked her herbs and cupping regimen again today. We're working on some dietary stuff too (hot/cold) and way ahead of where we were last year at this time. Since late January she's had ventolin twice and Benadryl once. Last year we went through four bottles of Benadryl and several inhalers in the same time period.
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I found the thread. speaking my post isn't working well but typing isn't going much better. I spent all day outside at the water. We had outrigger races all day long. Two daughters raced and the third claimed a kite from a tree and flew it most of the day. Plady, we were at d'anza cove by the playground played at. Fun, dirty , and exhausting.
Lofty, my boys are 11 years apart. I wonder how their perceptions of me will vary. I am older but no longer pregnant all the time!
I want to say more but exhausted little people are feisty not sleepy! I must go help them.
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How scary, RM.

Thanks for the list, Lofty.

Welcome, Jaxy. For what you describe, while you work on finding better shoes, find a softer surface to run on. Even the street's asphault is actually softer than a sidewalk's cement. Better would be to find a track (zzzzzz) or run along some grass or dirt. Be sure to stretch and warm up. So if I were you, I'd do

10 min walk
Stretch break with long (30sec) stretches on those calves 2-3 times.
Jog 5 min
Walk 2 min, stretch if necessary at the end of the walk break, and then repeat the jog-walk cycle 3 times.

This will increase you running time, and hopefully help your calves.

Brilliant idea: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amy-wruble/lets-move-mothers-day_b_3142759.html?utm_hp_ref=parents&ir=Parents
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Lofty - yes, the exact line orngbiggrin.gif And I'm right there with you on the weights and approaching 50 head-game. I'm not exactly approaching 50, but my endocrine system thinks I am, so everything else is following suit. Weights are a better way to go with age. Ive always thought that as I get older the ratio of cardio to weights will shift slowly. My prof. from last year, in his 50's, lifts only, a couple times a week, but it is like HIIT lifting (we go to the same gym, so I see him there), so there's some cardio too. I imagine someday, the cardio for me will be a jog a few times a week and several weight workouts like that. His physique is drool.gif !
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I bought myself a new pair of running shoes and have them to the kids to wrap up for Mother's Day. I'm not a big celebrant, though. I booked myself to teach prenatal on Saturday and work a night on Mother's Day Sunday.

The kids are a bit disappointed that I'll miss the multicultural Mother's Day picnic/potluck, so they'll take grandma instead.
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Something in DS thankfully has clicked on gifting.  He's got all the "going all out for a birthday/special day" genes in the family.  He had DH take him shopping yesterday for supplies, and he's been up in his room crafting for about 10 hours since.  I wasn't even aloud to put him to bed last night for fear I'd see something.


I've taken kerc's wise advise and started announcing for Mother's Day, my birthday, and Christmas how things are going to go.  I'm not that big on it, but I appreciate something small an no hint of hearing how much following through with something small is such a burden.  Actually, I think that's the biggest thing.  Do something in a way that doesn't communicate to me that doing something for me a big burden.  DS' delightful crafting is great because he's loving doing it.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Actually, I think that's the biggest thing.  Do something in a way that doesn't communicate to me that doing something for me a big burden.  DS' delightful crafting is great because he's loving doing it.



And that's so sweet that your DS is really into making gifts. I love that.


RM - So sorry about the trampoline accident greensad.gif That must have been really traumatic all around. All the worry in the world can't keep accidents from happening sometimes. Hope you are doing ok and your DS, too. And of course the friend, too!


Sparkle & Lofty - you guys are on the same wavelength!


Plady - I also wish I could come see you in a play! Yay on the weight loss!!


Welcome Jaxy! I started running in a pair of shoes I got at TJ Maxx, and they were fine for the lower mileage. The advice you already got about stretching your calves diligently is good. Two other things I would add to that advice:

  • Give some thought to your form. I am fairly certain that my own calf problems are partly due to my running form. There are oodles of articles on running form and what works for me might not be right for you. I like what Matt Fitzgerald talks about in his books and also Chi Running has some good tips.
  • Don't be afraid to keep the run/walk strategy to increase your mileage. By strategy, I mean planning walk breaks into your run (like in the Galloway method) and sticking to that rather than walking when you already get tired. It helps prevent muscle fatigue so you can run longer and maintain better form.


I had my 10k yesterday. I worked my rear end off in that race, went out fast and thought I was all set for a PR. Yeah, not so much. I missed it by about 10 seconds, and my goal of beating an hour by about 35 seconds. Grr, that darned 59 minute 10k eludes me!  We stuck around for the awards and parade for the Hell Hole Swamp Festival, and wow - very interesting. There were lots of fire trucks, tractors, one band, some horses, the Shriners in their tiny cars (DS was beside himself. He now wants to grow up to be a Shriner.), and many many pageant winners, from babies up to the Miss Hell Hole Swamp. lol.gif Strange stuff.


Rainy day here - trying to get my work done early because there is a neighborhood potluck going on tonight. I am making margaritas to share. I might have lost a day of work the last time I had margaritas. bag.gif

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Whew busy thread this weekend.

Trampolines thrill and scare me to death.

Dana: big hiking trip. Yes please!

Geo: couch looks fabulous! Awesome on e making something special!! Books- does your library do them? I should share ours with you. When/where are you going? We're coming your way, I think first week of July.

Our sewer line estimate arrived: $7000. Super. That'll get us a new house trap, new house stack, basement toilet replumbed, shower roughed in. And excavate lateral line and replace it + water main. Awesome. However I'm over showering at the y.

Must go pick up kiddo at friends' house.
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Dang, Kerc. That stinks. disappointed.gif Ours is a little less than that but not much. We're still using our outdoor bath which is nice for now but I'm dreading mosquito season. I have hung a mosquito net around it but Ugh. That's a lot of dough, isn't it? Dh wants to dig it out ourselves but I seriously don't think I can do it. Now, if we rent a Kubota, I think we can dig out the old line and put in a new one. But... we'll see.

Sparkle, same wavelength indeed. I need to google HIIT...

Geo, totally agree on the mother's day swap. I've taken Kerc's advice as well and it has helped a lot.

Mel30, Miss Hell Hole Swamp biglaugh.gif Heeeheeeheee. My imagination is going wile. Good job on the race! smile.gif

Mommajb, Hi, I know you're reading along and can't write back, so wave.gif

RR: none today

NRR: 3 windows in the conversion. 2 more going in today. Woot-woot!! coolshine.gif
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Working sewer is so important when you live on a city block. I'm not doing it myself bc it's too freaking hard. I just need it done.

Also: lofty you guys could do an Algonquin or boundary waters canoe trip for a week now.
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rm~Great race! Sorry about the trampoline accident. greensad.gif

jaxy~Welcome! What the others have said...work toward better shoes, run on softer surface, start off with walk/jog as needed. Definitely work on building your endurance before adding speedwork.

mel38~Congrats on your race! Sorry you missed your PR, but that's still a great time!


geo~I love how sweet your DS is to be crafting for you. love.gif My DS does ok, but definitely requires prompting from others to do stuff. And really, he's all I have to do stuff for me, although my mom does occasionally do something.

I'm wiped out after working (and working hard, for that matter) the last two nights. I picked up a call shift tonight, but we had 17 discharges scheduled for today, so I'm hopeful that I can just earn $5/hr for sleeping in my own bed tonight. You just never know, though, and really...I could use the money so it would be ok if I got called in, I would just be very tired. Thank goodness for coffee.

So here's what a genius I am lately...I was trying to minimize the stuff that DS was going to miss out on for our trip to Ohio for my grandma's funeral, so I purposely booked us on flights Thursday that cost $200 more so that he wouldn't miss out on field day at school. Turns out, field day is NOT Thursday, but next Tuesday instead. rolleyes.gif Fortunately, I was able to call and change our flights so we're leaving earlier now, but even though it was $200 cheaper, we're not getting any money back because the tickets are nonrefundable. We didn't have to pay the change fee and our fare class got upgraded, but Frontier is still getting to keep some of my money. Oh well. I have no idea why I was convinced field day was Thursday. Sigh.

No workouts for me this weekend, beyond running up and down the halls of University Hospital. Actually, I did quite a lot of that, so it's got to count for something. We have a nickname for an assignment that has patients in at least three of our four hallways...we call it the "plump rump" special, as in, you're going to work off your sizable posterior walking back and forth between your patients' rooms. Well, I got the plump rump PLUS Friday night. I had three babies and a couplet (a baby and mom). The couplet was all the way down one hallway from the nurse's station. Two of the babies were downstairs on opposite ends of the 4th floor, all the way at those ends of the hallways (again, as far as you can get from the nurse's station). And my other baby was in the nursery most of the night, except for when I had to take him up to see his mom who was recovering from orthopedic surgery on the 8th floor! I. Am. Tired. sleeping.gif
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Gaye, hug2.gif Possibly you were convinced because you're tired and busy and grieving about your grandma. I hope the funeral is lovely. As sad as deaths make me, family funerals are always something I look forward to (not in the way that makes it sound), because I have a huge family and funerals are one of the few times everyone is in the same place anymore. Safe travels.


RM, I am so sorry about the trampoline accident. It really could have happened to anyone. greensad.gif I hope the friend heals well, and ds can come around to feeling better. And you too. 


kerc, that does suck. But definitely get the basement stuff plumbed as long as there in there. Tree root trouble or what? There was a house on our block back when we lived in town that had to have the whole thing redone, I remember...but the way it went down for them was sort of like it had been undisclosed in a sale or something. Not good. At least you guys have been there a while. Still, that is just so much money. Bah.


Hi Jaxy! I started running in cheaper shoes, and bought them in a size I would not deem too small for running, and within probably 6 weeks or so, I was at a running store on the advice of wise Dingoes. Properly fitting shoes will change your running experience! Also, yes on the intervals, running/walking. It is the best way to go longer and get more benefit while preserving form and preventing injury. Add to your running slowly over time. You'll do great. You already are.


Mel38, it sounds like you did great anyway...and maybe it's the NEXT 10K that's the 59-minute one. The fest sounds fun, too.


MelW, how is your husband? The standing workstation sounds cool (but whoa would that take getting used to for me), but accommodations make me worry, like things have deteriorated? I'm so glad you're able to manage dd's allergies so far this spring, and boy, I hope she can get some enjoyment out of this season!


I will assume we will not do Mother's Day. There is a local Mother's Day here, earlier in Spring. I want to say someone took me out for shawarma or something...I don't remember.


Plady, I will take any tips! I am still trying to shrug off the last of what I'd gained back after last summer; I am afraid that "too busy to eat much" may be the only answer, and it is not an answer I like, especially around 3 in the afternoon! I have done so well staying off all the junk, but I have some behaviors that need intervention.


Yoga last night was excellent and just what I needed. It always is. Sigh. Just having my coffee now and heading out in a few minutes, would like to run 4 miles this morning, and walk a couple more. Monday is Arabic day for the kids and HS Park Day, so we'll ride bikes later, and maybe I can convince dh to hit the gym in the evening.


Off I go into the day. Have a great, sleep, Dingoes.

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Mel38, Thank you for the race list, you take such good care of our triumphs and tragedies on the road. Your next 10K will be the one and at least you weren't crowned Miss Hell Hole Swamp. Don't drown your sorrows in margaritas.

Gaye, I am glad you are making it back for the funeral. I agree that the family gatherings are special. I hope the cal shift works out for the best.

RM, I am so sorry you had to experience that. I am sure it was traumatic for everybody involved.

bec, did you do the flying pig too? Was it rainy? You are a running machine!

Welcome, Jaxy.

Geo, if I didn't say so the couch looks great. I did not know how much the holidays mean to me until my birthday was forgotten. I am already grumpy about Mother's Day even though I expect nothing. I am doing a 'reboot' something along the lines of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Tonight someone made the comment that it was a bummer because they can't just get me chocolate this year. Oh NO! If they want to do something for me they might have to put thought into it. The Horrors.

Nic, are you still thinking about a tri? Did you have a specific one in mind? I am not considering it unless I can wear my snorkel but I wanted to suggest one for which their is a training group or maybe a women's only tri. Just thinking about it for you. winky.gif

MelW, I also loathe box jumps. Do the adjustments means he has gotten worse or just that he has learned something helpful?

Shanti, how are you?

kerc, that is the pits. I hate spending money on stuff like that almost as much as I hate living without stuff like that.

I am envious of the meet-up between tjsmama and real along with the chatty 10 mile run.

Plady, I am glad the stage fright passed . Congrats on the weight loss. Busy is only part of it, I am sure you made some good choices that contributed to it -with all the boxing you are keeping your muscle.

Sparkle, I am glad you can find some humor in it all. Please keep taking care to find a way to even things out for yourself. And I hope they even out at a nice happy place too. That is some serious climbing.

jo, I hope you are having a good day over there. I adore how thoughtful you and your posts are.

My phone works fine, it just isn't a fun way to post. My computer is all messed up and I rarely get time to deal with anything in a thoughtful manner. My oldest dear daughter is stressing me out. She is having asthma issues, mostly exercise induced. She turned down a refill at her last check because she was controlling it by not exercising. What a plan. Now she is worried about letting her team down at paddling as she is in seat one and sets the pace. She wants me to get her a refill for her inhaler by Wednesday's practice or at least by Saturday's race but she doesn't want to miss any school. I don't feel like I can let her down because I am worried about her being two miles from shore unable to breathe. Her checkup is in exactly one month. I don't think the doctor will write it without seeing her. I'll find out tomorrow.
I am trying a 'reboot' as I mentioned above to clean up my eating habits. I have slipped so far from where I know I feel best. Add in way too much coffee and it is bad. On the other hand so much produce and so little caffeine is also not making me feel great tonight.
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