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Wow Abiy-I would be writing some serious posts online about that practices insensitivity. I did a bunch of research before selecting our midwives and the online reviews were helpful. I cannot believe you were treated that way. Truly sorry to hear that- pregnancy is such an emotional time as well.

Good luck Snowydays. Keep us posted.
Lilac- I'm interested on the cloth diapers experience as well, could you please keep
Us posted as time allows. I know you guys have your hands full !?! Many blessings.
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Hi ladies so happy to find this thread :)


I am due at the end of March and very fluffy.


I have a question about blood sugar levels if anyone knows.  I talked my OB into monitoring myself instead of the test.  Well my fasting levels are higher than they ought to be, not terrible, I don't think but high.  My after meal numbers are great, both at one and two hours, it is three or longer that are bad.  I am not sure what to do.


Any advise?

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If your fastin,are high, you may need meds to get those down. The magic number for my dr was fasting below 90. I controlled my GD
With diet and exercise with 1 hour most meal sticks and a fasting stick for blood sugar each day.
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Snowydays how did your family take it?hope all is well with everyone
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I have a question if anyone has experienced this. I get like mini twitches/pains in my abdomen. They are more discomfort then pain and they don't last long. I told my ob but they don't seemed to concerned bc I just had a US and bloodwork done. I'm 14wks today. Has been happening since I was 7wks. Anyone get this? Or would you go get a second opinion.
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Hum, do they seem to increase in duration or intensity? Is any bleeding happening with them? It might be round ligament pain. I would almost call that more stabbing than twitching but everyone can feel it different,
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Its like small twitching/stabbing. It gets my attention but not like it hurts. Its increasing as I get further. I was spotting once a week but "knock on wood" the spotting is decreasing.
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So last night I went to the ER due to some blood. They said everything seems okay and not sure where the blood is coming from. They called it a threatened abortion. ... horrible name but means risk of miscarriage. Has anyone experienced this?
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Same thing happened to me at 15 weeks. I had some unexplained bleeding, but they were never sure where it came from. Babies were fine on ultrasound. Sorry you had to go through it though a "threatened abortion" really does not make a momma who wants her baby so much feel very good. Hope the bleeding stays away.

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Thank you.... I pray everyday baby will be okay. Thats what was with me. Baby is ok and they are not sure why I bled. I'm on bed rest for a few days. Thank you for sharing makes me feel a little bit at ease
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I know it freaked me out especially since they could find no reason for the bleeding. Hope all continues to go well.
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Thinking of you journey fan hug.gif When I was early on, I swear I could feel my uterus changing, it was subtle but definitely there!
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A friend of mine has had a few bleeding episodes. They couldn't figure out why, but baby was always fine on ultrasounds. Eventually the hospital technology found a tiny tear in the placenta. They told her most little tears heal on their own, and that she needed to take it easy for a week or so.

Just sharing a possibility that didn't mean anything scary for my friend. Wishing you complete wellness and comfort, journeyfan.
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Thank you ladies.... US did come out well. .. doctor thinks right now maybe its little capillary veins bleeding that's not too serious, since baby looks good.... so that relieved me. Its very scary but glad they think all is well.
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Ah, yesterday my boys were one month old. Here is their "princes" picture.
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no ones post in a lil while... was just checking up on everyone and seeing how everyone is doing?
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Life with newborns is getting better! Last night was the second night my son William slept for 8 hours! Heavenly! I had to feed my younger son Edward who weighs 8 oz less than William after 6 hours but all in all it was a great night's sleep! They are 6.5 weeks old. William was 9 pounds 12 oz and 22.75 inches long at his dr appt and Edward was 9 pounds 4 oz and 22 inches long. They are growing and eating lots!
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that's great! even 6 hrs is great I'd think thats a nights sleep. they are going to grow so quickly I heard. glad to hear they are doing well.
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Aw your Prince William and Prince Edward are too cute! joy.gif

I am 34 weeks now and starting to feel exhausted and achy. I'm waiting for a call to schedule a growth scan, which I'm a little eh about since it is my understanding that they are not very accurate. It seems like a way to "confirm" that you're huge and so is your baby eyesroll.gif.

Journey Fan have you shown your family your u/s pics?
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your almost there abiyhayil smile.gif I hope you feel better soon. I heard walking helps a lot. I did tell my family and they took it better then I thought but I have to say only person that enjoys the us pics is my sister. I get my anatomy scan in a week and a half! I'm excited to see baby and hopefully find out what my lil peanut is. I get so happy to see the baby just reassures me.
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