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Last night we were in the regular swimming pool, not the therapy one and man was it cold. Tuesday night a woman came and gave her birth story. It was encouraging because she was way heavier than me and had a natural birth. She attributed that to her doula who empowered her to do her birth her way, not just follow nurse's orders.

I think I might have a UTI. At the doctor to make sure if it is or not.
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Doctor doesn't think it is UTI so I am thankful for that.
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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

Last night we were in the regular swimming pool, not the therapy one and man was it cold. Tuesday night a woman came and gave her birth story. It was encouraging because she was way heavier than me and had a natural birth. She attributed that to her doula who empowered her to do her birth her way, not just follow nurse's orders.

I think I might have a UTI. At the doctor to make sure if it is or not.

I hope you're in the clear, UTIs suck! I'm 30 weeks today and entering the tiny bladder days so I'm a bit more worried I may end up with one soon.

I had a great week but this morning my moods/emotions were just overwhelming. I had hoped my mom could come over but that fell through. I was blubbering and crying over every little thing and simply couldn't take my 2 year old's attitude. She wasn't bad or anything, just general 2 year old exuberance and stuff; I simply could not handle it. It's a beautiful day out but I put on a couple of sesame streets and curled up in the other room, sobbing. I hope she goes down for a long nap or I'm sunk. I'm counting the hours until DH gets home. I feel terrible and useless but today it's either some TV or me crying/yelling at her. The venting helps; I'm going to try taking her outside after her nap.

ETA: I'm glad to see its not a UTI smile.gif
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I was so scared last night that I had a urinary track infection. Went to my gp dr and the urine test was negative so thankfully whatever pelvic pain I am having isn't a uti. I have never had one but it seems I drink tons of water and hardly tinkle much. I have the urge to go just there isn't much there. Anybody else have pain on both sides of the abdomen and weird, I guess I will call it tingles in the bladder area?
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LVI, I have weird tinges throughout the pelvic area but they feel more ligamenty than anything else. I started taking a calcium/magnesium supplement on top of my prenatal multivitamin and probiotic and that's helped with the muscle aches/cramps. Basically anything that's not a contraction I tend to ignore unless its a sharp, intense pain. I think all I've had were stretching type discomfort in the pelvis/lower abdomen. I think if you're UTI free then it's likely standard pregnancy stuff. Maybe you're retaining water and that's why you seem to pee less. Are you swollen at all?

How's everyone else doing? Let's check in!
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I have noticed that I am a bit puffy. I did superhydration over the weekend and got lots of extra sleep which helped. I think it must have been growing pains.
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I am having some crampy achy pains today. I was walking around a lot today and hadn't rested as much as I know I should.

went shopping for a new dress for the multiple graduation events happening at my school. I am unimpressed with the local maternity selection. jCpenney-nothing in store, Macy's nothing in store but did find a Jessica Howard branded dress that I really like made of stretchy material, target oh my ugly max size barely fitting, Kohls just had pants and tops and a couple dresses in size small. I am definitely need to make some purchases outside my local area. Lots of people get pregnant. What do they wear?
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I dunno!! I have had the same problem. But I lucked out recently and found some non-maternity stuff at a local boutique that looked really cute. But yeah, our maternity sections here in my small town is LAME. Wish I was back in L.A. sometimes.
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There is a plus size consignment shop about 30 minutes from here. I guess I need to make a run there and see what I can find.  I might have to do some DIY changes to some otherwise fitting pants to make them maternity.  I can't fathom spending 58 dollars on a pair of pants (that was the price at Kohls). I just shake my head in disgust.  Come on let us pregnant ladies look nice and not have pants that fit terrible.

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I completely gave up clothing - no, I'm not streaking around town lol. I live in sweats and a stretchy skirt and am lucky to have two pairs of capris which fit if I move the waist below my belly... Not a flattering look but they stay up and I'm not flashing young children at the park. This is the beauty of being a SAHM; no dress code wink1.gif
On the flip side, I've been up since 5 am. WTH?! I'll sooooo regret this in about 5 or 6 hours :/
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Well, I made a run to the big mall in the next town over. There is a motherhood maternity store there.  They were having a sale Buy 3 pairs of pants, get the fourth "free".  I found two pairs of black pants, one pair of khaki and a pair of jeans that cost me $120 which for four pairs of pants seemed respectable.  I also know that although the woman said according to my "pre-pregnancy size" I should be in a 1X, that the 3X's gave me a little room to move and feel comfortable, that even the 2X's didn't quite give me. I want to be able to sit without having the circulation cut off to my legs.  Bought myself a maternity support band that has a nice back bracing component.  Lots of velcro, but it makes me feel better not having the constant pull down of my belly.  This week at church several people noticed that I looked "pregnant".  Well with twins I expected it would be early and 12 weeks it was.


How is everyone else?  Any exciting news or just the ho hum of every day life?

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Sounds like a good deal, Lilac! I'm 33 weeks now, having tons of Braxton hicks all day and even had a few crampy contractions from time to time. I'm so over this pregnancy and would love a 38-39 weeker but will probably be in the 40-41 ballpark. I'm having major mood issues for which I've started counseling, have a million things to do around the house for baby but energy for none. My 2 year old is keeping me on my toes but I'm finding it a lot harder to keep up.
Ok, done complaining. I hope your twins don't make things too difficult for you, I feel a bit wimpy, complaining about a singleton with no complications.
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I have started wearing a belt during exercise. It's glorious!!! Before I had it I would cramp all day. Yuck!
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Hi, mamas! I'm 33 weeks with my fifth, due early August. I started this (unexpected) pregnancy at my heaviest but very quickly lost 25-30 lbs. I've been maintaining since then, even here in the 3rd trimester. I'm rather excited to see my overall loss come a couple days after birth! I never do gain overall in pregnancy (9 month weight loss plan! lol.gif), but due to various factors I'm expecting to be down a lot more than normal. Now, if I can keep it off, life will be good! eyesroll.gif But working on my thyroid (which would seem to be why I got pg to begin with) may well help with a continued healthier trajectory. fingersx.gif

I think people can finally tell I'm pg. Maybe. You'd think losing so much and having a belly measuring 4-5 weeks ahead would make it obvious, but nope! Even the waddle from my painful SI joints hasn't elicited comments recently. I need to go out in public more and see if anyone will say anything! Though they're generally all distracted by the 4 I've already got... Wonder which is a bigger factor in people not saying anything even if they notice - being heavy or already having a big family? Hmm...
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I am the oldest of seven kids. I think the big family is a bigger reason people don't "notice" a pregnancy. People always acted so surprised when they found out my mom was pregnant and she wasn't one to "announce" it.
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I considered not announcing at all this time! But my kids were so excited and begged me to share. I still waited until 14 weeks, and people are continuously shocked now when they find out I'm nearly done. It's been under 20 weeks to them, and less for those who don't pay attention to fb! lol.gif
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Hey everyone! Its nice to have a group like this, Im sorry I poked around so late. I am now 37 weeks with the dreaded gd(god I hate it) to all those who have it, know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Nice to meet all of you.
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Welcome Mamamayhem! I'm sorry you have to deal with GD. I wish you a peaceful birth and a strong, healthy baby. I'm 35w and can't wait to be done. This weekend has been horrible - stomach flu for me and my 2 year old... Ugh.
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I hear ya about approaching the end of pregnancy shycheattraffic! Sorry to hear about your sickness, it'll all be over soon.
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Is there anybody left in here? Or have all of the other plus-sized mamas popped? smile.gif I am huge, and that was before I got pregnant. Apparently this means that I could not possibly be pregnant, because when I look for pregnancy clothes, mostly I get blank looks. I got the biggest pair of pregnancy track-suit pants I could find, and they are just about fitting me now, and I'm only 12 weeks along. bawling.gif I have quite a low bump this time too (both my previous DD's rode high) which makes that particularly problematic. I thankfully have an ObGyn who I saw with my second, and he hasn't brought it up as an issue (yet). I have health issues that affect my mobility, so I think he is aware that it's a major up-hill struggle for me, and I'm grateful for that. Thankfully, diabetes and BP have never been an issue, so that makes it a little easier too. I am also 41, so however I cut it, I am on the high-risk radar.

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