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On the pantyhose front, I think I gave up wearing ones that covered my belly at about 3 months. They were just too uncomfortable and "maternity" panty
hose didn't come in my size.

Yesterday I gota little preparation happy - I got my favorite Stayfree overnight ultra thin pads for post partum, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hand soap, laundry detergent and an exercise ball. Mostly things that my husband would not get the right kind if I sent him.

When I got home from grocery shopping my brother and I rearranged the pantry and cupboards so if I sent someone to make some food I would know if I had the food (because I sorted our most common food into sections) and I coold direct them where to find it. I like the order much better.
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Yes those are the ones I got, the high waist pantyhose! I have yet to try them on but hope they will hide it for a while. I'm hiding this pregnancy from everyone right now because this isn't the best time in my life to be pregnant, and my family will not approve. I figured wait until 12-14 weeks so I'm passed the high chance of miscarriage period, but then it will be close to Christmas and I don't want to ruin anyone's vacation, so I'm hoping to hide it until after Christmas/New Years when I will be 19 weeks, it depends how well I can hide it though and how quick my bump grows. There is nothing there right now, just the usual fatty tummy area.


Abiyahil 7lbs weight gain in 21 weeks is amazing! I've probably gained that and I'm almost 11 weeks :( Have not weighed myself lately, I might at the weekend.


Lilac you are getting close, bet you feel that nesting instinct? I did extra cleaning today which was weird.

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Yeah, I am getting close . 34 weeks one Day: saw the doctor today who said I was measuring 42 weeks, my first twin is at -3 station, my cervix is still closed but has effaced 60 to 70 percent. My two little boys will be here before I know it but they still appear to be content on the inside.
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Snowydays, I'm sorry you have to deal with added family stress right now greensad.gif

My belly seems like it was a water balloon, I filled out right away, so Im surprised I haven't gained more in water weight since my belly is already huge.

Lilac, you're getting so close, it's good to know you won't have to worry about essentials !

I'm trying to follow the Drs orders and walk at least 3x a week The first try we wound up being out on the walking path over an hour, stopping lots of times for caterpillars and a look at the pond. I had awful leg cramps that night, needing DH to help stretch it out. I haven't had another long walk since then, but we've been to the playground 4 days this week one where we walked a kite about for an hour-ish. I'm hoping I walked enough for it to count orngtongue.gif. No leg cramps though thank goodness
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Thank you for all your support. All you ladies are wonderful and I'm so happy to be part of this. All of you are caring people that are not judgemental.
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Abiyahil, I have found it odd how the weight gain has gone for me (and I am having twins so obviously not everything is generizable), but I have gained about 20 pounds and most of that was in the first 20 weeks, since then I have eaten about the same, but I haven't gained any weight, then at 28 weeks I was put on the gestational diabetes diet and haven't gained anything since then, I fluctuate back and forth about 4 pounds. When I discussed it with the dietician, she wasn't concerned because of my pre-pregnancy weight. When I saw the doctor, my belly is still getting bigger so the babies are obviously sucking out my fat stores to build their bodies. With GD i have been tracking my food intake and have between 2800 and 3000 calories a day and I am swimming 30 minutes a day (more like water walking really) and I think all the calories are going straight to my babies because they appear to be growing, but my overall weight isn't. I use myfitnesspal.com to track what I eat and it has a feature to "gain one pound per week" and "gain 1/2 pound per week" which I found helpful to not got over the top with food consumption but I found that what I had been eating was about right on anyway.


journeyfan, glad that you have found a safe place here. I have to say that all of mdc has been that for me. I am amazed at the wisdom and similar thinking that abounds here.

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I will have to look into the GD diet if it helps keep the weight off! My main problem right now is portion sizes are too big when I eat a meal. I have yet to weigh myself but my jeans are getting very tight now. My main exercise is walking, I walk 9km daily in a couple of walks.

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Hey ladies! Just wanted to share my good news.

I was surprised to discover I'm pregnant after a decade of infertility. I'm 13.5 weeks now and I'm 39!

I had that new blood DNA test for trisomy issues and everything came back normal! Also, since the test detects the baby's DNA in my blood, it also tells the gender.

It's a boy!!!! joy.gif
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Congratulations ReadingMama that isgreat news!
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Wonderful news ReadingMama joy.gif
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Congratulations ReadingMama! I can't wait to find out my baby's gender, it's driving me nuts!


Lilac I looked up the GD diet, do you try to stick to the low GI foods? is that the main rule of it?

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Snowydays, I count carb exchanges and eat about every 2 to 2.5 hours. Each 15 grams of carbohydrate is an exchange. I avoid milk and fruit for breakfast.
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What is everyone else up to? I have been upping my protein too this week - got some greek yogurt and have been eating that as my snacks through out the day. Been laying down and reading through school handbooks for my job so I can get some extra rest.  I am finding that middle of the night baths is helping my aching joints, especially my hips, feel better so I can go back to sleep. Yesterday I worked through washing all of the baby clothes.  Crazy how many loads of wash I did, two loads were towels, diaper changing pads, and sleep sacks, then a load of precious gentle cycle things - hand knitted baby outfits, crocheted blankets and fuzzy blankies, then a load of light colored baby clothes (who knew that baby socks would be so plentiful!) and then a load of dark colored baby clothes. My DH was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all - he was home yesterday because there was no power out where he works due to bad storms that went through on Sunday. He was back to work today. I need to dust out the dressers today and get the baby clothes in the dressers. Tomorrow I am going to do the great "return unneeded gifts" in exchange for things I do need. Also yesterday I ordered my cloth diapers from Green Mountain Diapers. I can't wait for them to arrive. Looking at pictures of babies in those diapers makes me so excited. Tonight I am going to a La Leche League meeting where the topic is how to get breastfeeding off to a good start with a newborn.

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It's so sweet to hear what you've been up to. I'm at 20 weeks now and found out we are having a boy! Very excited. I just started my baby registry so that's been fun. I'll be interested to hear how you like the Green Mountain Diapers. I plan on using cloth but have not purchased any and I'm overwhelmed by the many different brands and kinds of diapers. I wish I knew someone personally that had experience with them.  We have a very limited selection (one brand) that they sell at a baby store where I live so I'll have to get mostly everything online. 


I've been trying to exercise 3-4 times a week. I go to an aqua aerobics class at least once a week so that's been fun. I've also been increasing my protein intake. Last week, we started our Bradley natural childbirth class and they have us a chart to complete weekly on our food intake. So, that's helped me track what I'm eating but focusing on the nutrients. 


I spoke to my OB on my last visit about my concerns with my weight gain and she says she's not worried at all and to continue doing what I'm doing. I keep reminding myself that I'm trying to grow a healthy baby so that helps me not focus so much on the weight. 

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I dared to weigh myself and found out I have gained 12lbs so far! Basically 1lb a week, which is too much especially when starting out overweight. I was a bit shocked and very disappointed by this news, but what can I do? If I don't eat often I feel so sick I can't not eat when I feel like it. I need to work on changing the types of food I'm eating though. Today I had chocolate and chips to snack on :irked


Someone at work today asked if I was thinking of having another child anytime soon as my first child is older now, I hope they can't tell I'm pregnant yet, I got worried when she asked me that!! I want to keep it a secret a few weeks longer!


Lilac it sounds a lovely time for you getting near the end and all the baby stuff getting it ready, cute!


AngelMar congrats on having a boy! Pleased for you weight gain is not an issue so far, can I ask how much you have gained by 20 weeks? I assume I will have gained 20 lbs by then......

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AngelMar211, the GMD diapers were actually recommended by a couple of mamas I met at my prenatal swim class. I am using the newborn Cloth-eez prefolds (because they are cheaper and I have no idea how long my boys will be 6 to 10 pounds) and I am getting the small Cloth-eez Workhorse fitteds http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/_search.php?page=1&q=cloth-eez&x=0&y=0
This website showed the diapers put into Thirsties covers and how they fit on different babies at different ages and weights. That and I have seen some local mamas have them on their babies. With 2 babies, I can't imagine the garbage load and ongoing cost of disposables. I have some that I will use up that people of given me, but disposables will not be a staple in my house.


Nutrition awareness is a good thing.  Hope your class helps you keep focused on the good things you can do nutritionally for your baby boy


snowydays, I gained a lot of weight early on, but then I haven't really gained much since about 24 weeks.  Again focus on healthy eating and hopefully your weight gain will balance out - 25-35 pounds is an average weight gain.

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Lilac, I will definitely look into that. There is a meet up in a couple of weeks of cloth diapering moms. I'm really excited because there will be people like me with no clue and moms that have been doing it. I'm going to learn a lot. 


Snowydays, I've gained about 14 pounds so far. I guess it's not that bad. It's just that I had it in my head that I shouldn't gain more than 15-25 pounds. My doctor told me not to fight it. I really can't help it because like you, if I don't eat, I feel sick. I was one of the women that eating in the first trimester helped my nausea so, I ate all the time. I still do. The nausea is better now but if I go longer without eating (3 hours) I feel ready to throw up. This week it seems I'm extra hungry and my bump is bigger than last week (that's how it seems to me.) Maybe baby is growing through a growth spurt! :)

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I had a successful day of returning unneeded shower gifts. With the things I returned at Target,  I will be able to buy the things I really wanted for my babies.  I didn't do the shopping today because my main goal was to get things out of my house and car so I wouldn't have piles of unnecessary things all over the place.  My brother and I went to 4 different stores to return things - only 4 items seemed to have no store to call home. The living room looks so much better now with out the pile of to be returned items.

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I always wonder that..... I see all these beautiful plus size women (not even being pregnant) and wonder where they get their cute clothes. But, on the other hand I'm not willing to spend a lot of money on things. I'm a size 20 and 6ft tall and scared what am I going to wear when I am full on baby. .... I checked with my local plus size shops they don't even have a maternity section. Us full figured women get pregnant too.
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journey fan, I see you are in Michigan like I am. I don't know how far you might live from Charlotte, MI, but it may be worth your drive to go to Bella Grande a plus size consignment store that has a maternity section. If it is too far a drive, the owner will take photos of clothes in the size you want and mail them to you if you want to buy them. I got some nice pants and tops from there in plus sizes because even places like "Motherhood Maternity" barely had any plus size maternity wear in stock that I could try on. I think I came out of her store with 6 outfits for about $150. Much better than a piece of an outfit for $100 which seems to be the going rate for anything "plus size". https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bella-Grande/390735395323 is her facebook page. 

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