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~Weekly Chat Thread for May 5th-May 9th~

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I am curious where everyone is planning on giving birth

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At home if possible! DD was born at home as well.

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Nearby hospital (like a few minutes away) with a level III NICU.

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The closest hospital that is VBAC/natural birth/baby friendly - about 22 minutes away.  I'm using midwives that typically deliver at a birth center, too. :)  I'd go to their birth center, but their liability insurance says no VBACs int he center. :(


Anyone else getting crampy BHs already?  Yesterday (24 weeks exactly), I had 5 of them I think across the day.  I've already had 2 today...  With my last, the prodromal started like this at around 33 weeks and I still made it to 39 weeks, but I'm still pretty nervous having it start so early.  If I get a series of them, I'll probably call the midwives just to chat about it... I suspect it's going to go on like this for the next few months.  At least I hope it won't turn into anything of course!!

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Not sure yet.  I know where I would like to give birth, but I am being flexible and planning on delivering where it would be safest.  I had my last little guy at home and it was the best birth and recovery.  I have wonderful care providers and I know that no matter where I choose, my little ones and I will be well taken care of.

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Susan - I've had BH since 12 weeks. They were the worst 3 weeks ago but no more than  a few a day since.

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Originally Posted by Calladona View Post

Anyone else getting crampy BHs already?  Yesterday (24 weeks exactly), I had 5 of them I think across the day.  I've already had 2 today...  

I assume I had BH contractions yesterday. I had cramps for a few seconds a few times yesterday. Will bring up at next dr appt in 2 weeks.

I'm giving birth at nearby hospital, about 15-20 min away. My specialist has his office there, so we've gotten lots of practise driving there. It has level 3 nicu and seems generally quite calm.

Our cat is obsessed w sitting on my lap. I wonder if baby can hear her purr. Occassionally baby kicks when cat is kneading my belly.
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I always get lots of BHs, but these actually hurt enough that I need to stop and focus on them. :(  If they weren't random, I'd worry more. :(

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I have had BH since 16 weeks or so.  Yesterday I had 10 of them.  I would panic except I had tons of this with my last one and there was really nothing to do.  It wasn't causing me to dilate or efface, so I just deal with it.  I told both my OB and midwife about it.  Apparently it's pretty normal with twins and women who have already had previous children.  

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Calladonna: Mine don't hurt.  Maybe uncomfortable, but definitely don't hurt.  What did your care provider say?

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Last time around (different practice/state), they weren't concerned at all...  But this is a lot earlier...  Like I say, if I get an actual series of them, I'll call and chat with them about it.  Otherwise, I figure on waiting until my appointment on the 23rd to ask about it...

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Hopefully they don't get any worse.  Not a fun thing to have to go through with everything else we all have to keep up with.

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I'll be birthing at one of our local hospitals. It's not particularly baby-friendly or hippy-friendly (my name!) but it's my option since midwives are veeeery hard to come by and good ones even more so. I had one from an hour and 45 min away last time (she was closest), and she was so hostile and mean, I ended up switching to the local OB I'm using now anyway. He is young and open-minded and I had a good experience with him last time. My mom and my husband know what my wishes are and I know I can have the birth I want there if I speak up about it, which I will.
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We'll probably be at the birthing center down the street, but are prepping for a home birth just in case (they encourage you to labor at home for as long as possible and have had many a mama call and request they come to her in the end).


cardigan-  During my pregnancy with DS I read somewhere that the frequency of a cat's purr helps to with bone growth.  At the time "they" were doing a study on patients with Osteoporosis and bone regeneration involving loving on some cats!  I bet your babe is loving it, DS did!


Calladona-  Hope it's all right there! 

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QOTD: I am planning on delivering at the more baby-friendly hospital in town (~15 min away), the same hospital where I had DD. Unfortunately there aren't any midwives practicing there anymore, but I have a very crunchy-friendly OB who trusts women's bodies to do what they're supposed to do. :-)
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Anyone else getting crampy BHs already?  Yesterday (24 weeks exactly), I had 5 of them I think across the day.  
Calladona, I think I had a BH contraction last week- just one, though. I've never had one before- but this felt like a big squeeze on my uterus. Not painful, though. If you're feeling painful contrax, it's probably worth getting checked out.
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The plan is to birth at a free standing birthing center, but I have a semi-natural hospital (or so I've heard) picked out in case I risk out or something.


No BH here, though with DS I didn't even feel real contractions. I was in early labor when I went in to be induced, but I thought what I felt was just DS turning every once in a while. I think I may just be clueless. shy.gif

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We plan on birthing at home. Last time we had to emergency transfer in transition (not that much fun), but hopefully everything goes smoothly this time.

I have had BH occasionally. It usually happens when I don't drink enough or am working too hard, but a couple mornings about 3 weeks ago I was nursing my 18 mo old son and they started coming at regular intervals. We just stopped nursing and got out of bed and they stopped, and it hasn't happened since.
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We are homebirthers smile.gif

I've had some BH here and there. I feel them earlier everytime!
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I will be delivering at home. This will be my 5th HB and 2nd UC. My only concern is how much the baby weighs. Jacob(#6UC) was 10lbs, 6ozs (no GD) and it seems the more I have the bigger they get so I'm hoping for a "real newborn". Jacob was so big it's almost like he was born a toddler!ROTFLMAO.gifI normally don't get much BH unless I DTD or walk a lot so not really expecting too much there, but generally my labors are really short 3-4 hrs. We're all starting to get excited!!

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Yoma, my Andrew was 10 lb (no GD either) and I felt like such a bada$$ pushing him out. I was at the hospital soliciting high fives. Ha ha! Buuuut, I wouldn't mind a bit smaller this time...
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