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Thinking of you, Lilac. I hope it goes well
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Glucose test done . Phlebotomist made me cry when she put the rubber band on too tight looking for the first fasting blood test poke. Thankfully It got better from there and the other pokes didn't cause me as much pain.

I was going to go out to eat but I forgot my wallet in my swim bag from last night. Thankfully I had my checkbook with me and the grocery store still accepts checks. On a good note, the grocery store had fresh veggie sushi. Yum yum!

I go back to the doctor this afternoon for my 28 week ultrasound, rhogam shot, and prenatal appointment. At least my "haven't eaten in forever" headache is gone.
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I am bummed because the results came back that I had four elevated blood sugars. My fasting was 96 when the cut off is 94, then at one hour it was 205 and the cut off was 179, then at at two hours it was 245 when the cut off was 154, then at three hours it was 162 when the cut off was 139. I cried a bunch this afternoon because I hate needles and having to do blood sugar measures several times a day is not something I look forward to.

The ultrasound showed that one baby is head down and the other is breech. Hopefully the breech baby will go back to head down. They are 2 pounds 13oz and 2 pounds 10 oz at 28 weeks.
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Congrats on your healthy sized twins! You're doing great! Sorry about the glucose results. Does this mean you have gestational diabetes for sure?
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Since I had the 3 hour test done, and all 4 blood sugars were high, I am officially gestationally diabetic. Just having 2 high sugars would have made me gestationally diabetic. I will have some diabetic education on Monday so hopefully I will see what my sugars are once I have my blood glucose meter and test based on what I am eating.

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Yeowch, how often will you have to check your levels
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I find out Monday how this is all going to work out when I go through my "diabetic education" with the dietician from Maternal Fetal Medicine. From what I understand, probably before I eat in the morning and 2 hours after each meal. From my test that was done last week, 2 hours after my meal is when my sugar spiked the highest. But again until I get "trained" I have no idea what gestational diabetes will mean for me specifically.

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Hey Mamas! I am a FTM and 24 weeks prego. I was a 22/24 pp and I have a question about feeling the baby move. I am not sure if what I feel in the center of my belly about 1 inch below my belly button is a round ligament cramp, Braxton hicks,gas, or my Weelo moving. It's not painful but I feel it some days and then not for several days. How do I tell the difference?
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I'm my experience, the other things you describe - which may not hurt per se - tend to have unpleasant tones to them. Tension, pressure, etc. Baby moving just felt weird for me at first, sort of fluttery/tickly but not cramps like gas. Later I started feeling this pushing or jabbing. It's so hard to articulate, I don't know if that helps at all.
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FTMom, I have anterior placentas and didn't really feel my babies move until 21 weeks. Frankly, I had other pains/aches/feelings but until I felt a foot thwump my hand, I didn't really place any of them as "baby". This is my first pregnancy and I am having twins so it always seems like there was some feeling going on in my tummy.

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Thanks Mamas. Maybe the feelings I'm having are baby moving and I am having a hard time identifying them. They certainly are not unpleasant feelings. And it's in the same area for 3-5 minutes and them just seems to go away, so maybe it's baby and I'm not able to recognize it as such. Sometimes it's just random and usually when I am really focused on something else. Maybe they will kick up a bit more in the next few weeks. Thank you!
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Yeah, I know that when I wasn't feeling babies at 20 weeks, I was getting a little worried. At my 20 week ultrasound is when I found out that the placentas were anterior and that the placentas were muffling the movements of my babies so I couldn't feel them. Now at 29 weeks I feel them all the time!

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Did my diabetes education yesterday. The only "earth shattering news" was that for gestational diabetes, I am not supposed to eat fruit or drink juice or milk at breakfast. I guess that is when pregnancy hormones mess the most with insulin. Basically they said eat dinner for breakfast. Carb counting is the other big thing, but I had been doing that already. 15 grams of carbohydrate is one carb exchange and my dietician gave me how many carb exchanges I am supposed to eat at each meal and snack. Learning how to take my blood sugar was a trying experience. It is a tiny needle of which I am thankful, but it still hurts. Thankfully my fasting blood sugar was well below the max value this morning it was an 86 when it is supposed to be less than 95. When I did my test for gestational diabetes, I had a fasting blood sugar of 96.

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Hi ladies, mind if I join you?

I'm on bebe #6 and am at the heaviest I've ever been. I hate it, I really do. I'm diabetic and gained 50 or do pounds once I went on insulin with my last baby-which was not GD btw but T2. I have my suspicions about that though. I suspect I've been diabetic since my teen years and didn't know it.
Anyway, I just need some girls to commiserate with once in a while.
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Welcome greenluv. How far along are you into your pregnancy? I have gestational diabetes and have been exercising 30 minutes a day to avoid insulin. I will have to wait and see if I can keep my blood sugars after meals under 130.

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I hope all you ladies are doing well with your pregnancies and growing healthy little babies. My squish is almost 3 months old now. I don't know if I posted about her so ignore me if I repeat myself - major mommy brain here wink1.gif
She was 8lb 15oz at birth - 10g (or about 1/3 oz) under the threshold where they start looking at blood sugar. Of course they weighed her after she peed all over my chest lol. She was 20.5 inches. She's a huge, adorable, squishy, chubby, strong girl - 14.5 lb at 2 months. She's outgrowing 9 month sleepers and nurses like a champ despite thrush related troubles early on.
I just wanted to pop by and say hi. Keep on growing those sweet little babes, ladies :-D
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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

Welcome greenluv. How far along are you into your pregnancy? I have gestational diabetes and have been exercising 30 minutes a day to avoid insulin. I will have to wait and see if I can keep my blood sugars after meals under 130.

Thanks for the welcome! I'm 10 weeks now and made a ton of dr appts ASAP so I have an endocrinologist on board this time.
When I was diagnosed at my first OB appt with my last baby my blood sugar was almost 600! It was crazy. So far my sugars are better than they've been in a long time. Just an interesting side note, my blood sugar went up immediately which made me suspect pregnancy😉
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Wow, greenluv, that is a crazy high blood sugar count. Hopefully your doctors can help you get everything under control.


This morning my left hip started really aching. It is getting better as I am awake, but first thing this morning - ouch!

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I was diagnosed with GD, I'm home blood testing, although I've been diagnosed with insulin intolerance for the past two years and no doctor ever thought to have me test at home before. I have cut out carbs from my diet, and it seems to really keep my blood sugar at reasonable levels. 
I get those lower right back/hip pains, too. I am planning to see a local chiropractor that my OB's office recommended, for their effectiveness and reasonable prices, since chiropractors are not paid for by my insurance. I'm planning to take care of myself in every way possible this time around. 

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Hey mamas! Congratulations on your pregnancies!! Just wanted to encourage you all to join your Due Date Club if you haven't already done so. Moms due during the same month as you post in their clubs to support one another through pregnancy, labor and birth. It's especially exciting when the birth month rolls around and everyone is posting about what's happening for them! The Due Date Clubs are here:thumb

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