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is anyone in Springfield Missouri?

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I am considering moving back to my hometown to be near family from Portland Oregon. My biggest reservation is about not vaccinating my childern. My daughter LOVES going to school, so I don't think home schooling will be a good option for us. I also fear there will not be a family doctor that will accept this. Please tell me there is Someone is Springfield that also doesn't vax. In Portland it is common practice to refuse vaccines. Our doctor supports our decision and the schools do not give us a hard time. I am afraid to leave this safe bubble, but I really miss our family. I hope someone replies and can give me some advice. Vaccinating is absolutely out of the question. I have a lot of friends there, but I do not know anyone who apposes vaccines. My fingers are crossed...SOS... Non vax families is springding???
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....or maybe some advise from families that live in a town where not vaccinating is not accepted?
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Did you also post this in the regional FYT?

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No, but I will! Thx smile.gif
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im just gunna bump this up if that's ok. Really want to connect with someone.... Fingers still crossed that there is a small community there. <3
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When DH got a job offer out of state, we networked aggressively. I suggest taking a similar approach.

Apart from posting here in the Find Your Tribe section, maybe seek out local natural parenting groups on MeetUp, Facebook, and Yahoo groups. Get on the phone and call up midwives. Ask if there are any playgroups with natural-minded moms, and get a hold of them with your questions. I spent at least a day getting a hold of people!

Here's a natural-minded midwife. Athough her website avoids the vax issue, she may be able to get you in touch with the natural parenting community. She may also have the dirt on doctors who support, (ahem!), informed choice. www.missourimidwife.com

Here's an active Yahoo group for vax rights. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/MCCFHC They may he able to help you navigate through the exemption process.

Good luck!
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Lots of non vaxing families here. Just fill out the exemption form and there are peds here that are non vax friendly. We have a pretty decent crunchy community. Im from OR btw smile.gif we do have a AP facebook group if you would like an add pm me
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Hip hip hooray! orngbiggrin.gif
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