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Fitness Motivation

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I know I've heard people mention at random times what their wellness and fitness goals are, and I thought it might be nice to have a place to share what we're doing, what are goals are for the activity, and how we feel about it. 


So, for example:


Activity: I (FINALLY!!!) did my prenatal yoga DVD today (Blooma if anyone is curious) and convinced my husband to join me. 


Goal: A time of mindfulness as well as improving our endurance and muscle tone. 


Feelings: I had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, there were moments of power and "mind-over-matter" strength to fight against feelings of weakness and "I can't go on." I think this is REALLY important for me to work on for labor pain management and for having more laboring positions available to me. There were also many moments of guilt,  weakness, and beating myself up for not keeping up my yoga practice from when I was really active 2yrs ago and much stronger. 


Random Note:


Doing Prenatal Yoga with a man is HILARIOUS.... every time the teacher said something like "OK, Moms" or "Feel your inner goddess!" we both cracked up. When she asked us to "listen to your baby's wisdom" I asked him what the churros we had a lunch were saying to him. We had fun! It was funny, and important to note that pelvic opening is just as beneficial for men's sexuality as for women's. 


Anyone else want to share? I think having a place to talk about it would be motivational to me in the future :) 

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My goal: get outside with my 2 year old DD every day and at least walk around the block.

My motivation: a toddler more likely to nap/sleep lol. Also it reenergizes me.

My feelings: usually it's a wonderful time of chatting and pointing out different things along the way. I feel proud since its beneficial for my daughter and it feels good to be outside in the finally beautiful weather. There's also guilt because of the suffering housework and not enough home cooking but I try to let that slide. I'm very lucky to have a toddler who is cautious and doesn't bolt/run or I'd be in big trouble, especially when the BH contractions start!
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Activity(ies): Walking 1-3 miles a day, swimming when it is over 70 degrees, sunny and not windy, doing the spinningbabies.com exercises or at least the pelvic tilts.

My Motivation: To get this baby out of the breech position and to keep the swelling down.

Feelings: These goals are realistic for me. I have decided to just do the bare minimum given how I start contracting painfully every time I do too much and I don't want to end up in L&D again. Also my psycho allergies are starting and wont end until late June. Getting outside will require strategic planning and preparation.
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Activities: Walking with my family most days of the week for around 20 minutes or more. Prenatal pilates 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes. 


My motivation: Feel healthy, less pain, stronger for labor - maybe less painful delivery?, and getting my kids out and moving too.


Feelings: Sometimes it's hard, but I feel best when I keep it up. 

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Activities:unpacking! (lol) and some prenatal yoga I found while packing

Motivation: I lost 30lbs before I got pregnant, and want to stay in the habit of eating/being healthy so I can continue to lose weight after Bean is born

Feelings: I always feel great afterward! It's just getting there that's the hard part

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Activities- Walk downtown and back everyday for the next week or so. Yesterday my husband an dI walked 4 miles, today we walked about 4.5. We walk at a comfortable pace, but I am still out of breath and sweaty by the time we get home.


Motivation: I live in Holland, MI and it is Tulip time! Pretty big deal around here- lots of vendors and fare type foods! They had a really big arts and crafts fair yesterday and today as well. We live close enough to downtown where it would could out maybe 8 blocks if we tried to drive and park somewhere. Tulip time is very popular- tourist busses and all, so no parking what so ever! 


Feelings- I feel better about eating the elephant ear yesterday, because we walked so much yesterday and today. My feet are sore, and I get crampy. I usually just wait for a banch to open up when we get down there to rest for 5 minutes before we keep going. I think that helps. I really want to be able to push this baby out without any help, and I hope walking a lot will help me with that!  

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I am so glad to hear so many people are feeling good about their commitments. I love them emphasis on the outdoors too. I want to be outside more but usually-sunny Denver has suddenly turned sullen and cool, so I am glad to have access to a heated pool!


Activity: Walk to and around neighborhood park at least once with a friend (~3 miles)

Goal: Get out of the house and chat about our babies smile.gif

I feel: Great! We went around twice and the weather was lovely. Her baby slept like a dream.
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it's fun to see what everyone is up too:


activity: walk 3-4 times a week. get down on the floor everyday for about 15 minutes to stretch/do exercises/or do a partial dvd.


motivation: i walked 5 times a week my last pregnancy and it really helped me feel comfortable even with all the weight gain. i wish i could do more but 3-4 feels hard enough with having to get someone to watch my LO. for the floor: it's mostly geared to keeping strong and flexible legs/thighs/hips and pelvic floor. i want this for birth, afterbirth and to decrease the feeling of things falling out.


feeling: both of these are great for my peace of mind and letting it all get out of my head! if i don't have "me time/ exercise time" i get really cranky and my body starts to have weird aches and pains! :)

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Activity: 1k swim
Goal: cardio/flexibility
Feeling: really good, akin to my fishy baby in her pool (glad mine isn't made of urine)

However-- I managed to sprain my foot somehow on the way home from the gym!! Hurts like hell...
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