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I'm just catching up from the last few weeks!

Lilac - I didn't connect how close you were to the end of the third trimester joy.gif are your twins considered full term at this point?

Jaime - welcome and I'm hoping you're feeling at peace, did you hear back about the blood test?

Snowy days, journey fan and Bethania sorry to lump the three of you together, I hope your family can find a way to express loving support and you can approach them with a dose of grace too. Your family may not smile and nod, but you can all lean on each other.

AFM, I'll be 25 wks on Thursday and I'm feeling pretty good. Though standing too long makes me feel a little woozy and sitting on the floor makes my pelvis ache. I haven't even had a tums yet which is strange for me, I'm wondering if I'll have a little baldy this time wink1.gif We're mostly decided on Olivia Grace as her name and I'm really looking forward to some newborn cuddles love.gif One OB decided I needed to have regular ultrasounds to monitor fetal growth, even though the radiologist at the high risk imaging center said the baby looks perfect and she doesn't foresee a need to have another scan. So I'm seeing a different Dr in the practice on the 18th and I'll ask that my fundal height be monitored instead (the other didn't even bother to measure)eyesroll.gif The practice seems to have taken the intervention train since my last baby!
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Just checking in from the other side, ladies. Welcome to the newly expecting mamas and I hope everyone has a happy and healthy pregnancy. I'm sorry to read that some of you face challenges around family but know that you're strong, brave women and that your babies will thrive on your love.
As for me, squish is 4 months and a week old and is the size of a small toddler: 26.5 inches and 20lbs. Babywearing is an absolute lifesaver; I don't know how I'd manage this chunker and big sis without it. I love this delicious, uberchubby phase
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abiyhayil, yes, I think my babies are considered full term at this point. My belly is stretched so far I can hardly stand it. I am hoping these babies come before my next dr appointment Friday though because I don't want to be pushed for an induction. Right now the twin on the right is trying to push a limb out of my belly button. It is the strangest thing! I have been having major rock hard belly but nothing that feels like contractions that stop and start.


AFM, 37 weeks plus 7 days. I still can't believe I have made it this far with twins. One day at a time!

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Lilac, that's amazing! Those will be some strong, healthy babes!
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That is what I am hoping for with my twins. I want to be able to bring them home when I come home.

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well, i failed my 1 hr by just a few points. 134 and the cut off was 130. so, i did the 3 hr gtt today. i feel awful...shaking, headache, fatigued. i get the results tomorrow. i am bummed.
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It took me a day or two to recover from the 3 hour glucose test. It is an awful large load of sugar to drink at one time. I wish there was a better way to do that test.

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Anybody have a pregnancy with scar tissue from previous abdominal surgeries? I've had a couple bowel resection because of Crohn's disease. My first abdominal ultrasound yesterday. Was kinda hard to see detail because of scar tissue. My doctor said, "This pregnancy might not be as comfortable as you expect." Because of abdominal adhesions.
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No idea why my text is so huge! MDC and my phone don't seem to play well.
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Never had abdominal surgery so I am no help there, but on the computer version of mdc, your text doesn't look any different than mine in the post before. I hope you can find some answers


I can't believe I have made it to 38 weeks pregnant today.  Still doesn't seem like labor is impending although as I was sitting here writing this note, I had one of the shrink wrap type contractions on my belly.  These babies will surely come when they put there mind to it.

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Lilac congrats on making it to 38 weeks! I didn't know there was a blood test to determine the gender... will have to look into that one! 


At 14 and a half weeks I still haven't told anyone I'm pregnant yet but finally phoned to make my first appointment with the midwife, I left a message on Monday and expect to hear back by tomorrow, if not I will phone again on Monday. So I expect my first actual appointment will be booked for 16 weeks. I have heard the baby's heart beat myself last week using a home use doppler, it was awesome :love 


I think the fat on my stomach must be hiding the baby bump because I keep seeing pictures in my due date group of women not even as far along as me and they have big bumps already, where as I have nothing! I measured my stomach and have gained 1 inch around so far. Hearing the heart beat reassured me there is actually a little one inside!


I don't think I will get much/any bigger in the next 3 weeks by Christmas time, so I should be able to keep it a secret until after the holiday period and by then I hope to have found out the sex at my first scan.


Still feeling nauseous in the mornings and ready for bed by 7pm but stay up until 8.30 :lol


lilac do you have names picked out for your boys? I have nothing so far other than a family name for the middle name.

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Yeah, the blood test is pretty cool - it checks for the 3 most common trisomies and determines gender. If I would have been having a singleton, I would have done it too.


I hear ya about the "not really showing". I think skinnier people see their bumps a whole lot sooner than us. I needed new pants by 12 weeks because of twins, but even with them, it didn't seem that my belly was really that much bigger. I was wearing pre-pregnancy shirts until at least 24 weeks and a couple even after that.


I hope you start feeling better. Being nauseous is no fun.  For me it has been the acid reflux, even this morning I forgot to take my Zantac on time and I threw up.  So annoying.


We are planning to name our boys William Ernest and Edward Ronald.  The first names are great great grandparents to the boys - long since gone - and the middle names are from dad and grandpa after I talked my DH out of Ronald Ernest the third. Love my husband, but seriously I didn't want the boys to feel that one of them was more loved because he got all of daddy's names and the other got none. Took us forever to agree on a second name - William - was actually one that we had talked about even before we got married and when DH suggested Edward as the other boy's name I really liked the sound of those names together. William is my DH's best friend's name, a favorite teacher of mine, my great grandfather's name and a varient of my favorite grandmother's name (she was Wilma because her parents expected a boy, but a got a girl).  I am going to have two little princes at my house - William and Edward.

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Yeah it must be the normal belly size just hiding the baby bump, im sure it's in there somewhere. Glad it isn't just like that for me though, good to hear other's experiences with this.


It's great you have your boys names all set to go and they have personal meanings for you behind them, that's what I'm planning for the middle name of mine. I don't feel like looking into all the names until after I find out the sex. Still waiting to hear back from the midwife, I thought I would have heard by now, getting impatient lol

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I thought I was going to have my babies yesterday - contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart and pretty intense. I was supposed to have a prenatal appointment at 2:10 p.m. but that ob was sick so I had to come in the morning to see the on call doctor. I was one cm dilated and that doctor was like "I want you to go over to L and D to be monitored." Why, I am only at 1 cm? "well your blood pressure was high and I want to make sure it doesn't stay like that." 


I have never had a high blood pressure reading, never had protein in my urine (sign of preclampsia), etc.  I sat for 3 hours in triage looked up to a blood pressure cuff and baby heart monitors and all my contractions stopped.  Most uncomfortable bed to sit on, since they were trying to take my blood pressure I couldn't get up and move around.  Finally blood work came back negative for all the things they were "worried" about and I came home.  Haven't started having the intense contractions again yet.  :( I want to see my babies!

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lilac Goodluck to you, I hope you get to see those babies soon! What type of birth do you plan on having?

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Hoping for a natural vaginal delivery of twins. I have two head down babies so there is hope for that. Took an excellent natural childbirth class and I think I have been coping pretty well with the "pre-labor" pains I have been having. I believe I can have these babies without a c-section and I will do all in my power to make it happen. Real strong belly binding feelings this morning. Going to try and get a little bit more sleep though now that I have had my first breakfast.

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Good luck lilac.... I hope you will have the natural birth you want.
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Thinking of you Lilac, glad you got to go home instead of rushed into induction!
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Hey ladies! I've been afk (as it were) for far too long, it's so exciting to see what's been happening with all of you.


Lilacvioletiris; I am especially excited for you right now as you are almost there! I knew a woman who had a natural childbirth with full-term, 9lb each twin girls.-just to encourage you that it is possible, even if you don't hear about it very often. That mother was a fuller figured mama but quite short with it, so size is not the biggest issue. I am really wishing you all the luck in the World & the best experience having your beautiful baby boys. :Hug


ReadingMama; I have fibro too, pretty severely, and scoliosis. I had to go off all of my meds, some of which had been causing major swelling & weight gain themselves. I am so very glad you found an OB that's not treating you as high risk. I always get treated as a bit of a problem, and it frankly seems to come as a surprise to the doc's that I don't develop GD or blood pressure issues. I don't think they believe me when I tell them that we have a diet that at least is mostly unprocessed foods & that I always try to be as active as I can be without pushing myself into more flares. I just let them figure it out for themselves, they don't listen to me anyway. lol I had a double hernia op as well as a laparoscopy. I am guessing my scarring is not as extensive as yours but there have been some minor issues with seeing on the scans. They haven't been a big issue though. Wishing you lots of strength for the rest of your pregnancy! :thumb


I can't remember how much I shared about myself, so forgive me if I recap a bit. I am 41 and about 33 weeks (I have a terrible time keeping up with the weeks) pregnant with #3, due for a caeasarian on the 14th of January.-a little boy to join our 2 girls (ages 15 & 4). :joy 

I've had issues with severe nausea & reflux with all 3 of my pregnancies. I had to eat something every 3 hours during the first few months (though a lot of it came back up) & put on some weight but have gotten to where I barely manage to eat 2-3 times per day now & don't always keep it all down, so I have actually now lost about 35lbs although my belly is huge so you wouldn't know. lol My MIL has lent me clothes that she made herself to get me through, and I'm very grateful for it. I can't be accused of being the most stylish pregnant woman around but at least I'm not being arrested for indecent exposure. :D

I had some spotting and a gush of blood early on, which apparently was caused by the severity of the vomiting. It seems I had a small cervical tear or something like that, so although I've had to take it very easy I am just so happy to be this far along & going to meet our baby boy soon. His name will be Galen Duncan William. 


I still have issues with people assuming I am just horrendously fat, rather than pregnant. Having to use the wheelchair frequently appears to make that assumption more common, which I find weird in this day & age. I think that they assume that being overweight is my disability, rather than it actually being the other way around (weight problems from disability). I still feel incredibly blessed and amazed that I have been able to have these babies. Whatever people may assume about me, they are each loved & treasured & I give them the very best of everything I have. 


You ladies who are doing the single mama thing I have enormous respect for. I did it on my own for several years and it takes a special kind of strength to take it on again. If it makes you feel any better, I get judged for having my kids (right from #1) with disabilities even though each one has been born in marriage.- I was engaged when we fell pregnant with #2, married at 7 months pregnant. People can always find reasons to criticize. Don't let them even try to pour cold water on your happiness. :grouphug 

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abiyhayil, I am glad I wasn't pushed into an induction Friday either.  I don't have another doctor appointment until Fri. Dec. 13 if I make it that far, lol. It is with the ob that is the most natural birth friendly too and by then I will be 39 weeks.


AFM, my babies are still moving around quite a bit. This morning when I woke up the second time for good, I was having severe belly clenching, shrink wrapping contractions and I could barely walk because it feels like a ball is sitting in my pelvis very low (which his head probably is). Getting up off the toilet, a chair, or my exercise ball is a serious painful experience. haven't had too many belly clenchers since sitting on the ball most of the morning. My mom is coming to stay with us and should be here in a few hours. We will see how that goes. She can get pretty high strung.

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