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I'm so clueless, guys I apologize for my constant questions about these things!
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Yes, ladies, please share any comfy bra recommendations! 


I tried Khols and they all fit me so wrong...

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LOL. I'm finding every other day or so that another bra isn't fitting anymore. 😜


I started out at a 32DD/32E and today I measured myself and should be a G. A G cup!


I'm going to head to Nordstrom for a couple of well-fitted bras in the next week or so (if you're a busty gal- especially with a small band size- Nordstrom is about the only place to go). Once I find a bra or two that I like and that FIT, then I will likely look into buying some other colors online if I find a better price.


I knew this DDC thing would be a good idea, but I had no clue how helpful it would be to know that I'm not the only one walking around feeling like the stay-puft marshmallow Lady. 😳


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I agree! I was just feeling like a fatty wearing maternity almost everything so soon but now I'm realizing its definitely normal!
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Can you order from Bravissimo in the US? That's my recommendation for comfy soft cup bras. I paid like £30 ($45) for mine. I do hate spending that much, but I wear a 28FF so it is literally the only place that has my size. I always get suspicious of shops that claim to offer bra fittings but don't have anything smaller than a 34...
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Originally Posted by jjh5351 View Post

HAHAHAHA!!! Mine are so unattractive smooshing out of every bra too!

Anyone have any good suggestions on affordable comfy bras?!


This may not work for larger breasted moms, but I was smallish before I got pregnant and although they seem so much bigger now, I'm still not huge. (probably a B cup or maybe a bit larger) Anyway, I wish I had a brand name but I don't but I bought myself a very soft reversible sports bra that I am LIVING IN. Seriously, I wear it at night too, because if I don't, my nipples get so sore!! It helps a lot to have the extra support. Anyway, I've never been big on sports bras--last I tried one it just smooshed and gave me monoboob, or in my case, more like flat chested. But this bra is shaped and other than the hot pink strap peeking out sometimes, pretty much gives me the same shape as a regular bra. Anyway, if you are in the market for a new bra, I highly recommend one like this!! No clips to dig into your back, soft strechy fabric, what's not to love??

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hmmm A sports bra, you say?  I'll look into it!  I'm having trouble fitting into my band size more than the cup so that's the part that I really need to be flexible.  Good idea!

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My boobs are pretty big so sports bras are super difficult to find! I may have to look into the ones you mentioned jonesies! They're pricy but if it works... Do you know what their return policy is?
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Bravissimo is definitely on my radar once I've been measured by a professional so I'm sure I'm buying the right size. The good news is that the G-cup ladies are, at least, still firm and perky so I can even get away with wearing a cami or no bra at all for the moment. I just want to have the proper foundation garments in place so that remains the case as long as possible. I'm used to paying $60-80 at Victoria's Secret, so $50ish for a few that will fit now doesn't bother me. I have to say that this is the first time I've been actively jealous of smaller busted ladies who can still fit into mainstream bra sizes!



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Bravissimo bras can be returned within about a month as long as tags are on and you have the receipt. smile.gif if you're looking at the soft cup or nursing bras I tried on many of them so I can let you know which ones gave a nice shape, etc if you like.

I would love to just wear a cami but I can't find any that fit me. Drives me crazy because I really prefer them to bras. I also love those ain cotton sports bras that just come in small, medium, and large but those don't work for me either. And MQ I'm right there with you on being jealous of ladies who fit in mainstream sizes! I could get four maternity bras in a department store for what I paid for one of mine. And I'm already outgrowing it, too. greensad.gif
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I am just wearing maternity tank with shelf bras in them. I also have some Blue Canoe Jens's Bras that I have worn pre-maternity and also wearing now. But my bust size really doesn't increase much while pregnant or after. 

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