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abdominal binders?

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Is anyone wearing an abdominal binder? I received one from the hospital after my c-section, and have been wearing it every day. I'm not exactly sure how often to wear it, how tight to wrap it, and how long I should continue wearing it, though.


Of course you all remember my giant twin belly, and I'm sure you can imagine how it looks now - still pregnant (I even had a comment from a stranger assuming I was pregnant...) It definitely helps my insides feel less jello-y, I'm just not sure I'm doing it right!


Any advice or experiences?!

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I just wear mine around the house and sometimes when we are out. I tighten it as much as I can...it doesn't usually reach an uncomfortable point so I just do it as far as it will go. It will gradually need to be tightened more and more! I am sure you look great, you looked great while hugely pregnant and I bet you are just glowing postpartum with those precious babies. smile.gif.
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I have one that I wear occasionally. I'd like to wear it more but it's nearly impossible to get on tightly by myself so I have to have DH help me and sometimes he's gone to work before I'm out of bed. =P

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I've got the Belly Bandit. It made a huge difference in the first few days. I actually felt a bit nauseous without it on. It also seems to be making a big difference in pulling things back in a bit. I've started wearing the hip binder too, which is a lot less comfortable. I wear both as tight as I can.
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The birthing center gave me one--it definitely makes my insides feel less like jello. And it helps me to stand up straighter--I've been hunching over a lot so my incision doesn't pull quite so much. The few times I went out without it, driving over bumpy and pothole-y roads made me nauseated, and the binder totally helps with that, too.
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