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Anyone into herbs?

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After falling in love with herbal things my midwife suggested last go around, I decided to cut my costs and try making my own tincture. I figured if I'm going to be taking so much stuff (and since I hate tea, it's either got to be tincture or capsules) I might as well make one master tincture and just have to deal with one bottle. The one I'm making right now has Raspberry Leaf, Nettle leaf, Oatstraw, Skullcap, Lemon Balm, Dandelion Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Eyebright, and Chamomile.

Are any of you into herbal stuff or making your own remedies?

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I love it so much, but I tend to lay off while I'm pregnant aside from my usual red raspberry leaf tea. I have a book 'Herbs in the Childbearing Year' that I love to look through, but I haven't really dug deeply into it and tried things during pregnancy.
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I like RRL, alfalfa, red clover, linden, oatstraw, nettles. I drink teas, I will sometimes add lemon and salt and a pinch of sugar for an electrolyte drink. I also do Bach flower remedies.
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I can't stomach the thought of teas right now.  (which is really sad 'cause I love tea so.)  But mine is RRL, oatstraw, nettles, dandilion, marshmellow root, alfalfa, red clover tops and something for flavor like peppermint or chamomile.  


I like the idea of lemon and salt for an electrolyte drink.  It's getting awfully hot here right now and I am not handling it well.  I'm going to try this, maybe tomorrow, I'll just see if I can do tea.

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I tried the lemon salt thing but couldn't stand the taste. I usually opt for coconut water when I feel like I need electrolyte balance.

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I am a Student Herbalist and actually employed for an Herbal Education Company! I wish I made more medicine, but instead I promote Herbal Classes on the computer & grade homework!


We are harvesting Plantain & Lemon Balm around my house tho! Great thread!

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I'm an herbal/ foraging novice.  What are your favorite herbs in pregnancy books?  You know convention says they are all going to kill your baby, or make your heart and uterus explode,  but I think that is bull :)

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Here's a great article from Aviva Romm MD! 



Conventional types who paint all herbs as dangerous are really not showing their intelligence or knowledge of history!

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I haven't really done a lot, but have and will use alfalfa, RRL, nettles, and chamomile. Teas and capsules for me. There's no way I could use a tincture right now.
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Here's the tutorial I did on my homemade pregnancy tincture- http://healingcesareanscars.blogspot.com/2013/05/big-news-and-tutorial.html

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