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Tspencer, glad we are both here again! Almost same due date too.
MyKittysMew, hahah I am not terribly mature but I'll try my best ūüėė
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Hi! I'm Krystal. I'm happy married, 23 years old, and my husband and I have two boys together, a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. I am also expecting our third! I have had two premature babies (29 weeks and 35 weeks) and I am crossing everything in hopes of a full term, or even past due baby! :D

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Hi everyone! I'm Suzy, pregnant with #4 - but after 2 losses last year and conceiving this one right after being put on a waitlist to have my gallbladder out because of stones I am taking this one day at a time.

Keeping my fingers crossed on so many levels :)


Happy to be here with you all and so looking forward to a winter babe!

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Hello all, nice to be here!  My name is Heather, I live in California and am mommy to a very rambunctious 5 1/2 year old girl.  Finally pregnant again after 3.5 years of trying, with a Jan. 31 due date!  This pregnancy still feels tenuous to me, because I had 5 MCs while TTC over the last few years.  Now that I'm finally officially in my second trimester, I think I HAVE to start relaxing!  I thought being part of a smart and supportive community might help.  Looking forward to participating in the conversation!

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I'm Amelie, due Jan30 with #6 but all the others ran late, between 41 and 44 weeks.  I live in New Orleans now but lived in Las Vegas for 9 years before I moved here.  All 5 were born at home, the first a planned UC and the next 4 with the same awesome midwife who I got to work with as an assistant for 8 years.

This one was a surprise and my mans first child.  My older kids have the same dad, who died 3 years ago, though we'd been seperated since 06.  They are warming up to the idea of a new baby but it hasn't really sunk in yet.  We waited to tell anyone until 12 weeks and they were a little irritated we didn't tell them sooner.

My oldest will be 17 when this one is born, my daughters are 14,13,10 and 8...so it's kind of a big gap for me.

I just joined this group today and am very thankful. I have been on the most awful parenting boards that I felt I constantly had to defend my choices  and was constantly frustrated at the horrible advice that is spewed about.    

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Hi! I'm Kelly. Married to Jonathan who is SAHD to our sweet little daughter 2 1/2 yo Olive Jane.  We are expecting another daughter Brightly Ruth somewhere around Jan. 3rd.  Had a "mostly" natural birth in the hospital with Olive.  This time we have a doula lined up to help keep the doctor at bay so we have a fully natural birth this time.  We don't have all that many options for birthing here in Alabama since midwives are ILLEGAL. no joke!  I enjoying reading, knitting, crocheting, hiking, and hanging out with Jonathan and Olive.  We are crunchy AP parents that support breastfeeding, natural birth and unconditional parenting.  Motherhood is definitely an interesting journey.  I am excited to see where things lead with our new arrival in January!  

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Amelie - Welcome!  Our due dates are one day apart.  I have a couple of friends who are "Oops" babies - where their older siblings are much older. They say it can be kind of fun, almost like having a bunch of aunts and uncles around, but they're really your sisters and brothers so it's a special relationship.  It's great that you have a long-standing relationship with a midwife.  I just found out that my midwife (who attended my birth as a doula, assisting my doctor) recently decided to stop doing home births and only do hospital births!  How strange is that?  And of course right at the time I want to switch from a hospital birth to a home birth! So it looks like I'm at square one looking for a new midwife.  Friends are giving me lots of referrals though.  Welcome again and nice to meet you!

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Thanks Butterscotch, nice to have a due date buddy.  Especially since we're at the end of the month and a lot of the ladies are quite a bit ahead of us.

I think the kids will all adjust fine, they are just worried about us loving this one more because it's my new man's and not their dad's.  He's been raising them (what a lucky woman I am) with me for the past few years and though they had some rough patches, especially right after their dad died, they adore him.  But I think they are concerned that he won't care about them as much after he has his own.

We're trying to assure them all that isn't how the human heart works, you don't love someone less just because there is another person to love.  The heart has no bounds when it comes to this, but kids are kids lol

With so many girls it's bound to be drama-filled and loud but I have a strong feeling that I will rarely be able to hold this one...they'll all want to.

For me, I'm super glad.  SO will make the most wonderful father, something my ex had potential for but rarely realized.  


OT, but how high is your uterus.  Mine is just under my belly button, which feels high for 14 wk-1  I'm worried there might be 2.  just wondering where yours sits.

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Amelie, I know I'm having a singlet because I've had ultrasounds.  With my recurrent miscarriages we were super vigilant with this one early on.  I've already seen photos of this baby that look like formal portraits!  Not that I would even know where my uterus was sitting, if I had to figure it out that way.  I'm not sure if I'm as expert as you in all things pregnancy!  LOL... Well, I guess if you are having twins there will be more for your other children to hold!  I had a yoga teacher who once said that with the new baby comes more love, that the love you already have for the others is magnified.  So that could be a good thing to tell your kids.  My 5 year old has started asking me, "If you could take me or the new baby to a desert island, which would you choose?"  It's insane!  I tell her I could never make that choice, and she says, no, no, you HAVE to pick one!  So there is just a natural worry that occurs I guess.  I mean, when I was born, my older brother told my parents he thought they should throw me in the garbage!  :-)

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Hi Kelly, welcome.  I'm a knitter too.  Are you on Ravelry?  If you are, friend me!  My handle over there is "juergie."  If you search my patterns you'll see the cutest cardigan I knit for my daughter when she was around 2 1/2 - 3, right where your daughter is now.  "Sophie's First Sweater."  Easy pattern and knits up quick.  I find I'm knitting a lot right now because I know what's coming in January and I know I will not have as much time for my needles!

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Heather,  I am definitely planning an us, to rule out 2, probably in 2 weeks or so .  I'm hoping because my uterus has btdt so many times it just is super high.  Trying not to be ultraconcerned until after I find out for sure.

You can feel the top of your uterus by laying on your back and starting at your pubic bone, move upwards.   It should feel like a squishy but firm bump.  At 14 weeks it should be over the publc bone slightly maybe 2cm.  You can probably feel it.  It's much harder during contrax, so it's easier to feel after an orgasm (maybe tmi).

My midwife didn't seem super concerned, even though I could hear a strong hb low and left and a strong hb high and right.  Maybe it was just a clear path and was hearing the same one wonderfully in 2 places.

The twins that I saw as an apprentice were undiagnosed until late, 36 wks or so. But I think the mama's already knew.

Either way I'm sure we'll make due, I always try to stay positive.  And like you said there are plenty of arms around here lol.  

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Congratulations to all you beautiful Mommas!!


My name is EmmaLee. I am a companion to my boyfriend; I am daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, and a best friend. AND a soon to be MOTHER! I am 33 years old and pregnant with our first BABY! We  could not be more excited! We live in Vermont with our dogs, Vinnie and Kiya. Who are very much family members :-)

We were not trying to conceive, but we weren't not trying either. Here we are, 14 weeks and 5 days later, talking baby names and meeting midwives and YAAAY!


Our due date is January 30th. I hear it is common to go a little over the estimated due date with your 1st, so this could put me into the February group - But I, I am a January (5th) baby myself, so I knew it would be cool with ya'll!


We are planning a home birth with some wonderful midwives that live just 10 miles from our home. We are going to get the birthing tub, just to have as an option. I am not putting any stress on myself about whether or not I'll birth in the tub. I just figured it might feel peaceful and relaxing during labor. Ahhhh, soothing ~~

I am dealing with my insurance company and their views on how I should deliver and where. However, we could not be happier with the decision to work with the midwives no matter what insurance covers, or doesn't! It is an honor to be able to put money back into the community and support these powerful woman, and my own beliefs, entering motherhood naturally. Trifecta!!


Powerful and Empowering reading: Ina May Gaskin, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth :)


Happy Pregnancy to you all. Looking forward to hearing from you as we get closer to one of the most special days of our lives.

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Hi, I've been over in the December group, because I didn't know that I could join both groups from the internet.  On the iphone, it only allows you to join one group.  I thought it an MDC rule! 

I started with a xmas eve DD, but it's now New Year's Day.  I fully expect a week or two later than that!  I hate being the last one to "pop" in a group, so I'm going to double dip and be (hopefully) among some of the first on here! :)


this is my intro from the December group back in the first trimester:


Hi! I'm a stay at home mom to Bear (5) and Bean (2). We homeschool. I met my dh at church and we both knew, that first day, that we would marry (but we waited 8 months, so not too crazy. smile.gif We've been married for over 9 years.
This time around:
I was done having babies. Dh... Was on the fence about it. My first pregnancy was horrible with many complications. My last pregnancy and birth was pretty uneventful, with the exception of Gestational Diabetes (as measured on home monitor) with numbers just under 400 after meals.
This pregnancy is a complete surprise. I had an appointment the next week to discuss permanent both control options.... So yah. At first, I couldn't find a fiber in me that wanted this baby nor a speck of joy about it. That is a new feeling, as we struggled with infertility for just over 3.5 years to conceive Bear, with some miscarriages before. It took a long while to conceive bean as well. I felt so guilty! But, given just a bit of time, I've come around. I'm nervous about having 3, and I hate how nervous (and often sick) pregnancy makes me. I'm also on a low carb/high fat/protein diet.
My best friend conceived the very same week as me. I'm hoping we make it to December together!
We, too, are do what works family, too. We lean most to AP in our parenting style.
I tried vegan for a year and got really sick. I seem to need my meat.
I love Jesus, Felicia Day, playing pc video games with dh, reading (esp. sci fi/fantasy),mountain biking, Stargate, Netflix instant, board games, learning new things, repurposing things, cake decorating.
Things I like least: Monsanto, cleaning, noisy places, jello with fruit in it, my kids screaming.
I'm hoping for a sticky healthy baby and betting it'll be a New Years babe.
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I'd add to that: I've been really, really, really sick this pregnancy.  The diet went right out the window.  Probably worse than the previous ones. I'm just now starting to be able to eat healthy foods, and am so grateful for the ones that stay down!    I'm much more sore and ISO of a good support belt/garment. 

Had our anatomy scan on Friday- all is well! Baby is a boy (as I guessed).  Very excited about that.  Our 5 yr old wanted a brother very much, and was resigned to another sister.  He was so, so, so happy.   Dh and I honestly had no pull either way, we are just happy baby is okay thus far!

I've been reading up on your threads wishing I could comment (for months now). I'm glad to be here now.

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Welcome Ophelia! Sorry you have been feeling sick and hope it gets better. Congrats on another boy! How exciting. It's #3 for us too. Fun fun!
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Hi All - Late to the club as well but been a member here awhile. We're expecting number 3 sometime late Jan / Early Feb. My babies like hanging out in there so who knows when this one will come greet us.


Poor middle child, I don't recall joining a club with him redface.gif but did with my first DD and still chat with some of them 6 years later. So happy to "meet" you all.


I'm Stacy. Kiddos will be 6 and 4 soon. We have 4 cats, 1 dog and come Jan / Feb we'll have an even number of skins vs fur in the house (though one of the outside feral cats has been rubbing up against me so she may tip the scales again before winter...)


We're navigating the "politics" of having our next child out of the hospital (given that it'd be VBA2C) and getting close to making a decision - I hope anyway.

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Butterscotch- Just added you as a friend on Ravelry.  Sophie's sweater is adorable.  Thanks for sharing! Happy knitting! 

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Hi, I'm Moni.  :)  Joining late, but I'm due with our newest on Jan 20th-ish.  I'm a SAHM to 16yr DD-Tori, 13yr DS-Spencer, 20mo DS-Simon, 4 pups and my soul partner of 20yrs, Jay.  We parent in the ways that feel right and most seem to fit under the AP umbrella, cosleep, BF, select/delay vax, baby wear etc.  We love Sci-Fi and Fantasy and video games and are a pretty low key family for the most part.

This was a surprise pregnancy, but looking forward to our newest little boy.  No names yet and I am going CRAZY, my daughter calls me a name hipster because I'm so picky and obsessed over them.  lol  I currently have GD and am on insulin, but it's been a big battle trying to keep my numbers good, even with eating right.  My youngest was my first Csec because he kept flipping from breech to transverse, but we're hoping to be able to do a VBAC with this little guy.  Time will tell!  I'm still nursing my 20mo old, so at this point it looks like it'll be my first time tandem nursing, and I'm ok with that and actually hope it might help him accept his new little brother a little easier.  Fingers crossed!



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Hi Moni,


Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!  You should stop by the name thread to do some brainstorming!  We're still totally lost on a boy's name so I'm no help at all.  I bet your daughter is excited to be a big sister to another boy.  What fun!


My DS is 21 months old and I worry about him transitioning with the new baby too.  They are still so young and just can't comprehend what is happening.  We stopped nursing a few months ago so no tandem nursing for us.  But he's not a very good sharer, so I don't think it would have helped with the adjustment anyway, LOL.

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Thanks for the welcome.  :)

She was hoping for a little sis, but after about 5 min she decided she wouldn't even know what to do with a little sister at this point.  lol

I will go check out the name thread, thanks for the heads up! 

I'm really worried how Simon's going to react too.  He's a bit headstrong and I had nearly 3 years between my older two kids, then 12 before Simon was born.  Having less than 2yrs is freaking me out a little bit.  LOL

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Yeah - I've decided we will wait on the name. Some days I've strongly in favor of one and the next I am not.

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