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And now, with 4 of my posts on the page, I click to delete the others and leave up only one and the one I leave up gets deleted somehow. greensad.gif
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We love you Lofty, you can post blank pages as much as you want loveeyes.gif
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Poking my head in to say hello. We aree having some car troubles so I am currently resting and waitting and dreaming about firefighters. I was shopping near a few at sprouts the other day and that was about all the excitement I could take.
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And I want to sat congrats to real on the marathon and gaye too awesome photos and race reports.
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Okay, I'll try again! Thanks for the love, Sparkle! loveeyes.gif So, as I was saying...

Kerc, something you wrote reminded me of so many scenarios mentioned in Lean In. joy.gif for the backpay. Speak to me of wells. Someday. After your week in a hotel and authoring your book. smile.gif

Fermentation: I make it throughout the year but using a Latin version called Curtido which the kids tolerate. I add spices they like and put about a TB on their beans or rice or something that's bland in lieu of sauces, etc. They tolerate it. Mine also take Fermented Fish Oil in capsule form. They hate the chocolate cream. I'd mail it to you if I knew how to ice pack it.

BBM, yay for orthotics. Dh also has a leg that is longer than other and runs with a lift also had to get a chiropractic adjustment 1x year. I hope it helps you. eta: He still uses a lift.

Gut: Ds2 (I think I already said this but can't remember if it was in a deleted post or not.) had problems that completely went away when we focused on healing the gut. I believe there's a connection. "Feed the gut" we say around here.

Inexplicably, dh has not needed a chiropractor in years. We have theories but can't really explain them. I will say that once he went sugar free (which has been for the last 6 years or so) and started eating fermented vegetables (he's religious about them) lots of ... stuff got better. He's easier to get along with, less tense. Which I know doesn't make sense, except I do think there's a connection between hormones that are made in the gut and healing the gut and how your body then handles emotions. He became a much less tense runner... Idk.

JG, I just heartbeat.gif reading your updates. So happy to hear about your workouts. thumb.gif

Jo, wishing for a fun last few days and a fairy godmother for dh fairy.gif

Que mas?

RR: Not today. Nor yesterday. Had a great walk at the zoo. Tomorrow I will do those sprints and weights before heading to the graduation at which my dc will be playing. I've been asked to write a letter of recommendation for the graduate. Anybody done that lately?

NRR: In my dh's quest to seal this cabin up completely for me, to allow me one good night's sleep, he dealt with one outside board along a wall that he'd been thinking he should deal with and found what we think is the problem! The concrete foundation wasn't even completed there and there was a huge gap leading directly into the laundry room where there was, like, a mouse condo! Plus a humongo nasty "Secret Cave Cricket" nest (looks like a cross between a cricket and a roach). :puke So $150 later 6 hours later, we have new cedar boards, poured concrete, new studs, etc. The good news is the snake has had an exit we didn't know about all along so now I'm confident it's gone. But I'm still creeped out by how my cat refuses to touch the floor. So this weekend I plan to bleach the floors to get rid of any snake residue and then hopefully, hopefully, full of hope, fingersx.gif the cat will walk across the floor in my bedroom and not be freaked out and freak me out. {Sigh}

I think there was more. But I'm copying this post right now and hoping it will go through.
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Oh yeah, Real, love the pix! And those cute guys! smile.gif I thought of you today as I pulled out some fun piano music and played "Fame." I had such a blast playing the piano that hard - not sure I've ever done that. I so wish I'd never stopped playing. I bet you're really, really good. I would love to hear you play. loveeyes.gif

Sparkle, I asked mil to save that Pollan article from last Sunday's paper. I think I'll get my hands on it in about a week. Looks interesting.

Who's reading Cooked? Let me know what you think! I've already opened my library account for NY this summer. I'm so ready. I think I'll go ahead and request that book bc it might take a month for me to get it. Just requested Khaled Hosseini's new book, too. reading.gif
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post

I bet you're really, really good.

Thanks but biglaugh.gif no. Let's just say it's like my running: above average most days, but not competition-worthy. I'd need to practice as much as I run, among other things. Our church is trying out a Thursday night service for the summer and I got roped into playing (for free, sigh) so maybe I'll start practicing on a daily basis again. I'm sure that would help matters. redface.gif

tjsmama--I agree with Nic about the $30.

lofty--glad to hear things have been sealed up and hopefully that will be the end of it.

RR: walked 2 miles at the zoo with J this morning and then ran school pick-up too. Or rather, ran to school pick-up, and ran/walked the way back while R ran/walk/rode. It's been a while and I didn't have it in me to run up the hills with both girls in the jogger (insert excuses about marathon recovery, saving my legs for Monday's Bolder Boulder 10K, etc). Usually I run longer through fall and start earlier in the spring, but fall school pick-ups were cut short this fall due to having a killer on the loose for three weeks. The 8 weeks of weekly snowstorms didn't help on the spring end. I'm going to try to take a new picture of the girls in the double jogger with me to show how big they've gotten.
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tjsmama, great photo!

real, recovery and leg saving on the hills sounds wise.

lofty, ewwwwww. May your house stay safe and sealed and animal condo free. I am fascinated by he gut-chiro connection. I have been working on my youngest daughter's gut since birth. Some yeast issues in her pregnancy are likely connected to her babyhood of malabsorption and allergy issues.

Mommajb, good luck with the car repair.

NRR- Finished 8 of 9 in a row of work. Tomorrow is teaching prenatal class, so the most fun of all. My bathrooms haven't been cleaned in longer than I care to admit, but we had a good attack of the yard yesterday afternoon and got it the lawn done and a bit of more garden planted. My laundry has been a major chore lately with a run of 5 nights in a week of bed wetting, plus 3 peed pants this week. The Chinese doctor thinks there's some detox going on and more peeing as a result, so last night I trialed waking her up before I went to bed to pee again. It's the first time EVER that it's actually worked (my oldest was really distressed he couple times I tried). I just want to not wake up and change sheets at 3 most nights!

RR- Bootcamp last night, plus a bit of climbing after because the kids were keen and it seemed like a nice stretching end to the workout. My bootcamp instructor has been doing cross-fit recently, so has added a lot of box jump stuff. Today featured box-jump burpees again.

I am posting from 3 am here because of a strange middle of the night coughing fit. It has settled and I'm headed back to bed.
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I killed the thread!

Prenatal class went well and I got a start on some laundry and house clean up this evening. I have three days offin a row now. There will be some running smile.gif
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MelW--yay for running and days off!

Worked on the garden most of the day. The tomato bed is now planted with 10 tomatoes and one zucchini plant to follow. I'd grown 8 varieties of seedlings, so now I'm fighting the urge to dig up the backyard and plant more. Kids were fussy. DH worked on a new potato bed, as the raspberries have taken over the old one (not that we're complaining.)
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Gaye - That coffee shop business is crazy!  The staff doesn't have its own coffee station?

We have a Keurig and a regular coffee pot in our staff lounge, but it's not the same as a Starbucks-esque concoction full of deliciousness. It turns out that I was busy enough from 1-7 am that staying awake was not a problem, but I'm still cranky about it anyway. orngtongue.gif

Today was very full of everything except a workout. Sigh. But...we did get to the grocery store, Michael's, Home Depot (twice)...finished planting on the balcony and cleaning the furniture, cleaned up and posted a bunch of stuff on craigslist. Including my beloved Chariot. I can't believe I'm selling it, it makes me want to bawling.gif, but we haven't used it in nearly two years, so it's time to get some $$$ out of it. And my Kelty backpack carrier. Sniff. They were such integral parts of my life and the lifestyle change that I made to get to where I am now. There are going to be huge tears when they leave.
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MelW, that's a hard-won 3 days off. I hope there is some enjoyment in the plan!


Real, the garden sounds delicious. Did I mention how stoked I am for the farmer's market? Cannot wait.


So, we spent too many of the wrong hours at the beach yesterday, and we are a little crisp today. Not terrible, but when the sun hits it, it's definitely uncomfortable. It's fine though, because it looks like we got the most out of the best weather days before we leave. It's super-humid again, and temps are back to soaring for the next few days. I am nearly packed, and both kids should be able to finish up their French finals by Tuesday. And they could even blow them, or even blow them off, and do all right in the course. Don't tell them that, though.


Gaye, as sad as it feels (a little) to move out of this phase, the next will be running with T on his bike beside you, which should be fun in new ways, right?


Don't know whether I will squeeze in another run this week, unless it happens on Friday in Wisconsin. We're looking at LOWs of 80ish for the rest of the week, and by the time I am up and out, it's usually up a couple degrees from the low. Dewpoints in 60s to 70s. Just getting to the gym where the AC and TM are can lead to dehydration. ROTFLMAO.gifWhatever. We'll ride our bikes tomorrow for sure.

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Slaving away Hosting the in-laws for the week. They are really a pleasure, but somehow I end up doing all the hosting (cooking: last night I made chicken marabel for dinner and a lemon cake with lemon icing for dessert - I'm counting grating lemon rind as my arm work-out for the day - this morning its pancakes w/ strawberries and home-made whipped cream). I keep thinking of what a gracious host Plady is and trying to emulate her calm. Sigh. I fear its not working. So Im drinking instead lol.gif (no .. only a little...)

Very frustrated w/ the pattern between Dh and I, and coming to terms w/ losing hope of change. Makes me sad that choices in your past can really predetermine the possibilities for the present. Seems obvious, but I guess adult choices hit harder? No lack of love, just complete and utter frustration, and the question of where that can go (yes we've talked bla bla bla). Anyway, doing all the dishes and cooking isnt helping

RR: Friday was my first weight work-out in months and o'ma'lordy I'm feeling it this weekend. Today was supposed to be some bike/run combo but my quads are having difficulty getting up and down the stairs. So a second day of rest and a bike/run set for tomorrow. And by the way, Real, I'm not training for anything but I think that was the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a very very long time happytears.gif
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sparkle - hope you make it through the week with the ILs smile.gif. And wishing you clarity with DH.

jooj - just a couple more days of heat and you're outa there! I am looking forward to reading the "Jo and Reb" training odyssey!"

tjsmama - bittersweet to sell the baby stuff, isn't it. We sold my nursing chair at our last garage sale. I know how it feels. Even if our kids are 7!

Real - nice job on the garden. We put in our corn and carrots yesterday, to add to the tomatoes, lettuce, beans and zucchini from two weeks ago. It's looking good smile.gif.

lofty - I am reading Cooked. I just pecked around in the fermentation chapter, but just finished really reading the barbecue chapter. It is excellent so far. Michael Pollen is one funny guy, even when writing about something as seemingly mundane as cooking.

Leaving in 1 1/2 hours for our Florida trip. The kids are so excited they can hardly stand it. I will be able to truly relax when we arrive at the house after the flight and then a 3 hour drive. All that traveling freaks me out a little. I'll be checking in from the deck overlooking Sugarloaf Sound!
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Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. I don't know how I feel about that. I look around at what we have accomplished together and think, wow, I can't believe we've done this and made it this far.


Then I ponder the events of the past weekend and wonder what I'm still doing here. And look at my kids, and know what I"m still doing here. Sigh. I wish it was as crystal clear as "no more love, so no more marriage" - or, 'wildly in love, need to work out the kinks.' I suppose life is never that simple.


Anyway. It's a whomping 45* here on Memorial Day weekend. Dh is outside whacking weeds in a coat. I ran 10 miles this morning (last long run before next week's half marathon) and put on my 'fall' gear. Tomorrow it's supposed to go up to 80*. eyesroll.gif Don't like the weather here in New England? Wait a minute.


Got the 'must clean the floors' bug today and now my floors are vacuumed and mopped for the first time in way too long. Feeling of accomplishment. Must have been the delicious tofu scramble I ate after my run. lol.gif


Happy traveling, JG!

Gaye, I understand about the bittersweet selling of the chariot and baby stuff. We got rid of the last strollers in FL when dd1's teacher adopted a toddler from Lebanon and needed everything, FAST. It made the parting much easier to know it was going to a great home. I still have my glider rocker. Sometimes I even have a kid in my lap in it. luxlove.gif


I unretired from LLL leadership. I kept getting helping calls and emails, specifically along my lines of expertise I developed (food allergies/sensitivities in baby) and figured that I might as well just keep being active. I don't really go to meetings very much as it's too much of a time commitment but I do enjoy the helping part. I missed the convention in the spring where I would have received my 10 year pin. I think they're mailing it to me. Kind of nifty. The area coordinator of leaders wants to tap me to become a PL (professional liaison) which implies a more intense form of helping (specialty calls really) and networking with doctors and lawyers. I have to think about it because while it's rewarding and interesting, it is a lot of time and effort. I've always had in the back of my mind that possibly going into lactation consulting is a future career move but that seems far off at the moment -- and frankly unlikely, given that *if* I make a career move, I'd love it to be to a career where there's a possibility of you know, actually making decent money. redface.gif Not like teaching (which I also love...and make less than I made in my first year as a post-doc -- 16 years ago-- at a Washington DC think tank in my area of academics).


Anyway. Happy memorial day!

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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Slaving away Hosting the in-laws for the week. 

Hosting in-laws for a week will make the happiest wife question those younger days choices. hug2.gif  And thanks, you guys were a pleasure in a way that I'm sure in-laws could never be so I had it easy (and as I recall, all I did was blind everyone with ribs and then slacked off completely lol.gif)


Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. I don't know how I feel about that.

goodvibes.gifand grouphug.gif Nic, for all that increased clarity brings. 



Jo!  A run Friday!  In WI!  How exciting!  joy.gif


Gaye - You're making room and $$ for the adventures in store. 


MelW - Ugh, box jumps.  So good for you, such a pain in the ass.  So I'm researching camping trips on your island now.  The trip to mexico seems too $$ and too difficult to deal with so I'm thinking of heading to Tofino or thereabouts and maybe taking some surfing lessons.  So now I'm researching Provincial parks between here and there.  Any tips?  Wanna meet somewhere?


Real - I'm glad you import some soil, now I'm all skeeved on behalf of you and the entire state of Colorado.


JayGee - Hope your travel to FL is uneventful and your time there sublime!


RR: Bootcamped yesterday.  My hip/groin/psoas/wtf is flaring up still/again.  Today I'm going to start 4 days of high Vit I intake in the hopes that forcing the inflammation down might somehow let something unlock and heal. And still trying to be totally grain-free.  I almost made it yesterday and then unconsciously slipped a cookie in my mouth.  eyesroll.gif  I need a shock collar or something.


NRR: We'd wanted to go somewhere this weekend but inertia caught us and so home we are.  But it's rainy and there are plenty of projects that need to happen - if I can only focus!  Dh and I did get a bathroom door on the bathroom downstairs that I'd just painted.  Boy oh man are we moving on up!

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Yes, Plady is very Zen in the kitchen. So calm, chopping, stirring, checking oven temp, re-filling my wine glass... Honestly, if I tried to do an nth of what she does in the kitchen, nobody would have anything cooked right and I'd pass out with the wine bottle before I could get to the table. Plady,, the Zen master. om.gif Congrats on that door! thumb.gif

Sparkle, hope that tasty drink has something good in it for you. That dinner sounds delicious and a lot of work. Sending some clarity, too.... goodvibes.gif

Nica, I had no idea you were that much into the LLL. That is awesome! I loved our local LLL and am forever indebted those who answer calls. Congratulations on your 17 years of accomplishments and may you find the clarity you need to choose your next milestone.

JG, Hope you had a very uneventful trip to Sugarloaf Sound. (Key?) Oh how I love.gif the keys. Enjoy! Thanks for the Cooked update. Will start it in a few weeks when my trip begins. reading.gif

JO, I love reading about your kids' fluency with language. Mine are studying Latin, Greek & Spanish and although we do have fun playing with all the words, it's not like they can really use it anywhere else. I like how your kids have real opportunities to use their languages. So far, all I can do is dangle carrots... Can't believe your time there is almost up (for now). coolshine.gif

Mel, Hope you enjoy those days off. smile.gif

Real, church music is such a different kind of playing. I played a bit for our church last year but there was so much practice for each song and it started making me dread church so I told them I couldn't. So now we are a capella. So ironic since I grew up in a church that was acapella and believed that the inclusions of instruments was a sin. And wrong. And therefore not a true Christian. Anyway, here I am, singing acapella again. But that is a lot of work and I have a new appreciation for anyone who does that. Your garden sounds wonderful! greenthumb.gif

Tjsmama, here's to new sweet things to do with ds that do not require pushing a stroller. So much fun ahead... bikenew.gif

RR: Sprints with the kiddos yesterday, followed by weights and planks, then off to graduation, and a party, so exhausted today. I just want to sleep. sleeping.gif And catch up on something in my stack of "to reads" read.gif
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I read Ds' report card today (he got it yesterday) and his teacher (who I respect a lot) suggested "more significant support and interventions". While he can be sweet and caring, he has a "harsh and competitive side that comes out more often. ....the behaviors that lead him into difficulty seem to indicate significant insecurity: wanting to be first, the best, the one who figured it out, correcting others, laughing at others' ideas, and being reluctant to examine his own work for errors..." greensad.gif

So, what do I do next. I mean, how do I find a "good" therapist/counselor/??? and what does "good" even mean in this context? And, how do I get a kid who refuses to see that he is ever wrong or that he is the primary architect of the frequent confrontations he experiences to be willing, let alone interested or open to, seeing a therapist and what the therapist has to say. He doesnt think he has a problem, he just thinks others are mean .... needless to say, Im sad
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Sparkle, what do you see in your DS?  Honestly, I read the description, thought "that sounds like an 8 or 9 year old boy..." and looked at your sig to remind myself of his age.  Peaceful vibes with the inlaws.  I know it takes all my inner zen to do that for a whole week.


I just dropped DD at the pool.  I should have sent her with an ice pick, but instead I just left her with a thermos of hot tea.  It's about 60F, but the pool is open, and she's determined.  Thank goodness she's now 10 and I don't have to be there with her. 


DH is teaching DS to play Axis and Allies. 


We had a bbq last night for a bunch of friends.  It's the last weekend everyone will be home before we lose the backyard to construction.  That is, assuming that the permit process goes smoothly enough.  Everyone last night had opinions about cabinets and counter tops. I'm overwhelmed. 


Run 3 miles yesterday, rode 16 today.  I'm contemplating a major effort with the jump rope to get a cardio boost as my poor legs get back into shape.

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Geo - well, Ive thought for years (starting around age 3) that something was 'off'. But what I see is opposition, defensiveness, hostility. Not always certainly, but I think I am used to how to "deal with him" so I take some of it for granted. But he argues all. the. time. Every request is a condemnation, and something he defends against, even just asking him to wash his hands before he eats (again, certainly not always, but I am always braced for him being possibly reactive). He is harsh/defensive, doesnt own up to his role in much (we're all out to get him, blame him, punish him), and annoys people for his entertainment, and then denies that he was annoying them (um, if THEY say they are annoyed, then they are! Its not about whether you decide they should be or not). When I look up oppositional defiant disorder, he meets a lot of the criteria, not all and not to the extreme, but this is a description I have had in the back of my mid because it fits, but one that I have dismissed because his is not that extreme. He has friends, he does very well academically, but still, it fits...

Im so tired of the fight, of being nervous to leave him for play-dates, of anticipating how he might react and trying to pre-empt it with behavioral coaching before I drop him at school or for a play-date. The more I try to alert him to how his behavior might be causing his problems, the more he feels attacked and like we are the bad guys and he is the victim of all this anger coming at him (from us, his teacher, his friends who are starting to "leave him out"). He literally doesnt seem to SEE his culpability in most problems. He straight out denies something he just did and I think he believes his own p.o.v.! How can I coach him out of that! Im tired just thinking about it
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